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2016 Junior Parents’ College Program Rockhurst High School College Counseling Staff.

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1 2016 Junior Parents’ College Program Rockhurst High School College Counseling Staff

2 C.C.O. Staff Lyn Rixson, Administrative Assistant Rich Sullivan, Asst. DirectorFola Okediji, Director

3 What’s Happening at This Point? Mrs. Okediji In-classroom Meeting with Juniors (DECEMBER) Timelines Test Score Release Policy List of activities (at school & outside of school) RHS College Visit Policy Opportunities to meet with college representatives at RHS Submission of Jr. Portfolio (Survey & Transcript/Recommendation Waiver) Student Individual meetings with College Counselor Relaxed Format Review transcripts & senior schedule Test Score Release Policy College Search Resources Office Procedures College List Suggestions Family meetings not required, but welcomed Counselor Assignments Mr. Sullivan: A - Lenz Mrs. Okediji: Lester - Z

4 Colleges Are Looking For… Mr. Rich Sullivan. Asst. Director High School Record Courses GPA Transcript (6 th semesters) ACT with writing or without writing SAT & SAT Subject Tests Mid-Year (7 th Semester) Final (End of Year Transcript) Advanced Placement (AP)

5 Colleges Are Looking For… Co-Curricular Activities –Quality vs. Quantity –Truth: Resumes/List of Activities Application Essay –Evaluation Opportunity –Not Just Content, But Grammar & Mechanics – Student Written Essays… Recommendations –Survey Completion: Student & Parent –College Counselor &/or Teacher Perspective –Timeliness & Courtesy – A MUST –Going Beyond Required Recommendation(#)


7 UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI (MIZZOU) Decision: Routine Admission Consideration 1.ACT Composite Score : 24 OR 2.SAT (CR + M): 1090 AND 3.Meet all 17 core curriculum requirements/Core GPA*: (English (4), Math (4), Social Studies (3), Science (3), Foreign Language (2) & Fine Arts (1) *An admission decision is at the discretion of the application reviewer depending on the calculated CORE GPA. This is a GPA that MU recalculates with specified courses. Please note that this is not the GPA on the transcript. It very well may be slightly higher or lower based on Mizzou’s calculation. **Core GPA is not the transcript GPA. This is a GPA that MU recalculates with specified courses (core curriculum). NOTE: At Mizzou, a high school is considered either ranking or non-ranking. Mizzou will NOT accept ranks from schools listed as non-ranking. Applicants who DO NOT meet Mizzou’s published admission requirements automatically receive a comprehensive review by the admission committee. This process considers all of the above and any extenuating circumstance mentioned in an accompanying essay or letter of recommendation.

8 UNIVERSITY OF KANSAS – Class of 2016 In-State: Must meet the following requirements for routine admission: 2.0+ CORE GPA in the *Kansas Qualified Admissions curriculum andKansas Qualified Admissions curriculum 3.0+ overall GPA and 24+ ACT (1090+ SAT) or 3.25+ overall GPA and 21+ ACT (980+ SAT ) If applicable, achieve a 2.0 GPA or higher on any college credit taken in high school KU automatically admits students who meet these academic standards to the College of Liberal Arts & Science. Students who do not meet these standards will be considered for admission on a case-by-case basis for admissions through the Board of Regents Exceptions Window. All SAT scores are math and critical reading only. Out-of-State: 2.5+ GPA in the *Kansas Qualified Admissions curriculum andKansas Qualified Admissions curriculum 3.0+ overall GPA and 24+ ACT (1090+ SAT) or 3.25+ overall GPA and 21+ ACT (980+ SAT ) If applicable, achieve a 2.0 GPA or higher on any college credit taken in high school *Core GPA/Kansas Qualified Admission Curriculum (English (4), Natural Science (3), Math (3) and Social Sciences (3), & Electives (3).

9 KANSAS STATE UNIVERSITY In-State: Complete the pre-college curriculum with at least a 2.0 GPA AND achieve one of the following: pre-college curriculum 21 or higher composite score on the ACT assessment OR 980 or higher on the SAT I, CR + M Out-of-State: Complete the pre-college curriculum with at least a 2.5 GPA AND achieve one of the following: pre-college curriculum 21 or higher composite score on the ACT assessment OR A 980 or higher on the SAT I, CR + M AND, if applicable, achieve a 2.0 GPA or higher on all college credit taken in high school. Students who don't meet these requirements should apply by the deadline for full consideration.

10 UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS Automatic Admission 1.3.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale (GPA taken off the transcript –not recalculated) 2.Completion of 16 Core Curriculum Courses 3.ACT Score: 20 or higher or 930 SAT (CR+M) Qualifying for Non-Resident Tuition Scholarship (NRTA) 1.NRTA covers the majority of the difference between out-of-state tuition and in-state tuition 2.Automatically granted to eligible students. Separate scholarship application NOT needed. 3.NRTA is awarded to Freshman & Transfers from :Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, Missouri, Kansas, and Oklahoma. 4.There is a minimal fee per semester (billed fall and spring semesters only) as long as students are receiving the award. 5.Entering freshmen with a 3.60 or higher GPA and a 26 or higher ACT (1170 SAT combined math and critical reading) will receive an NRTA that pays 90% of the difference between the in-state and out-of-state tuition. 6.Entering freshmen with a 3.25-3.59 GPA and a 24 or higher ACT (1090 SAT combined math and critical reading) will receive an NRTA that pays 80% of the difference between in-state and out-of-state tuition. A student must have these requirements met at the time the application is submitted (within the deadline guidelines).

11 MILITARY ACADEMIES - Access the website for each academy and read their requirements. Register on the website (Packet & Access to Admission Page). Determine standardized test requirements. Begin to seek nominations from your Congressman or Senator. Contact their offices to determine requirements and deadlines. (Transcript, College Counselor Rec. and Test Scores) NOTE: Deadlines are typically not till September or October. Request official transcript and letters of recommendation as required via Naviance and by talking with your college counselor. Teacher recommendation letters are typically from a Math & English teacher. Prepare to take a military physical (performed by military personnel) Physical fitness requirement must be completed by the end of 1 st semester of senior year. Scheduling can be done through Coach Dierks and Coach Severino. December/January: Nominations are typically sent out Acceptance Kiss Summer Good-Bye – You will be leaving in late June

12 NCAA/NAIA – Student Athletes Graduate from high school Complete minimum core courses Present a minimum required GPA Qualifying test scores on either ACT or SAT Complete amateurism questionnaire Process Register on the NCAA/NAIA eligibility website Pay the fee and complete the questionnaire Student sends ACT/SAT directly to the NCAA/NAIA Stop by our office at the end of the year to request your 6 th semester transcript (NOTE: process to request changes senior year)

13 What does it take to go to_____________ Notre Dame: 38% accepted. Average GPA 4.22, ACT 33, SAT 2140. National Average 23% Vanderbilt: 21% accepted. Average GPA 4.22, ACT 33, SAT 2100. National Average 14% University of Missouri: 72% accepted. Average GPA 3.3, ACT 27. NA 85% MIT: 1, Harvard 3, Duke 1 accepted in last 8 years University of Kansas: 78% accepted, Average GPA 3.3, ACT 27. NA 92% Creighton: 77% ACT 28 GPA 3.63 NA 74%

14 Scholarships and Financial Aid Opportunities Mrs. Okediji, Director Merit Aid Merit aid profile tends to be higher than the institutional average indicated on the admitted student profile Financial Aid (Need – determined by GOVT not FAMILY) Often this amount tends to be lower than perceived need by the family. Highly selective institutions typically do not offer Merit Aid Very few do and they are limited (~10) HAVE THE CONVERSATION… SCHOLARSHIPS Greater KC Community Foundation Scholarship

15 Interviews/Auditions, Campus Visits, Mrs. Okediji Interviews & Auditions –Local & Campus Opportunities RHS, College Fairs, Information Sessions/Receptions –Will an Interview Help? Campus Visits –RHS Process & Policy –Visiting During the Summer

16 CAMPUS VISIT PROCESS & POLICY Seniors will be allowed 4 excused absences per year Deadlines For Visits: December 1 and May 1 Visits will not be approved for days preceding or following: Thanksgiving, Senior service projects, Spring break, or Easter break. Rockhurst High School College Visit Request Process Student submits to the C.C.O. note from parents with a week’s notice given in advance of the visit. Once the note is received and reviewed by student’s college counselor, C.C.O. will give an absence request form to the student. Student must take this form to all his teachers for their signature and to inform of upcoming visit plans. Once the signatures are received, student MUST return the form to the C.C.O. prior to departing for the visit. IF THE FORM IS NOT RETURNED PRIOR TO DEPARTURE, THE REQUEST WILL BE CONSIDERED NULL & VOID.

17 Parent Surveys The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. The most important question on the parent survey is the last question where we ask you to brag about your son. We need you to take advantage of this option. The bad: Anything that starts with: “we think our son is a great kid, he is one of three, we are happy with how he has done at Rockhurst.” Memories of elementary and middle school. The ugly: NOT responding at all. DEADLINE: March 31

18 THE GOOD He has many attributes and is a very busy young man. Responsible **** has begun his second year working at Worlds of Fun in March. This year he is an assistant lead employee with responsibility for a small staff and the cash register in two shops. Caring **** has been an active member of Assisteens (sponsored by the Greater Kansas City Women’s Assistance League) for 5 years. He has been Vice Chairman, Philanthropic for the past 3 years and will be Co-Chairman next year. The teens meet one Sunday each month with a project to work on. One of his favorites is the Christmas caroling party at the senior center. He chooses the carols they will sing with the seniors, ensure everyone has the lyrics and accompanies playing the piano. Dedicated *** has run cross country the past three years and was a member of the varsity squad this year. During the summer, to make the varsity squad *** would drive to Rockhurst Mon-Fri at 7:30 a.m. to run with the team.

19 The Good Continued… If something needs to be put together such as furniture, computers, etc, *** is the go to guy. He seldom needs direction and just seems to figure it out on his own. *** has a lot of patience and will stick to the task at hand without getting irritated, distracted, or bored. He has taken the Theatre Tech class at Rockhurst for two semesters and really enjoyed it. ***was able to wire together a new phone system in a restaurant we once owned. He just recently put in a new thermostat at our house. Also, he built a room in our attic, walls and all. Once he gets an idea, there is no stopping him. *** excels in math and prefers concrete answers to questions. He isn't a fan of the abstract and vague, although he appreciates most art and the skill involved. *** is the first to notice the way a building is designed, he makes comments all the time on how things can be improved or how interesting certain areas are to him. He always seems to be aware of his surroundings. He went to a seminar that ABC University put on regarding their Architect and Design School. He seemed very interested in the program but I'm not sure he was sold on going to ABC University.

20 Accessing Naviance – Mrs. Okediji Go to… Place cursor on Quicklinks –(top right side of web page) Click on Naviance

21 Type your registration code into this box Naviance – Registering/Accessing

22 Enter & Confirm Email Address Enter and Confirm Password Check box accepting “I accept…” Click on Complete Registration BRAND NEW USER…


24 Check son’s name Click on the drop down menu and choose your son’s name, then click “go.” How to login…

25 Click on “my colleges” Accessing the Parent Survey

26 About Me

27 Accessing the Parent Survey in Naviance

28 Click on the “CPO PARENT SURVEY” link. Save & Return LaterSave and Submit


30 Click on university selected for details about the institution


32 Timeline Moving Forward Students complete one-on-one college planning meeting with college counselor. Take the ACT with writing or SAT this spring Consider SAT subjects tests, if needed Consider standardized test prep, if necessary Research potential schools Visit colleges Research admission requirements (website) SUMMER MONTHS: –Work towards to finalizing list of schools SCHOOL RESUMES (Fall semester) –Senior College Application Workshop –Meet with college counselors –Consider taking the ACT/SAT (Sept/Oct) –Begin application submission(Oct/Nov – Dec)

33 Please Pick-Up Packets As You Leave. Please check the address on the envelope as you pick-up. Call 816-363-2036 – CCO Office With Questions THANK YOU FOR JOINING US THIS EVENING.

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