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BHS Athletics Fall Sports Meeting. Tonight’s Agenda Part I: Cafeteria Presentation Part II: Breakout Sessions with Coaches.

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1 BHS Athletics Fall Sports Meeting

2 Tonight’s Agenda Part I: Cafeteria Presentation Part II: Breakout Sessions with Coaches

3 Grade Requirements Initial eligibility is based upon Final Grades – Rising 10 th, 11 th and 12 th graders must earn a minimum of 4 credits for the year. – All incoming 9 th graders are automatically eligible to play.

4 Eligibility 1.Complete an Emergency Athletic Form (Green Form) and bring it to the Main Office. (it requires an up-to-date physical on file in the nurse’s office). 2.Pay the $100 pay-to-play fee to the main office (get Green Form stamped PAID), and submit green form to nurse’s office for signature. 3.Complete the Parent/Student Agreement Form 4. Meet the grade requirement 5. On the first day of tryouts, give the coach the Green Form and Parent/Student Agreement Form 6. You are ready to play!

5 1 st Day for Fall Sports Saturday, August 23 rd* * Football (Monday, August 18 th ) – Each sport will provide details regarding time/location of tryouts/practice

6 Additional Forms 1. Permission to Leave Team If a student makes the team, but decides not to participate within 2 weeks of the start dates, the pay-to-play fee will be refunded. For Fall Sports, the two-week cut off dates is: Friday, September 5 th 2. Parental Transportation Form Athletes are expected to travel to/from all away games with the team. In the event that the parent will bring the athlete home after an away game, the Parent Transportation Form needs to be completed prior to the leaving for the game. The permission is to transport the parent’s athlete only. 3. Student Transportation Form The same holds true for use of the Student Transportation Form.

7 Communication Guidelines 1.Encourage your son/daughter to address any concerns directly with the coach before you get involved. 2.If the issue does not get resolved in this manner, or you feel that a matter requires your intervention directly, contact the coach directly. 3.Avoid discussing a matter before/after a game or practice 4.If meeting with the coach does not provide a satisfactory resolution, call the Athletic Director to discuss the matter.

8 Sportsmanship Good sportsmanship is an expectation for players and fans alike. Taunting, booing and the use of inappropriate language will not be tolerated. Please respect the decisions made by game and school officials. Those who violate this code will be asked to leave the stadium. Please cheer for your team, not against the other team. Thank you for supporting Bethel Athletics.

9 @BethelSports @ciacsports

10 Social Media A few reminders…….. The info you post online is not private The info you post online is permanent As a student athlete, your post represents your team, your school, and your community Posts about alcohol & tobacco, or those that are derogatory towards other people/players are never acceptable Post topics/comments that highlight positive accomplishments!

11 CIAC Website 1.Schedules 2.Maps and Directions 3.Email Updates 4.College Bound Athlete Resources

12 Athletic Trainer Amy Chiusano – – 203-794-8600 ext. 113 Availability – Amy arrives at BHS about 1:00 each day

13 Concussions Signs/Symptoms – Headache – Nausea – Balance problems/dizziness – Sensitivity to Light/Noise – Feeling Sluggish – Feeling foggy or groggy – Concentration/Memory programs – Confusion

14 Concussion – cont’d Athletes can not return to play on the day of a concussion Athletes must be cleared by an appropriate health- care professional before being allowed to return to play in games or practices Upon return from a concussion (physician clearance), athletes must complete “Return to Play” ImPACT Test (performed by Athletic Trainer). Athletes will then complete a 4 – 6 day “Return to Play” protocol. All coaches are required to participate in concussion education as part of their coaching certificate.

15 NCAA Clearinghouse For students who want to participate in athletics at the DI and DII level NCAA looks at the grades you earned in core courses GPA and SAT requirements based on a sliding scale Athletes should register with the Clearinghouse before the end of Junior Year Additional details at

16 All Sports Booster Club Dana Eaton ASBC President

17 How we raise the funds Annual Ralph DeSantis Golf Tournament Proceeds from the indoor and outdoor snack sheds Selling spiritwear at the snack sheds How you can get involved Become the coordinator for your child’s sport Come to a meeting, 2nd Tuesday of every month Volunteer in one of the snack sheds when your team is assigned If you have more questions, email us at, and join the facebook group Bethel High School All Sports Booster All Sports Booster Club

18 ASBC supports every team at Bethel High School By purchasing extra equipment: Softball pitching machine Bounceback goals for boys and girls soccer Portable goal posts for football Lax goals Hi pod camera the football team uses to record film of every game Improvement of facilities: New track system for hanging the banners on the gym walls New welcome signs at both ends of the educational park Huge wildcat sign for the back of the pressbox By giving our atheletes: $10,000 in scholarships annually State and SWC championship and All-State banners for the gym Fan buses to championship games Even the ammo for the touchdown cannon blasts! An end of year Senior Athlete Award night...and much, much more!

19 Coach Information SportCoachesLocation FootballVarsity: Jason Gill JV: Greg Minor Fr: Ryan DeRubertis Auditorium Field HockeyVarsity: Katie McGowan JV: TBA Fr: Shira Teich 213 Boys SoccerVarsity: Tony Fernandes Asst: Mark Doolan JV: Mitch Trainer 228 Girls SoccerVarsity: Tim Luchsinger Asst: Dan Pinkerton JV: TBA 227 Boys Cross CountryVarsity: Gene Waring226 Girls Cross CountryVarsity: Yvonne Grimes225 VolleyballVarsity: Sandra Jaques Asst: Doris Murphy Girls SwimmingVarsity: Kristen Rotherham224 CheerleadingVarsity: Vicky Butler Asst: Kevin Bendell 221


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