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GRAPEVINE HIGH SCHOOL Theatre Arts Course Expectations Mrs. Nalepa.

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1 GRAPEVINE HIGH SCHOOL Theatre Arts Course Expectations Mrs. Nalepa

2 Course Objective This course will emphasize the importance of Theatre in our culture. Topics will include: Voice, Movement, Improvisation, Pantomime, Play Writing, Character Analysis, Monologues, Duet Acting, Play Performances, Musical Theatre, Technical Theatre and Theatre Terminology.

3 Daily Materials Pen/Pencil Spiral Notebook for Daily Warm Up (leave in class) Additional supplies may be needed for special projects. *Adequate notice will be given.

4 Course Outline This is an approximate outline of the units of study we will cover in Theatre Arts. Team Building Auditioning Basic Acting Skills Stage Directions/Parts of the Stage Characterization Playwriting Monologues Duet Acting Ensemble Performances Musical Theatre Technical Theatre End of Year Class Performance

5 Grading Daily Grades will consist of: In class assignments Minor Performances Daily Participation Warm Ups Memorization Quizzes Script Writing Major Grades will consist of: Tests Projects Warm Ups Major Performances ** PARTICIPATION ** is the key to success in Theatre Arts. This class is based primarily on participation/performance You will be required to present and perform on a very regular basis. Participation 25% Daily Grades25% Major Grades50% ** If you have an issue with a grade, please keep your rubric and see me immediately. ** Not using class time wisely WILL result in a LOWER grade.

6 Late Work Policy: Students may turn in late work, but will receive 10 points off every day that the work is late. Students are responsible for their work. Make Up Work: Students with an absence may make up work without penalty and they have a minimum of one day plus a day for each day of the absence to submit their work. Extra Credit: Students may earn extra credit in the following ways – – Attend a GHS production – Work on or Perform in a GHS Production – Attend a production outside of GHS – write a 1 page review Grading Cont.

7 Classroom Rules 1. The Director’s Word is Law. Follow directions first time given. 2. Don’t miss your cue and bring your props. Come to class on time with all supplies. 3. Memorize lines by deadline. Have all work completed by due date. 4. Always use proper audience etiquette. Use appropriate classroom communication. 5. No upstaging allowed! Respect others and their property. No horseplay or personal grooming in class. Consequences 1. Meeting with director. Verbal or non-verbal warning; after class discussion. 2. Call to agent Parent Contact 3. Contract Review After school detention 4. Meeting with producer. Office referral

8 Classroom Behavior Expectations 1. Be Respectful to Others: This is a performance based class. The classroom needs to be a welcoming environment. Audience etiquette is a must! 2. Stay on Task: A major part of your grade will be how you use your time during class. Make sure you work hard each day. 3. Be Prepared: Make sure you are ready to perform on the assigned day. 4. “No Go” Areas: You may not go behind my desk, get on my computer, GO INTO THE THEATRE (Unless I am with you), OR INTO THE SAC. You will be very unhappy if you break this rule.

9 Classroom Behavior Expectations 5. No Food or Drinks: It leaves a mess and you don’t pick it up! Water only. Sorry… 6. Tardies: Don’t be late!! 1 st – 4 th tardies: warning 5 th & 6 th tardies: lunch d-hall (assigned by asst. principal) 7 th tardy: 1 day ISS ( assigned by asst. principal) 8 th – 13 th tardies: 2 days of ISS (assigned by asst. principal) 14 th tardy: VISTA Placement (assigned by asst. principal) 7. Cell Phones: SILENT AND INVISIBLE – LIKE NINJAS!!! * Cell phones are only permitted in class with teacher permission. * Students using a cell phone when not permitted will result in: - The phone will be confiscated - Students must pay a charge of $15 to pick phone up from the front office * If you feel the urge to your use your cell phone when not permitted, PARK your cell phone in the Cell Phone Parking Lot. * Some activities and lessons will allow your to use you cell phone.

10 Warm Ups Warm Up – Each class there will be warm up on the board. Warm Ups will consist of the following: Musical Monday Terms Tuesdays WACKY FACTS Wednesdays Totally Tongue Twisting Thursdays Fact of the Matter Fridays **Warm Up Quiz EVERY Friday!! Place your notebook in your period’s box at the back of the room. IF YOU MISS A DAY FOR ANY REASON, (I.S.S., ABSENT, etc.)YOU MUST MAKE UP THE WARM UP THAT YOU MISSED!!! The warm ups count for a major grade every 3 weeks I will not always tell you when I am checking warm ups, so be sure do them daily!!

11 Reminders Clean Up –As a courtesy to the class after you we will clean up at the end of each period. Class will not be dismissed until everything is clean and put up. *You will be given sufficient time to clean so use the time wisely. Performances/Etiquette – No talking, reading, writing, using phones or blurting out during a performance. After the conclusion of a performance, everyone must clap.

12 Contact Information You may contact me outside of school in two ways: – Email: Or -Call 817-251-5210 Or -FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER: GHSTheatre1574 Or -FACEBOOK: Emily Nalepa REMIND 101: Text @mrsnalep to (559) 512-7592

13 International Thespian Society (ITS) Are you new to GHS? Do you like theatre and want to be involved? Are you looking for new friends? JOIN GHS THEATRE! Come find out more information on how to get involved at the annual GHS THEATRE BREAKFAST MEETING Friday, August 30 at 7:30 AM in the Black Box

14 Grapevine High School Productions All talented students are encouraged to audition for Main Stage Productions. 2 Musicals, 1 Classic Drama, 1 UIL One Act Play & The Student Directed Showcase! All THEATRE I Students who take part in a GHS production as an actor or crew receive EXTRA CREDIT!!!

15 How to Audition Tuesday, Sept 3 – SINGING AUDTIONS – 2 selections a ballad AND an up tempo – Prepare the entire selection, but for the actual audition choose and mark on the sheet music only 16 bars or the natural break in the song – Byron Holder to play on the piano marked with the cuts you will sing FOR YOUR AUDITION – Both must be from a Broadway Musical. (No Tracks and no acapella)

16 How to Audition Wednesday, Sept 4 – DANCE AUDITIONS – Attend Dance Camp: Tuesday, August 27 th 5-6:30 – Come to auditions in clothes that you can move in

17 How to Audition Thursday, September 5 – ACTING AUDITIONS – (2) 30 second CONTRASTING monologues memorized – They must show acting ability and should be age appropriate for You or age of character roles.

18 How to Audition You will also need: – PHOTO Head shot 8 X 10 – RESUME' 1 page includes contact information – ACTOR'S CONTRACT The contract is on Ms. Reasoner’s Website, down load, print and sign. – AUDITION SIGN UP - Visit the Theatre Call Board across from Mrs. Reasoner's Room #812 sign up for a time that works best for your schedule to audition.


20 Story: When Danny, a popular tough guy, and Sandy, do-goody, go back to school after a summer fling, Sandy finds that Danny is a different boy than the one she knew over the summer and must decide whether they really do "go together.“ SHOW DATES: October 24, 26, 28 e.htm A Grease is the word….


22 Put on your Sunday clothes… Story: Dolly Levi, the famous matchmaker, spends most of her time pairing others like Ambrose Kemper and Ermengarde, Cornelius Hackl and Irene Malloy, and Minnie Fay and Barnaby Tucker, but soon decides its time to settle a match for herself - Horace Vandergellar. Show Dates: January 24,25,31 & February 1 sU


24 The Diary of Anne Frank -Story: A dramatization of "The Diary of Anne Frank", recording the experiences of a young Jewish girl who hid from the Nazis for two years before being sent to a concentration camp. Show Dates: TBA o

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