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Restoring and protecting Louisiana’s coast David Peterson – La. AG’s Office – Asst. Attorney General - AG Designee to CPRA Matthew Nowlin – CPRA – Staff.

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1 restoring and protecting Louisiana’s coast David Peterson – La. AG’s Office – Asst. Attorney General - AG Designee to CPRA Matthew Nowlin – CPRA – Staff Counsel CPRA Legal Status Update

2 CPRA Legal Support CPRA In-House Legal Staff 4 attorneys, including one dedicated land rights attorney Attorney General’s Office Support (Lands and Natural Resources Section) 1 attorney designated to CPRA Board by statute 2 additional attorneys via Task Order from CPRA Legal Advisor to Governor’s Executive Assistant 1 attorney Contract Attorneys On as needed basis

3 CPRA Legal Agreements Total Agreements Over 300 since 2008 79+ Cooperative Agreements between 2011-2013 214+ Land Rights Agreements between 2008-2013 Cooperative Agreements U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Other Federal Agencies State and Local Governmental Entities State Agencies and Departments Political Subdivisions Levee Districts and Authorities Port Commissions Drainage Districts and Boards Water Districts Parish and Municipal Governing Bodies Universities Private Entities Land Rights Agreements

4 Corps of Engineers Levee and Flood Control Projects Completed (since 2008) IHNC Flood Control Project PPA (Spring 2008) Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) sub-agreement with SLFPA-E WBV and LPV (HPS) Flood Control Projects PPAs (Fall of 2008) Permanent Canal Closure and Pumps Amendment to LPV PPA (March 2010) SELA Project PPA (January 2009) IGA sub-agreement with Jefferson Parish and N.O. Sewage and Water Board Letter of Intent for St. Tammany SELA 533d report WBV, LPV and SELA Deferred Payment Agreements (January 2009) Grand Isle Hurricane Protection Project CA (March 2009) IGA sub-agreement with Grand Isle Levee District Donaldsonville to the Gulf Project FCSA (July 2009) Pump Station Storm-Proofing PPA (August 2009) Larose to Golden Meadow Rehabilitation Work CA (May 2010) IGA sub-agreement with South Lafourche Levee District New Orleans to Venice / Non-Federal Levees (NOV/NFL) PPA (Jun 2012) with Plaquemines Parish as Co-sponsor Pending Morganza to the Gulf Work-in-Kind (WIK) MOU (Review by local sponsor) SELA Project 533d Reports Algiers 533d Report review and Letter of Intent (review complete and LOI being drafted)

5 Corps of Engineers (cont.) Coastal Restoration and Protection Projects Completed (since 2008) MRGO Closure MOA (October 2008) LCA Feasibility Cost Share Agreements (FCSA) (2009) LCA 4, LCA 6, LCA Southwest Coastal Barataria Basin Landbridge 4 th Supplemental Project PPA (December 2010) LCA Miss. River Hydrodynamic and Delta Management Study FCSA (August 2011) LCA 6 Design Agreement (December 2011) Pending Davis Pond Cooperative Agreement Amendments LCA Barataria Basin Barrier Shoreline Project Design Agreement (revisions received last week from Corps) Non-Standard Estate Barrier and Wetland Restoration and Protection Easement for BBBS Project as substitute for Standard Fee Title / Full Ownership Estate (pending Corps HQ review) Caernarvon Diversion Modifications 4 th Supplemental Project PPA

6 Other Federal Agencies (2011-2013)  Completed:  CWPRA – 17 Cooperative Agreements on various projects (NRCS, USGS, U.S.F.&W.S, NOAA, BOEM)  Pending:  CWPRA – 14 Agreements on various projects  Miscellaneous  FEMA Mapping Activity Statement

7 State and Local Entities CDBG Projects (2011 – 2013) Completed Franklin Canal Structure and Levee Improvements IGA - St. Mary Levee District/CPRA (January 2012) Madisonville Bulkhead IGA - City of Madisonville/CPRA (February 2013) Pending Addendum to Madisonville Bulkhead IGA for construction phase services - City of Madisonville/CPRA Lemann Pump Station IGA - Bayou Lafourche Freshwater District/CPRA – In review process Lafitte Area Levee Repairs IGA - Lafitte Area Independent Levee District/CPRA - currently in drafting stage

8 State and Local Entities CIAP Projects (2011 – 2013) Completed ( approx. 15 total agreements) MC Davis Property Acquisition/Coastal Forest Conservation Initiative CEA - Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries (November 2011) Iberia Parish Infrastructure Project IGA – Consolidated Drainage District of St. Mary Parish (May 2012) Orleans Landbridge Shorline Protection and Marsh Creation IGA – City of New Orleans (June 2011) Central Wetlands Assimilation Demonstration Projects – Separate Agreements for 4 Phases and Parts = New Orleans Sewerage and Water Board / St. Bernard Parish (2010 – 2011) Pending ( approx. 12 total agreements) Addendum to Madisonville Bulkhead IGA for construction phase services - City of Madisonville Lemann Pump Station IGA - Bayou Lafourche Freshwater District – In review process Amendment to Orleans Landbridge – N.O. Sewerage and Water Board Amendment to Central Wetlands Demo Project – N.O. Sewerage and Water Board Living Shoreline Protection Demo Project – 2 agreements – Plaquemines and Lafourche Parishes Bayou Bonfouca Marsh Creation Project and Northshore Beach Marsh Creation Project – St. Tammany Parish Atchafalaya Long Distance Sediment Pipeline – Terrebonne Levee and Conservation District Bayou Miss. River Water Reintroduction into Bayou Lafourche – Bayou Lafourche Freshwater District Freshwater Bayou Bank Stabilization Project – Vermillion Parish Chenier Plain Restoration and Protection Authority IGA

9 State and Local Entities Coastal Trust Fund, General Fund, and Surplus Fund Projects (2011 – 2013) Completed (approx. 43) IGAs and MOUs with Numerous Entities on Various Projects Pending (approx. 5) Permitting Software Development MOU – Various Coastal Area Levee Districts and Municipalities - Currently being circulated for execution. Northshore Hurricane / Flood Protection Restoration Plan / South Slidell Levee MOU – St. Tammany Parish Amendment to CEA for St. Charles Westbank Hurricane Protection Levee – St. Charles Parish Beneficial Use of Material Dredged from Calcasieu River Ship Channel IGA – Lake Charles Harbor and Terminal District Valuation of Coastal Land Loss - LSU

10 State and Local Entities Miscellaneous Projects Pending (approx. 4) MOA for Mardi Gras Pass MOA for Inspection and Monitoring of Construction of New Orleans to Venice Project – Plaquemines Parish Interagency Agreements for NRDA Compensation for Little Lake and Mosquito Bay Projects MOA for Operations of Ram Terminal and Mid-Barataria Sediment Diversion

11 Land Rights Agreements Completed (approx. 214) Various Corps related Levee and Flood Protection and Coastal Protection Projects LPV, WBV, LCA, MRGO Closure, HPS mitigation projects Miscellaneous Coastal Restoration and Protection Projects Bayou DuPont Marsh Creation MS Long Distance Sediment Pipeline Shell Island East Berm to Barrier Shell Island West Barrier Island Restoration Coastwide Vegetative Plantings West Pointe a la Hache March Creation Labranche East Marsh Creation Marsh Island Freshwater Bayou Bank Stabilization Marsh Creation Near Freshwater Bayou Lost Lake Marsh Creation & Hydrologic Restoration Cameron Parish Shoreline South Grand Chenier Cameron Creole Water Control GIWW Bank Restoration of Terrebonne Raccoon Island Scofield Island Restoration Caminada Headlands Beach and Dune Restoration S. Lake Lery Shoreline and Marsh Restoration Grand Liard Marsh & Ridge Restoration Coastal Forest Conservation Initiative – Bayou Sale Conservation

12 QUESTIONS ???? Contact Information: David PetersonMatthew Nowlin Phone: 225-326-6000Phone: 225-342-6209 Email: Email:

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