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2014- 2015 EC DEPARTMENT OPEN MEETING  Welcome to our new staff! WELCOME! EC Teachers: Stephanie Cates FHES Jessica Marshall FHES Bryn McSwain HMS Emilie.

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3  Welcome to our new staff! WELCOME! EC Teachers: Stephanie Cates FHES Jessica Marshall FHES Bryn McSwain HMS Emilie Jacumin-Simmons TRMS Allison Tuberville WJMS Assistants/1:1: Thomas Watson (Mull) Marilyn Waters (Freedom) Amy Barrett (G.Hildebrand) SLP’s: Crystal Franklin Stephanie McKinney (PK) Elizabeth Rowe Brittany Saturno Jody Wood OT: Trina Brown HI: Janet McDaniel

4 WHY DO WE DO WHAT WE DO? Why we do what we do?

5 Stephanie Norman Mother to Jacob Peele THOSE THAT KNOW THEM BEST…

6 Beth Ann Miller Mother to Seth Vinay THOSE THAT KNOW THEM BEST…

7 POLL EVERYWHERE So, why do YOU do what you do? Respond by sending a text message using your mobile device.


9  BCPS Teacher of Excellence Recognition  Laura Garrison – Elementary Self-Contained at HES  Governor’s Teacher Network  Laura Garrison – Elementary Self-Contained at HES  BCPS Autism 5K  2014 NC School Bus Safety Poster Contest  Leonard Johnson, LMS – 1 st Place (next slide) RECOGNITIONS


11  Graduation Rate for SWD increased to 81.6%, exceeding state average of 80%. This is an increase from 71% in 2012.  IDEA Determination Report  Indicator 11 (90 Day Timeline) – 98.36%  Indicator 12 (IEP by 3 rd Birthday) – 100% CELEBRATIONS


13 Director - Debbie Kendall: ● Behavior Support/Specialist/PRC 029/Risk Pool ● Budget Management ● CIPP - Review & Submission ● Complaints/Advocates ● Contracts - Speech and Transportation ● Curriculum/ NCSIP ● Day Treatment - Elementary ● ESY Services ● Hearing Impaired Services/Interpreters ● Homebound ● Instructional Coaches - Elem. ● Payroll ● Personnel - Hiring, Documentation ● Preschool Program ● Program Specialists - Elem. ● PT Department ● OT Department ● Transportation ● Travel/Conference Approvals ● Visually Impaired Asst. Director – Debbie Jennings ● Autism ● Behavior Support/Specialist/PRC 029/Risk Pool ● CEU’s and SEA System ● CPI Trainings and Reviews ● Curriculum - OCS ● Day Treatment - Middle/High ● High School Meetings ● Instructional Coaches - Middle/High ● McKinney-Vento Coordinator ● Medicaid (Mandy Morrison/PCG) ● Middle School Meetings ● Program Specialists - MS/HS ● School Psychologists ● Speech Department ● Staff Development ● Powerschool DIRECTOR’S DIVISION OF DUTIES

14 BURKE COUNTY PUBLIC SCHOOLS GOALS: Develop and follow BOE initiatives and policies Standardization for system wide equity (Handbooks, Textbooks, Student Code of Conduct, Personnel, etc.) Staff Development (School Safety, Student Code of Conduct, Co-Teaching, Differentiation, Common Calendar, Social Media) Continue to improve safety for school entrances and campuses Streamline grant funding to flow through finance office for accuracy/accountability Pursue Healthy Places NC Grant Pursue Gear Up Grant for Middle/High School STEAM Initiatives: (Environmental Science, Mechatronics, WPCC, PLTW-exploration for elementary and high school)

15 BURKE COUNTY PUBLIC SCHOOLS GOALS (CONT.) : Create stronger partnerships with local industry, ASU, GWU, & WPCC by participating in joint leadership trainings, pursuing student interns, and CCP classes. College Street - Partnership with Burke Literacy Council Continue training for administrators in the area of equity and social justice Directors/Principals to join a non profit community organization to serve Continue to Accentuate the positive

16 ● To meet or exceed the state goal for standard graduation rate of 80% or more for Students with Disabilities (SWD). Increase from 81%. ● To achieve the following Annual Measurable Objectives (AMO’s): o Reading - Grades 3-8 (30.3%) High School English II (31.3%) o Math - Grades 3-8 (30.0 %) High School Math (27.7%) o Science - Grades 3-8 (36.4%) High School Biology (35.9%) ● To provide professional development to support fidelity and program implementation in math and reading. All staff to be data collectors and focus on student growth, using all resources available. EC DEPARTMENT GOALS :

17 ● To meet Federal and State compliance requirements. Achieve 100% compliance for Indicators 11 (90 day timeline) and 12 (3rd birthday). All staff and LEA’s to be trained on the compliance rubric. ● The Leadership Team and other staff volunteers to provide professional development impacting differentiated instruction, co-teaching, and use of research- based interventions. ● To meet the needs of each child in the least restrictive environment while progress monitoring to assess the present level of performance; emphasis on inclusion and the goal of exiting services (dialogue at every IEP meeting). ● To support the needs of all students in each of the fourteen areas of eligibility and all related service needs. EC DEPARTMENT GOALS:

18 Specialists IC’s Autism Behavior SLP OT PT DEPARTMENT UPDATES

19 AAC/AT TEAM Augmentative and Alternative Communication/Assistive Technology Interdisciplinary Assessment Team: Jacquie Grady Ashley Shields Lucas Johnson Mary Warren

20 CECAS CECAS has now changed to a third party vendor – PCG. As of July 1 st, you no longer have to send a CECAS form to Kim Smith. Special note: unless they started the evaluation process prior to July 1 st.

21 EASY IEP: CHANGES AND UPDATES DocumentDescription DEC 1Ensured a “Meeting Date” field is present (used for Indicator 11); please note: “Referral Date” is still available and this is what begins the 90 day timeline DEC 2Updated the document so that it now creates an event (used for Indicator 11) DEC 4Inactivated all state and district “NCExtend 2” tests Updated “Algebra I/Integrated I” to “ Math I” Ensured NC Final Exams are present in your site Ensured any “Special Ed Consultation” drop down option has been inactivated Updated the Testing and Accommodations section in the IEP Process and the PDF DEC 5Updated the document so that the IEP version creates an event (used for Indicator 11) DEC 6Updated the document so that it now creates an event (used for Indicator 11) DEC 7Added the ability to pull in assessment information SiteUpdated what standard reports are available in your site and configured them to appear in a tabbed format

22 ● Referral Process - Nancy Simmons ● Eligibility Process - Marsha Holleman COMPLIANCE

23 AUDIT FOLLOW-UP Areas of emphasizes (areas which we achieved below 80% compliant):  IEP – PLAAFP – Present Level of Academic and Functional Performance must include data, strengths, needs and effects of the disability.  IEP 17 – Annual Goals must be measureable and based on the PLAAFP  IEP 23 – LRE Statement – Tell Why the student is removed from his non-disabled peers.  PWN 2b – DEC 5 – Explain why the LEA proposes or refuses all of the actions discussed at the meeting

24 COMPLIANCE REVIEWS George HildebrandSept. 15 Glen AlpineSept. 30 Salem Oct. 7 N.Liberty SchoolOct. 23 Valdese Nov. 13 Mtn. CrestNov. 20 East Burke HighDec. 9 ChesterfieldDec. 18 Freedom HighJan. 8 WA YoungJan. 29 HildebranFeb. 10 East Burke MiddleFeb. 26 Mull March 12 HeritageMarch 19 Oak HillApril 16 Table RockApril 30 Ray ChildersMay 7 Drexel ElementaryMay 14

25 NEW TEACHER TRAINING September 9 th : IEP Training for new Elementary EC teachers September 11 th : IEP Training for new Middle and High EC teachers September 16 th : Reevaluation Training for new Elementary EC teachers September 18 th : Reevaluation Training for new Middle and High EC teachers September 23 rd. : Initial Referral Training for new Elementary EC teachers September 25 th : Initial Referral Training for Middle and High EC teachers These trainings will be at Liberty Middle School from 3:30 - 5:30.

26 TRANSITION MEETINGS March 24th - Elementary to Middle School EC teachers March 26th - Middle to High School EC teachers Meetings will be at the Olive Hill Room at WCRC from 3:30 to 5:30.

27 NCSIP READING UPDATES: CONNIE GREENE *Thank you to our 2013-2014 Data Collectors *New Data Teachers *Fidelity Observations *Year 2 Program Implementation *Middle School Program Implementation *TIDBITS and notes from Instructional Coaches *Placement and Benchmarks *Materials Distribution

28 NCSIP MATH UPDATES: JUDY TOWNSEND ● Number Worlds Training Sessions -September 18th at Foothills Higher Education Center -February 19th at Foothills Higher Education Center ● Math Foundations is tentatively planned for second semester workdays ● Data Collectors: Teachers who have completed Number Worlds and Math Foundations training are expected to be data collectors for the NCSIP for Math. This is the expectation from the state and BCPS EC Department.

29 NCSIP MATH UPDATES: JUDY TOWNSEND Thank you to our 2013-2014 NCSIP Math Data Collectors: ● Arlene Anderson - Drexel Elementary ● Lori Rice - Drexel Elementary ● Meghan Childres - Forest Hill Elementary ● Leanna McKinney - Forest Hill Elementary ● Carol Hicks - Forest Hill Elementary ● Brenda Decker - George Hildebrand Elementary ● Kelly Crump - Hildebran Elementary ● Lori Vestal - Ray Childers Elementary ● Katie Johnson - Ray Childers Elementary ● Carol Brinkley - Valdese Elementary ● Blair Christian - WA Young Elementary

30 RELATED SERVICES Related Service Video

31 REFERRAL PROCESS & REMINDERS: ● Occupational Therapy Department (Jenny Taylor) ● Physical Therapy Department (Dan Perkins) ● Skill acquisition and deliberate service delivery according to student needs. ● Additional information from CanChild will be available on the website.


33 MEDICAID MANDY PIERCE-MORRISON One Time Consents: There is a potential loss of $140,000 if we do not collect all consents. Currently, there are about 90 kids missing consent forms. Random Moment of Time study starts Oct. 1 st.

34 TRANSPORTATION New form posted on the website

35 PARENT SURVEY Coming soon: Parents will be able to access and complete a survey on an iPad after the IEP meetings to provide feedback on services for their student.

36 BEHAVIOR UPDATES  Changes in CPI Training  PLC for Behavior -Monthly at HMS (Media Center) from 3:30-5 on 9/9, 10/7, 11/18 and 12/4 (1-3). -Sessions to include information on rapport building, motivation, researched-based interventions that work, teaching the traumatized student, social skills instruction and data collection techniques. -Proposed dates for remaining sessions are: 1/13, 2/3, 3/3, and 4/21 -Please email me if you have other topics of interest. I will put on the SEA system this week.

37 INTRODUCTION TO SERVICE REVIEW PACKET Service Review Procedures 1.The EC teacher of record should complete the Service Review Recommendation Form with all requested information. Any incomplete forms will be returned for corrections. 1.Contact your school assigned EC Program Specialist through email and advise that the form is complete and ready for review. 1.The EC Program Specialist will share this information with the Service Review Committee on a monthly basis. 1.If the Committee requires additional information, the Program Specialist will request in writing needed documentation. This will delay the placement recommendation to the next regularly scheduled monthly meeting. 1.The Service Review Committee will provide in writing, to the EC teacher, recommendations for the IEP team.


39 PROCEDURES MANUAL We need volunteers to review the manual after program specialists and instructional coaches rework it. Contact your program specialist and/or coach if interested in supporting with this project.

40 LEA PROFILE ASSESSMENT TOOL Log of Services We have to be able to prove that services were provide as stated on the IEP. Can you prove that?


42 GENERAL REMINDERS: ● DPI Q & A – will be in Google ● ASU is offering a Graduate Certificate in Autism Spectrum Disorders ● High School Staff: The ACT and ACT Plan Alternate Assessment process and paperwork is the same as last year. Deadlines are quick. See Janet Drum for support. ● Read To Achieve: Updates in New Legislation ● Be sure to check out the EC website. It will change formatting in the fall but will continue to offer the same content. ● Be sure that your goals for students match their needs. ● We required that all IEP’s for August and September be done in the spring; however, I have seen some that were not completed. Let your program specialist know so the previous case manager can get this done ASAP.

43 ● Be diligent about watching your yield and stop signs - we suggest you make a calendar now. ● Remember: having students in the least restrictive setting is our top priority; we are to provide services in-addition to the regular curriculum. Really look at last year’s Extend II students in self contained. is this really meeting their needs? Our goal is always to exit students whenever goals have been meet. ● Special Olympics - tentative date is April 24th.

44 NAME THAT THEME SONG!  On a scratch sheet of paper or on your iPad, write down the name of the show that matches each theme song.  Song 1  Song 2  Song 3  Song 4  Song 5  Song 6  Song 7  Song 8

45 School Psychologists meeting with Debbie Jennings 11:- 11:30 TBA OT’s and PT’s meeting with Debbie Kendall from 11:30- 12:00 in Auditorium Pre-K Services meeting with Debbie Kendall from 11:00- 11:30 in Auditorium SLP’s meeting in Room 208 at 11:15 for hearing screening in-service All Elementary and any others meeting for V-port training from 1-3 in room 412 All Middle School teachers, principals, and assistant principals meeting for Language! Live Training from 12:15-4:15 Bus Drivers and Bus Monitors meeting for training on August 22nd at 10:00 at Heritage Middle WHERE TO?

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