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KR Sriram Principal Accountant General (Economic & Revenue Sector Audit) Andhra Pradesh.

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1 KR Sriram Principal Accountant General (Economic & Revenue Sector Audit) Andhra Pradesh

2  Article 148  Appointment of CAG; removal (similar to Supreme Court Justice); not eligible for further office  Conditions of service of staff of Indian Audit and Accounts Department (IA&AD) prescribed after consultation with CAG  CAG office expenditure “charged” on Consolidated Fund of India

3  Articles 149 & 150  Duties and powers in relation to accounts prescribed by law made by Parliament; form of accounts of Union and States prescribed by President on advice of CAG  Article 151  CAG’s Reports on Union submitted to President for laying in Parliament; Reports on State submitted to Governor for laying in State Legislature  CAG’s (Duties, Powers and Conditions of Service) Act, 1971

4  Union & State Governments  Bodies or Authorities substantially financed by Government  Government Companies  “Entrusted” Audits  Audit of Urban Local Bodies (ULBs) and Panchayati Raj Institutions (PRIs) – Technical Guidance & Supervision

5  Director General/ Principal Director of Audit  Ministries and Departments  Central Receipts  Defence  Indian Railways  Posts and Telecommunications  Overseas Establishments  Central Government PSUs

6  Principal Accountant General/ Accountant General  General & Social Sector Audit  Economic & Revenue Sector Audit  Restructuring of offices in April 2012

7  Principal Accountant General/ Accountant General (Accounts & Entitlements)  Compilation of monthly and annual accounts  Maintenance of Provident Fund accounts  Authorisation of Pension & Gratuity  House Building & Other Advances/ Payslips of selected categories of officials

8  Headquarters Office  CAG; Deputy CAGs; Addl. Deputy CAGs  Field Offices  Principal Accountant General/ Accountant General or Director General/ Principal Director  Senior Deputy AG/ Deputy AG or Director/ Deputy Director  Assistant Accountant General  Supervisory Officials  Sr. Audit/ Audit or Accounts Officers  Asst. Audit or Accounts Officers

9  Regulations on Audit & Accounts  Auditing Standards  Types of Audit  Financial Audit  Correctness of financial statements  Compliance Audit  Compliance with laws, rules & regulations  Financial propriety  Performance Audit  Programmes/ schemes/ organisation/ activities  Economy of costs; efficiency of operations; and effectiveness (achievement of intended objective)

10  Prior intimation to office about proposed audit  Entry Conference (for performance audits)  Field audit work  Draft audit findings/ report for obtaining Departmental responses  Exit Conference  Audit Report  Follow-up  Examination by Public Accounts Committee/ Committee on Public Undertakings  Action Taken Reports

11  Performance Audits  Renewed focus/ resources applied to performance audits (reduced emphasis on compliance audits)  Guidelines & methodologies revised in line with international best practices  Compliance audits being revamped  Thematic audits  Department-centric audits  District-centric audits

12  Audit Techniques  Going beyond examination of files & documents to cover  Physical inspection of sites/ works  Survey of beneficiaries

13  Website of CAG of India  or


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