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Job descriptions.

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1 job descriptions

2 Job Description Contents
1. Title & basic information 2. Overview of the position 3. Supervision 4. Job functions 5. Competencies/KSAOC’s 6. Academic, certification & professional qualifications 7. Working conditions

3 Job Description 1. Title Job class & series Department FT/PT Examples…



6 Job Description 2. Overview of the position

7 Job Description

8 Job Description 3. Supervision Received Exercised

9 Job Description 4. Job functions May divide according to:
Essential functions Marginal/Non-essential functions



12 Job Description 5. Competencies/KSAOCs:


14 Job Description 6. Academic & professional qualifications
Degrees required & preferred Areas of specialty of degree Certifications # of years of experience Limitations of this???


16 Job Descriptions 7. Working conditions Cognitive considerations
Resolve problems, creative, resourceful Use basic math skills Environmental considerations Shared office, weather Repetitive work (ie. Computer, hand tools)

17 Job Descriptions 7. Working conditions Psychological considerations
Physical considerations Extensive computer work, lift 40+ lbs., Work 40+ hrs & weekends Psychological considerations Effectively manage stress & meet deadlines Work independently

18 CPD


20 Questions?

21 Personnel Process Development of the job description
Creation of the job announcement Candidate recruitment Candidate selection Orientation, T & D Performance appraisal Employee motivation & rewards Employee discipline Search Process

22 Job Announcements… Provide notification to job seekers
Communicates what the agency wants in a candidate Markets the job Samples:

23 Writing the Announcement
Name of organization & Position Title Overview of the organization Mission, structure, facilities, personnel Overview of the position Summary of the job description

24 Writing the Announcement
Academic & professional qualifications Required & preferred competencies Compensation Salary ranges or commensurate with experience & qualifications Which to choose? What do your job descriptions say?

25 Writing the Announcement
Application process Deadlines Open until filled Hard deadline Additional info Contact person Web address Phone, mailing

26 Sample Announcement Recreation Asst./Program Director
Blowing Rock Parks & Recreation $20,215-$27,900 Position reports to the Director of Parks & Recreation and serves as the Asst. Director. Responsibilities include the summer day camp program, gym programs, special events and other recreation programming. QUALIFICATIONS: Bachelor’s degree in recreation administration or related field, or an equivalent combination of education and experience; valid NCDL and certification in CPR and Red Cross first aid within three months. CLOSING DATE: 2/20/04. CONTACT: Jamie Saitta, Phone (828) web: Insert address & process or use announcement under helpful links

27 http://cedarcity. org/Jobs. aspx


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