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VTK 3D Widgets Karthik Krishnan Will Schroeder Kitware, Inc.

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1 VTK 3D Widgets Karthik Krishnan Will Schroeder Kitware, Inc.

2 Thanks National Library of Medicine / NIH
Dr. Terry Yoo: A2D2 awards (Algorithms, Adaptors, and Data Distribution) National Science Foundation Visual Journal project NIH National Center for Biomedical Computing NAMIC DOE National Labs Sandia Livermore Contributors Will Schroeder Karthik Krishnan Lisa Avila Brad King Sebastien Barre Dave Cole

3 Goals Directly interact with data
Provide complex, potentially 3D interaction techniques Probing Annotation Measurements

4 Interactor styles Render()
Everybody has their favorite way of interacting with Data. User Events RenderWindow Interactor Interactor Style Events Actions vtkCamera Render()

5 Object Relationships vtkRenderWindowInteractor vtkInteractorObserver
vtkInteractorStyle vtkAbstractWidget

6 Interactor Styles (contd..)

7 Interactor styles (usage)
Set the interactor style on the Render Window Interactor vtkInteractorStyleTrackballCamera *style = vtkInteractorStyleTrackballCamera::New(); renderWindowInteractor -> SetInteractorStyle( style );

8 VTK Widgets

9 VTK - Widgets Widgets are simply Interactive Props
VTK currently has widgets to perform Measurements Annotation and Labeling Segmentation Registration Data interaction Scene parameter manipulation: Light, camera, etc. Probing underlying data Timer support Multiple geometrical representations for the same widget Reconfigurable key/mouse bindings Grouping widgets

10 Visualization pipeline

11 Widgets are interactive props
vtkRenderWindow vtkRenderWindowInteractor User Interaction Events Widget Manipulate one or more props vtkRenderer Render() Widget Representation

12 Widgets – Design goals Separate representation from event processing
Support distributed processing (client-server) Reconfigurable bindings Support hierarchical use of widgets Grouping widgets Timer, Hover support

13 vtkWidgetRepresentation (type of vtkProp)
Widgets Architecture Behavior Geometry RenderWindow Renderer Events Render() vtkAbstractWidget vtkWidgetRepresentation (type of vtkProp)

14 One widget, multiple geometries
Behavior Geometry vtkPointHandleRepresentation2D vtkHandleWidget Run HandleWidget1 and HandleWidget2 – Sphere and Arnie vtkPointHandleRepresentation3D vtkSphereHandleRepresentation vtkPolygonalHandleRepresentation

15 Configurable bindings: Event Translation

16 Event Translation Re-configurable keyboard/mouse bindings Example:
vtkWidgetEventTranslator *eventTranslator = widget->GetEventTranslator(); eventTranslator->SetTranslation( vtkCommand::MiddleButtonPressEvent, vtkWidgetEvent::Select ); vtkCommand::MiddleButtonReleaseEvent, vtkWidgetEvent::EndSelect ); Run

17 Widget Assemblies Create composite widgets from several individual widgets Children listen to events from Parent. Hence parent can alter behavior of child RenderWindow Events Parent Events Events Child Child

18 Widget Assemblies Line Widget HandleWidget HandleWidget Code reuse
Component framework: Change behaviour / geometry of Line widget by changing the handle widgets. Run the Line widget Line Widget HandleWidget HandleWidget

19 Timer support Widgets may respond to timers Hover widget
Balloon widget Timer based hover annotations, Popups (text, thumbnails etc). Run the BalloonWidget

20 Handle Framework Handles are often fundamental building blocks of other widgets vtkLineWidget2 vtkDistanceWidget vtkAngleWidget vtkBiDimensionalWidget vtkSeedWidget vtkParallelopipedWidget Need multiple representations for handles Need a framework for constraints on handles To plane To surface To a terrain To a region. Run the Line widget

21 Various handle representations (geometries)
vtkPointHandleRepresentation2D vtkHandleWidget Run HandleWidget1 and HandleWidget2 – Sphere and Arnie vtkPointHandleRepresentation3D vtkSphereHandleRepresentation vtkPolygonalHandleRepresentation

22 Constraints – Point Placers
To map 2D display positions to 3D world coordinates. Does a 2D display position map to: Focal Plane ? Point on a surface ? Point on a plane / image ? Out of bounds ? Allows a variety of constraints to be placed the placement of widgets.

23 Widgets Handles

24 Widgets (cont.) vtkSliderWidget 2D 3D vtkBorderWidget
Widgets with rectangular borders vtkTextWidget Position & size text

25 Widgets (cont.) BalloonWidget Text and/or image in rectangular popup

26 Widgets (cont.) vtkCameraWidget Keyframe & playback camera
vtkCaptionWidget Text with leader

27 Widgets (cont.) vtkCheckerboardWidget Interleave two images
vtkRectilinearWipeWidget Window pane (2x2 checkerboard) with movable focus

28 Widgets (cont.) vtkContourWidget 2D (on plane)
3D (move contours through slices in a volume)

29 Widgets (cont.) vtkDistanceWidget Measure distance between points
vtkAngleWidget Measure angles

30 Widgets (cont.) vtkSeedWidget Add one or more seeds / markers
vtkAffineWidget Translate Scale Rotate Shear images

31 Widgets (cont.) vtkBiDimensionalWidget Tumor response (RECIST vs WHO)

32 Widgets (cont.) Box Implicit Plane

33 Widgets (cont.) Finite Plane Line

34 Widgets (cont.) vtkSphereWidget vtkScalarBarWidget

35 Slider Widget Example vtkSliderRepresentation2D *sliderRep = vtkSliderRepresentation2D::New(); sliderRep->SetValue(0.25); sliderRep->SetTitleText("Spike Size"); sliderRep->GetPoint1Coordinate()->SetCoordinateSystemToNormalizedDisplay(); sliderRep->GetPoint1Coordinate()->SetValue(0.2,0.15); sliderRep->GetPoint2Coordinate()->SetCoordinateSystemToNormalizedDisplay(); sliderRep->GetPoint2Coordinate()->SetValue(0.8,0.15); sliderRep->SetSliderLength(0.02); sliderRep->SetSliderWidth(0.03); sliderRep->SetEndCapLength(0.01); sliderRep->SetEndCapWidth(0.03); sliderRep->SetTubeWidth(0.005); vtkSliderWidget *sliderWidget = vtkSliderWidget::New(); sliderWidget->SetInteractor(iren); sliderWidget->SetRepresentation(sliderRep); sliderWidget->SetAnimationModeToAnimate(); vtkSlider2DCallback *callback = vtkSlider2DCallback::New(); callback->Glyph = glyph; sliderWidget->AddObserver(vtkCommand::InteractionEvent,callback);

36 Slider Widget Example (Cont.)
class vtkSlider2DCallback : public vtkCommand { public: static vtkSlider2DCallback *New() { return new vtkSlider2DCallback; } virtual void Execute(vtkObject *caller, unsigned long, void*) vtkSliderWidget *sliderWidget = reinterpret_cast<vtkSliderWidget*>(caller); this->Glyph->SetScaleFactor(static_cast<vtkSliderRepresentation *>(sliderWidget->GetRepresentation())->GetValue()); } vtkSlider2DCallback():Glyph(0) {} vtkGlyph3D *Glyph; };

37 vtkPointPlacer

38 Widget Sets Event RenderWindow Widget Event RenderWindow Widget
Grouping widgets on multiple render windows, relieving the application of the responsibility of doing so. Event RenderWindow Widget Event Run PaintbrushExample3, then run PaintbrushExample6 to show that operations may be performed that use run algorithms real-time Event RenderWindow Event Widget WidgetSet Event RenderWindow Widget Event

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