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2 TITLE I INFORMATION CAMPUS NAME 9-5-13 Presented by Brad Helmer

3 HISTORY OF TITLE I  1965 Elementary and Secondary Education Act with LBJ’s War on Poverty  It is the largest federal assistance programs for public schools  1995 Improving American Schools Act  2001 No Child Left Behind Act of 2001  Currently under review for reauthorization soon

4 GOALS OF TITLE I  Increase academic achievement  Provide direct instructional support to students  Provide professional development for teachers  Promote parent education and involvement

5 TITLE I ELIGIBILITY  A campus must have at least 40% Free and Reduced Lunch (FRL) Population or be above the Rockwall ISD’s FRL rate average (26%).  District’s determine what campuses to serve with Title I funds that meet the Federal Criteria.

6 WHAT ARE THE PROS AND CONS OF BEING A TITLE I CAMPUS? ProsCons  Supplemental funding  Additional staff  Additional instructional materials  Additional parent’s rights  Funds for parent programs  Opportunities for enrichment programs  Additional paperwork  Additional compliance requirements/reporting

7 TITLE I PARENT RIGHTS  Information is presented in a language and format that is understandable  Parents have the right to be involved in the decision making about their child’s education  Parents have the right to know their child’s teacher and paraprofessionals qualifications  Parents have the right to know if their child has been assigned or taught for four or more consecutive weeks by a teacher who is not highly qualified

8 TITLE I PARENT RIGHTS  Title I campuses must have a written Parental Involvement Policy developed with parent’s input and reviewed annually  Title I campuses must have School-Parent Compact developed with parent’s input and reviewed annually  Title I campuses must have parents involved in the development of the Campus Improvement Plan

9 TITLE I PARENT RIGHTS  Access to AYP, NCLB reports cards, and student achievement in a timely manner  The Campus Improvement Committee (CIC) provides parents with an opportunity to be involved in the academic program of the school.  The CIC develops, monitors, and evaluates Title I programs and services that supports students and parents.


11 CAMPUS RATING AND HONORS Met Standard 2013 Accountability Rating: Met Standard Academic Achievement in Reading/ELA Distinction Designation: Academic Achievement in Reading/ELA Top 25% Student Progress Top 25% Student Progress

12 SPRINGER’S STUFF 2 Instructional Coaches 2 Certified Instructional Assistants Kindle Program Bridging Home and School Program LaunchPad Classrooms Extra $$ for student instructional material Grant’s and Scholarships for field trips (Perot Museum, Bush Library) Arboretum Program Extra $$ for professional development

13 INTRODUCTIONS Debbie Tuttle, Campus Secretary Cherry Rohlfs, Campus Registrar Nancy Llamas, Receptionist and Instructional Asst. Kate Elsey, School Nurse Kelli Crossland, Assistant Principal Paige White, Instructional Coach Shannon Sharp, Instructional Coach Lori Allums, School Counselor

14 OPEN HOUSE THUR., SEPT. 5, 2013  About Me  Counselor Duties: (Support for students, parents, staff) Indiv. Coun. Grp. Coun. (Lunch Bunch) Classroom Guid. Monthly (3-6 PLC times) (K-2- teacher schedule)(By Teacher Request) Testing Coord.-COGAT Testing (2,4,6, Oct. 21-15) TELPAS Testing (LEP Students, Mar., 17-21) STAAR(State of Tx. Assessmt. of Academic Readiness)-TEA Website (Ap., 1, 4 th Writing, 5 th Math, Ap., 2- 4 th Writing Day 2, 5 th Reading, Ap. 22- 3, 4, 6 Math, Ap., 23- 3, 4, 6 Reading, 5 th Sci.)

15  SST’s/504 Coord. (RTI)  Mentor Prog. Coord.- Rotary Club, H.S. Students  District Theme: “Take a Stand” (guidance lessons surrounding monthly themes)  RC Kickoff- Sept. 9-13 (guidance lessons, activities about bullying, respect, kindness) Activities: Guidance Lessons- kind/compassionate, respect, responsibility, good citizens, a.m. announcemts., sign RC Banner  KC Club- 6 th grd. Service Club(Kids choose service proj. they would like to do)

16  Guidance- monthly (as needed by teacher request) (Bullying, Kindess/Compassion, Respect, Resp., Drug Awareness, College/Career-(goals, determination, motivation)  Chick Fil-A Character Program-(Word of Month) morning announcemts., etc.  Spirit Nights- Thursdays., Sept. 12, Nov. 14, Jan. 16, March 27 (earn $ for our sch.)  Red Ribbon Week (Drug Awareness) Oct. 28-Nov. 1  College Week- Nov. 18-22

17 Handouts: Outside tutors Outside counselors/agencies Outside Counseling provided by District (North Texas Youth Connection) Take a Stand

18 GENERAL INFORMATION Drop Off and Pick Up Drop Off and Pick Up Crosswalk Crosswalk Safety (SRO) Safety (SRO) Food on Campus Food on Campus Volunteers Needed Volunteers Needed Lunch Lunch PE PE Watch D.O.G.S. Watch D.O.G.S.

19 THANK YOU FOR BEING HERE We will begin our rotations in the next 5 minutes Please make your way to your child’s classroom

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