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Welcome Eckstein Families

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1 Welcome Eckstein Families

2 “The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential... these are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence. Confucius

3 Every Student Every Classroom Every Day

4 Each student will be known, nurtured, and challenged.
Our Mission: Eckstein Middle School, a diverse community of life long learners, will ensure the academic, social, and emotional growth and success of each student. Our Vision Each student will be known, nurtured, and challenged. Each student will be given opportunities to actively engage in achieving their full potential. The school environment will foster creative problem solving. The school will provide an atmosphere to guide each student in becoming a healthy, confident, resilient, and responsible world citizen, prepared for high school and beyond. When BLT drafted the M, V, SA, they worked with the following assumptions: 1. Mission should encapsulate the vision, and inspire all stakeholders Vision is what we hope to become-where we see ourselves in 5-10 years We have to prepare students for the 21st century Our M, V, SA have to align with the district’s Strategic Plan, M, V

5 Student Assurances Your academic and social well-being will be at the core of all staff decisions. Your teachers will empower you to become leaders in the learning process, value your perseverance and creativity, and provide you with quality feedback. Your teachers will integrate technology within the curriculum preparing you for the 21st Century. You will benefit from teachers who collaborate to create lessons that will positively impact your achievement. You will benefit from staff who works to ensure an inclusive, safe, and supportive learning environment that honors individuality and encourages self- advocacy. You will benefit from a staff that values family, diversity, and community partnerships. Eckstein will strive to increase parent/guardian involvement. You will benefit from a staff that will communicate with the elementary and high schools to create smooth transitions. New behavioral matrix 21st century-in district too-kids said we have a lot of work to reach this-Purchase of 32 new laptops and many new iPads, new Mac minis in 134-however, we have to use these to enhance the learning of the students-Tech committee will talk later about PD they are offering this year PD for the year is all about collaboration-this is an ongoing process-a journey We continue to spend our $$ to support SPED students in an inclusive environment We will continue to explore how to support diverse students and their families-we have partnered with the Y and Parks this year to help us with this outreach

6 Grades at Eckstein represent learning, not behavior

7 The fundamental purpose…
Of grading is to compare student performance to established levels of proficiency in knowledge, understanding and skills. The intent is to evaluate student work in relation to pre- established standards. Thomas R. Guskey, Practical Solutions for Serious Problems in Standards-Based Grading

8 Purpose of Academic Grades
Primary purpose is to communicate with students and families about student ACADEMIC achievement of learning goals. Secondary purposes include: Instructional Planning Student Placement Brookhart 2004 This is a journey-not an all or none-growth mindset

9 Effort Grade *In development
Reflects the work and time that a student puts into learning. Might include: Completion of class work Homework Consistent preparation for class Making up for learning missed due to absence.

10 Reflects a students contribution to the Eckstein learning community.
Citizenship Grade Reflects a students contribution to the Eckstein learning community. Might include: treating oneself and others respectfully kindness toward others respectful use of materials

11 What Do Grades Mean A=Exceeds Standard B=At Standard C=Approaching Standard D=Below Standard E=Far Below Standard/ Has Not Demonstrated

12 Friendly Faces to Know Kristin Bailey 6th grade administrator
Jolene Anderson Asst. Principal and 7th grade administrator Ron Timmons Asst. Principal and 8th grade administrator Reema Ziadeh 8th Grade Counselor, 7th grade L-Z Larry Christensen 6th Grade Counselor, 7th grade A-K Alisa Zemke Sherri Kokx, Principal

13 Classroom information for families
Source and Fusion Classroom information for families

14 URLs to know Source: Fusion: Both use the same user name and password.
Fusion: Both use the same user name and password. Your student has an “eck…” username, so they can use both sites Parents/guardians should have received instructions on getting registered. Contact if you have problems.

15 Fusion Eckstein’s main website runs on a system called “fusion” ( You’ll find many pages with information there, including: Recent news, school information, activities, volunteer opportunities, the library. At the top of the screen is a login and password field. Once logged in, you can access private class “fusion” pages.

16 Fusion Family Main Page

17 Fusion Daily Email Summary

18 The Source (now PowerSchools)
Homework assignments can be seen on class fusion pages. Assignment postings are more up-to-date on “the source”. ( Once logged in click anything blue! (Some links are hard to see.) The teacher names on the main page are addresses. Every other link takes you to more information about classes, categories, assignments, and grades.

19 Powerschools Main Page
Click on the grade!

20 Assignments and Grades

21 Guiding Good Choices Class Taught by Reema Ziadeh, and Prevention/Intervention Counselor, Kelly Kerby Focus on teaching parents/guardians of preteens and younger adolescents skills to help encourage positive decision making. Wednesday Nights October 22– November 19 5 weeks 6:30-8:30 Open to all parents/guardians Sign up online or with Ms. Kerby

22 Eligible families will receive paperwork tonight
Counselors are available until 9:00in the library for assistance with applications Information about eligibility for the College Bound Scholarship Program is also available in the library

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