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Physics Department Presentation CSM Summer 2011 Retreat Chair: Chuck De Leone.

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1 Physics Department Presentation CSM Summer 2011 Retreat Chair: Chuck De Leone

2 Programs Offered and Number of Students (Fall 2011) Bachelors of Science in Applied Physics (General)27 Applied Physics Option Declared16 Applied Electronics Option Declared6 Double Major1 Total UBACH Majors50 Significant Physics Minor accessed by CS, Math, Biology, Chemistry

3 GE and Service Courses Service Courses for all other science departments, Kinesiology, Liberal Studies, Linguistics Masters, etc… (Phys 101/102, 201/202, 205/206, ID 381, PHYS 356) roughly 250 seats Lower Division GES (fulfills B1 and B3): GES 100 (3 Unit Physical Science Lecture), GES 101 (3 Unit Physical Science Lecture and Lab), GES 105 (co-taught), GES 110 (1 Unit B3 lab) roughly 302 seats Upper Division BB: PHYS 351 (How Things Work), PHYS 356 (Physics of Sound and Music), and ASTR 342 (Astronomy) roughly 240 seats All offered service courses, GES, and Upper-Div BB is basically filled for Fall 2011 with significant unmet demand

4 Future Plans Biophysics Option Physics Education Option (funded) Taking applied electronics further Masters Program?

5 Faculty Members Tenure Track Faculty 4+1=5 Adjuncts10 Total FTES (Spring 2011)200 Total FTES (Fall 2011) estimated185

6 Faculty Member Expertise Prof. De Leone (chair): Physics Education, Human Gait and Chaos, Condensed Matter Theory Assoc. Prof. Price: Physics Education and Physics Curriculum Development Asst. Prof. Burin: Applied Hydrodynamics and Plasma Physics Asst. Prof. Tsui: Condensed Matter Experiment (Electrical Transport) Asst. Prof. Dominguez (new hire): Matter transport (experiment and theory), Isotopic analysis

7 Adjuncts Faculty Dr. Clarisa Bercovich-Guelman: PHYS 205/206, PHYS 351 Tyson Bizzigotti: GES 110 Amy Lee Coe: ID 381 Robert Merritt Gill: ASTR 342, GES 100 Thomas Nielsen: PHYS 201/202 Lab Hamid Nourollahi: PHYS 101/102 and GES 101 Jerald F. Pinter: ASTR 342, PHYS 203, and PHYS 403 Dr. David T. Schaafsma: PHYS 301, PHYS 402, and PHYS 356 Patrick J. Sebrechts: GES 105, GES 101 Perry Snyder: GES 101 and Lower Div Labs

8 External Funding Prof. Burin – DOE-NSF Plasma Physics, Research Corp – Fluids, FIS Program Prof. Price – NSF sub-contract curriculum development, PHYS-TEC, LA Program, NSF- STEP (w/ De Leone) Prof. De Leone – NSF-STEP, NSF-CCLI’s Prof. Dominguez – NASA, other Prof. Tsui – FIS Program

9 Lab Technician and Lab Budget Janine Smock (IST) – manages all physics lab space (research and instructional), safety, budgets, and purchasing (probably needs ½ time student assistant) Budget 2010-2011 (from Oberem Sept 2010 upload) Operating Funds (General Funds): Student Assistant Salaries: $2,777 Less Student Assistants Fiscal reduction for 10-11: ($1,266) Expendable Supplies: $3,241 Total Operating Funds uploaded: $4,752 Course Fees: Net forecasted course fees for 10-11: $6,095 Lottery Funds Equipment maintenance and repair: $37,014 Total Lottery Funds uploaded: $37,014

10 Space Instructional Space – – Rms. 245, 251 (24 student labs), – Rm. 249 (optics lab ~20 students) – Rm. 202 (dry lab being outfitted) – Adjunct Office Space Research Space – Burin Lab (AHPPL) ~150 square foot converted closet w/utilities (3 rd floor Sci 2) – Tsui Lab ~100 square foot partitioned computer lab (2 nd Floor Sci 2) – Future Dominguez/Tsui Lab (Rm. 206 2 nd Floor Sci Hall 2) – Shared Price/De Leone Space – ~100 sq feet, Rm. 211A Sci Hall 2 nd Floor

11 Tsui Lab

12 Student Assistant Money Lab Support Some outside organizational/course support (large course funds) LA Program

13 Goals/Challenges Continue to increase the number of students/graduates in/from our Applied Physics Major and Physics Minor. Continue to offer excellent curriculum to our majors and in our service courses in an environment with fixed or shrinking resources. Continue our commitment to high quality undergraduate research experiences for our students, and other CSM students Funding tenant improvements in newly allocated research space so faculty and students can carry out high quality research.

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