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2 Provide free tax prep to low-income populations –No fees ever –EITC, the greatest poverty reduction tool in the nation –Benefits access and financial empowerment. What is the tax campaign?

3 In King County, boosting EITC uptake by 5%, would lead to 4,717 more people receiving the credit EITC Uptake 20% Greatest federal measure for financial stability who are eligible don’t claim EITC

4 Any household making under $52,000 Households with an ITIN People without banking can get refund checks cashed for free. Whom do we serve? We have multi-lingual volunteers at each site to serve our diverse range of clientele.

5 $21,000 Median Income $22 Million in Refunds Million in EITC $7.7 Million in CTC $5 14,900 clients in 2013 Other refunds and credits

6 Asset Building 75 100 400 500 350 125 Credit Pull SNAP Utility Asst FAFSA CHIP Misc 1,500 total Twice as many volunteers Opportunity for healthcare enrollment 2014: 2013:

7 Community effort We need your support to reach more clients Community Outreach 50,000 flyers earned media bus ads radio local newspapers community events social media multi-lingual word of mouth

8 YOU are a trusted source. Community Outreach Heard about campaign through flyers 15%


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