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Enhancing Teaching & Learning at Harvard Kennedy School December 5, 2011.

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1 Enhancing Teaching & Learning at Harvard Kennedy School December 5, 2011

2 Mission: To train enlightened public leaders and generate the ideas that provide solutions to the most challenging public problems. 190 Faculty, 470 Staff Approx. 1,000 students in four master's degree programs Approx. 160 students in five doctoral programs Approx. 2,900 Executive Education students/year Harvard Kennedy School (HKS) at a Glance

3 Strengthening Learning And Teaching Excellence initiative Established in the fall of 2007 by Dean David Ellwood Launched to reaffirm the school's commitment to excellence in professional education HKS Case Program rolled into SLATE in 2007 History of SLATE

4 SLATE Areas of Focus Transforming the educational experience to equip our students to drive positive change 1.Curricular material 2.Pedagogy 3. Assessment 4. Instructional Technology

5 SLATE staffing 11 staff 7.85 FTE SLATE Advisory Board SLATE Faculty Committee Academic Dean Associate Director of SLATE Case Publications Coordinator SLATE Program Assistant Senior Case Writer Case Writer Multimedia Case Producer Asst Multimedia Case Producer Director of Professional Pedagogy Curriculum Solutions Specialist Associate Academic Dean Asst Academic Dean, Director of SLATE Operations CurriculumPedagogy SLATE Org Chart

6 Opportunities: 1.Strong support from HKS leadership 2.High integration among our services 3.Ability to tailor services to individual faculty Challenges: 1.Serve 190 faculty – limited low-hanging fruit 2.Few strong incentives for faculty to engage with SLATE SLATE’s Institutional Model

7 Carolyn Wood Assistant Academic Dean and Director, SLATE 1.Ensure strategic alignment with HKS priorities 2.Oversee budget and personnel 3.Coordinate development of new services 4.Cultivate case projects & manage case pipeline 5.Support curriculum innovation

8 Rebecca Loose Associate Director, SLATE 1.Collaborate with HKS IT and Media Services on instructional technology 2.Represent SLATE on cross-HKS technology projects 3.Oversee HKS case study collection 4.Manage department operations

9 Allison Pingree Director of Professional Pedagogy 1.Provide personalized instructional coaching to faculty 2.Facilitate faculty seminars and workshops on teaching 3.Lead New Faculty Institute and Teaching Week 4.Disseminate and support research-based best practices in professional pedagogy

10 Josh Bookin Curriculum Solutions Specialist 1.Help faculty identify and integrate new curriculum 2.Train teaching fellows and course assistants 3.Conduct research to support pedagogical improvement at HKS 4.Work with faculty to improve usefulness of student evaluations

11 Patricia Garcia-Rios Multimedia Case Producer 1.Produce custom video supplements and case studies commissioned by faculty (5 to 30 min.) 2.Develop multimedia case studies tailored to faculty teaching needs 3.Create online videos in support of pedagogy and coaching

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