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Projects Competition 2010 Briefing (18–21 Jan) 26 th Hwa Chong Institution.

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1 Projects Competition 2010 Briefing (18–21 Jan) 26 th Hwa Chong Institution

2 Project work aims to:  develop global, independent life-long learners  facilitate learning beyond the classroom  provide a meaningful platform for students to apply and synthesize the knowledge gained from their thinking, research and IT lessons to solve real-life problems

3 Projects Competition Website  take time to read through the various Categories  return often to check up on Announcement  note list of Category Managers and their Assistants   can also access via Studies website

4 Categories and its Managers & Asst  Cat-1: Experimental Research Mrs Sow Yoke Keow Dr Yip Cheng Wai  Cat-2: Non-Experimental Research Mr Lee Teck Kong Ms Sunita Nair  Cat-3: Inventions Mrs Ng Siew Hoon Ms Vivien Sim

5 Categories and its Managers & Asst  Cat-4: Resource Development Ms Gwee Hana Ms Roselind Mathews  Cat-5: Creative Arts Ms Low Sok Hui Mr Kuek Sway Swee  Cat-6: Language Arts (English) Mrs Laura Ng Mr Adrian Chan

6 Categories and its Managers & Asst  Cat-7: Language Arts (Chinese) Mr Tan Yew Keng Mr Tan Guan Chye  Cat-8: Service Learning Mr Vincent Tan Mr Lim Chuan Chia

7 Categories and its Managers & Asst  Cat-9a: Mathematics Mr Rong Yifei Ms Gwee Hwee Ngee  Cat-9b: Infocomm Studies Mr Tan Choo Kee Mr Koh Kim Tian

8 HCI log-in account  account must be active  need it to go online for Ethics Agreement and Projects Registration  Mr Paul Goh and/or Mr Chris Koh can be located at the TechCentre to resolve IT issues

9 Ethics Agreement  pupils who wish to take part in Projects Competition must sign Ethics Agreement  the LINK is available on Projects website, under Registration  now OPEN till end of Week 4 (29 Jan, next Fri, 3.00 pm)


11 Leader click on available USERIDS to form project group Leader cannot include you in project group since your USERID is not available Did not sign Ethics Agreement Sign Ethics Agreement Pupil USERID not capturedUSERID captured

12 Competition schedule  Preliminary Round (7 Apr, Wed; Term 2, Week 3)  Semi-finals (7 Jul, Wed; Term 3, Week 2)  Finals (13 Aug, Fri; Term 3, Week 7)  Projects Day – Grand Finals (16 Sep, Thu; Term 4, Week 1)**

13 Participation  Compulsory for Sec 1 & Sec 2  Optional for Sec 3 & Sec 4

14 Group members  group consists of max 4 members (if otherwise, see infor on website)  if include external members (same age group), must have at least 2 HCI students in the group  must have at least one mentor from list of HCI-teachers

15 Number of Projects  1 student = 1 project  if 2 projects = seek DC permission  if 3 projects = seek DST permission  take note: in all cases, a HCI-mentor must agree first very stringent process will be applied for those doing >1 project

16 Project registration  will be opened from 1 Feb (Mon), link will be made available on website under Registration & EMB  from now till then: find out about each Category begin to form your group talk to prospective mentor (to avoid rejection later)

17 Uploading reports  group leader must have knowledge of FTP (file transfer protocol)  upload reports just before: semi-finals (just the abstract) finals (full web-report)

18 After Judging Completed  students not allowed to approach any of the teacher-judges however, may ask questions during judging time  only teacher-mentor may approach Category Manager (for purpose of improving project)

19 Appeals  after Semi-finals, and after Finals  can appeal if you think your project deserves better  but only mentors can appeal on behalf of the group  appeal must be made (in writing) within THREE days after the release of results

20 Web Design Award  after the Finals, 1 best webreport from each category will be chosen for WDA  group must not be in the Grand Finals Selection Round

21 Project time-frame (take note)  all work must be completed by Finals (including service or community projects)  otherwise, the project will be pulled out of the 2010 competition (can carry forward to following year)

22 Project Work points for Lower Sec Status Project Work (50% of Independent Studies) Finalsmax 15 points Semi-finalsmax 30 points Prelimflat 5 points

23 Project grades and ACE points for Upper Sec GradeEventMain Subject Other Subjects Finalist A* Finals 104 A83 B+62 Non- Finalist B Semi- Finals 40 C 0 to 2 (mentor recommendation) 0 ---Prelim---

24 Poor attitudes in Project Work  Considerations for adjusting points downwards by a mentor: did not do fair share of work in team (-1 or 2 pts) did not attend regular meeting session with team (-1 or 2 pts) did not meet up with mentor regularly (-1 or 2 pts) etc.....  If a member or a team pulls out of the Projects Competition after successfully passing through the Prelim round, then all points or ACE will be forfeited Project Work grade = Failed

25 Thank You

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