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1 2014-2015 LOG 497-498 Senior Project Course Course Overview.

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1 1 2014-2015 LOG 497-498 Senior Project Course Course Overview

2 Course Objective The goal of the program is to have senior students gain real life experience in the logistics and supply chain management from planning, operations, marketing, warehousing, transportation and production. Students find an opportunity to obtain first hand experience in problem definition, solving, modeling, simulation, and cost analysis.

3 Student Teams Each team will consist of 4-6 students Students with complementary skills They will practice on problem solution techniques in real life teamwork project management presentation for business

4 Academic Advisors Assoc. Prof. Dr. Öznur Yurt Assoc. Prof. Dr. Burcu Adıvar Asst. Prof. Dr. Muhittin H. Demir Asst. Prof. Dr. Özgür Özpeynirci Asst. Prof. Dr. Işık Özge Yumurtacı Asst. Prof. Dr. Bengü Sevil Oflaç Lecturer Aysu Göçer

5 Industrial Advisors Representative from industrial partner Experienced on the subject area

6 Benefits to Students Opportunity to work on a real business problem and potential to see a tangible impact of consulting efforts on real problems Interaction with the company personnel and working under actual conditions, gaining valuable interpersonal skills and practical technical experience Developing professional contacts with a potential employer Gain experience by working directly with an industrial firm while taking senior-level logistics management courses Work with real-life business solutions design and development projects Enhance personal skills such as effective time management, project management, decision making Getting in a position to assume more responsibilities in an industrial environment upon graduation.

7 Benefits to Industrial Partners access to faculty expertise and laboratory capabilities on-site and part-time student team service with a consultancy capacity to address practical challenges candidates for permanent employment network with other industrial sponsors and benchmarking opportunities professional and public relations benefits from a mentoring relationship with student teams

8 Roles and Responsibilities of the Project Team Manage team process. Manage all aspects of project (technical, project management, customer satisfaction). Interact with faculty advisor. Interface with client. Visit client regularly. Meet course requirements. Participate in class regularly.

9 Roles and Responsibilities of the Faculty Advisor Mentor team on technical issues. Ensure project validity. Commit at least 1 hour per week for regular interaction and to advise a team. Help team integrate relevant components of logistics. Visit project client at least once/semester. Evaluate technical aspects of team’s work. Teach project management content. Evaluate project management aspects of team’s work.

10 Roles and Responsibilities of the Company Contact/Industrial Advisor Mentor team on company issues. Evaluate customer satisfaction aspects of team’s work. Specify project scope, content and particular requirements. Determine primary and secondary contacts to mentor students. Be accessible to assist team. Provide necessary data and information. Identify proprietary information to ensure company protection.

11 Challenges You will face situations unlike those presented in class or in textbooks Problems will not be clearly defined, data will be unavailable or hard to obtain The proper techniques might not be apparent, and team members might disagree about the right course of action Not only will you need to use material learned in classes; you will also have to learn new material. You might discover you are on the wrong track and need to redo significant portions of your work.

12 Project Deliverables Team book (containing team action plan, weekly meeting reports, and any notes taken during the project) Project proposal Project website Proposal presentation Progress report and presentation Semester report and presentation Peer evaluation

13 Quality Approach and Vision Did the team tackle the right problem? Were important Did the team exhibit creativity in their approach? Modeling and Methodology Did the models/algorithms developed capture the salient Were the models/algorithms integrated in an appropriate Were the correct formula(e) and tool(s) applied? Did the team understand the methodology they applied? Were methodologies applied in an ad hoc or sloppy fashion? Value How much real value did the project create for the client? Did the client perceive the value of the project? Was the initial potential value of the project realized?

14 Oral Presentations Were the presentations interesting? Were the presentations concise? Did the presentations address all relevant content areas? Was the information presented in a logical, organized, easy-to- follow sequence? Did slides have a professional look? Were all figures accurate and of good quality, and did they enhance the presentations? Did the text contain misspelled words or typos? Was the text easily readable? Did the speakers convey full knowledge of the material? Did the speakers project confidence and enthusiasm? Did the speakers answer questions effectively?

15 Written Reports Were the reports visually appealing and easily navigated? Were the reports concise? Did the reports include all necessary content? Were the sentences complete and grammatically correct? Did they flow together easily? Did the reports contain misspelled words or typos? Were the words chosen for their precise meaning? Were all equations accurate and clearly labeled and explained? Were technical terms properly defined and used correctly? Were all prior works and references acknowledged? Was information placed appropriately in either the main text or an appendix? Were all figures accurate and of good quality, and did they enhance the text?

16 Professionalism Did the team complete what they said they were going to do? Did the team display a proactive approach to recognizing and solving problems? Did the team exhibit a strong work ethic? Were team members on time and prepared for meetings? Did the team inconvenience their advisor or client at any time? Did the team set its own goals, objectives and tasks, or wait for the advisor to do so?

17 Grading Your grade in the course will be determined by course coordinator for all groups and individual group members with the input provided by faculty and industrial advisor. Final grade will reflect your performance in the following aspects: Quality Professionalism Oral presentations Written presentations Teamwork and peer evaluation Semester Requirements Number Percentage of Grade Attendance1525 Task Accomplishment 15 Presentation/Jury130 Project230 Total33100

18 Previous Years… THY Cargo EDAK Pharmacists Coca Cola UPS Atatürk Training and Research Hospital İnci Akü Tesco Kipa Schneider Electric Schenker Arkas Erbakır 18 Barsan Lojistik Viking Kağıt Pınar Su Omsan Renkler Makine Green Logistics Günaydın Group Aras Kargo İnci Lojistik Narlıdere Belediyesi Balçova Belediyesi Sponsor Companies

19 Previous Years… 2011-2012 Academic Year Atatürk Training and Research Hospital / AEA Hospital ER Simulation Tirsan-Kardan’s Assembly Line Production / Tirsan-Kardan Optimum Order Quantity and Warehousing Solutions / Renkler Makine 2012-2013 Academic Year Price Optimization / THY Cargo Supply Chain Design for EDAK Pharmacists Cooperative / EDAK Pharmacists Cooperative Warehouse location analysis for a distributor of CCI / Coca Cola 19 Winning Projects






25 25


27 27



30 Why Project Management? Today’s complex environments require ongoing implementations Project management is a method and mindset…a disciplined approach to managing chaos Project management provides a framework for working amidst persistent change

31 Projects

32 Project #1 MNG Cargo

33 Project #2 OMSAN


35 Project #4 PARATONER A.Ş.

36 Project #5 MAERSK - SEAGO

37 Project #6 UPS


39 Project #8 KUHNE&NAGEL

40 Project #9

41 Project #10

42 Project #11 THY Cargo Cargo Network Planning

43 Project #12

44 Project #13

45 Project Selection

46 Schedule Check syllabus: us.htm

47 47 Thank you for your interest!

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