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Introduction To Theatre

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1 Introduction To Theatre
Theatre Hierarchy Positions Definitions Types of Stages Stage Directions

2 Director Stage Manager Asst. Director Publicity Manager Actors
Box Office Manager House Manager Publicists Technical Director Ushers Lighting Designer Sound Designer Costume Designer Properties Designer Set Designer Costume Crew Props Crew Set Crew Shift Crew Lighting Crew Sound Crew

3 Theatre Hierarchy Definitions
Director – responsible for all aspects of production – all final say goes to the direction Stage Manager – responsible for the dissemination of all rehearsal notes to the proper people and during the run of production calls cues and keeps production running smoothly Asst. Director – Assists director with all tasks during rehearsal period. Takes over in director’s absence Technical Director – responsible for the successful and timely completion of all technical aspects. Publicity Manager – responsible for all materials printed and distributed to advertise the upcoming production. Also responsible for the appearance of the house and selling tickets.

4 Theatre Hierarchy Definitions
Set Designer/Crew head – responsible for the design and the construction of the set Lighting Designer/Crew head – responsible for the design and/or the implementation of the design. This includes hanging and focusing of all lights. Sound Designer/Crew head – responsible for finding and amplifying of all sounds needed in production as well as the amplification of voices if necessary Costume Designer/Crew head - responsible for the design of all costumes and the construction or procurement of necessary pieces. Properties Designer/Crew head – responsible for the designer, construction, or procurement of all necessary props used in the show

5 Arena Stage Audience sits on all sides

6 Thrust Stage Audience sits on on three sides

7 Proscenium Stage Audience sits one side

8 Arena Stage Stage Directions – Clock Method
12 9 C 3 6

9 Arena Stage Stage Directions – Compass Method

10 Thrust Stage Stage Directions

11 Proscenium Stage Stage Directions

12 Theatre Terminology. Apron
_________-The part of the stage floor extending beyond the proscenium arch into the house _________ -The front of the stage, toward the audience Downstage False Proscenium ______________ -an inner frame set upstage of the grand drape to narrow the proscenium __________ - the space below the grid and above the stage floor where flown scenery is stored when not in use. Fly Loft

13 ___________ - a framework of metal extending over the stage area and located at least 6 feet below the roof of the stage house. Used to support equipment for flying scenery. ___________ - traditional waiting room or reception room of a theatre, located near the stage and serves as a meeting place for guests or a place where actors wait when not on stage. Grid Green Room

14 ____________ - where the audience sits
____________ - the curtain, usually of heavy velour which separates the stage from the audience. ____________ - elements that provide for a finished set, or are sometimes used by an actor. House Grand Drape Properties

15 _____________ - all the furniture normally used by the actors
Decorative Props _____________ - furniture or objects on stage that serve no practical purpose _____________ - all the furniture normally used by the actors _____________ - small objects carried to and from the stage by the actors or handled by them while on stage. _____________ - the opening in the wall between the stage and the auditorium Set Props Hand Props Proscenium

16 ___________ - an imaginary line extending from any seat in the auditorium past the proscenium arch to any position on stage to determine how much of the stage will be visible from that point. Sightline Plaster Line ____________ - an imaginary line extending across the proscenium arch. Commonly known as the path that the grand drape follows.

17 Stage Right _____________ - the part of the stage to the person’s right as he faces the audience _____________ - the part of the stage to person’s left as he faces the audience _____________ - a horizontal masking frame or drapery usually matching the tormentor or leg and used to mask the space above the set. Stage Left Teaser or Border

18 _____________ - vertical masking pieces of drapery.
Tormentor or leg _____________ - vertical masking pieces of drapery. _____________ - a curtain rigged to part in the center and open to each side of the stage. _____________ - stage position towards the back of the stage, away from the audience _____________ - offstage side areas _____________ - area where front of the house position lighting is hanged and focused Traveler Upstage Wings Catwalk

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