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Principal’s Information Yvonne L. Green Interim Director of Operations Building Commissioner Operations/Facilities Department.

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1 Principal’s Information Yvonne L. Green Interim Director of Operations Building Commissioner Operations/Facilities Department

2 Custodial Electrical Plumbing Heating Carpentry Glazier (Glass) Fire Alarms Painting Plastering Locks Grounds Air Conditioning Clocks PA Systems 2

3 St. Louis Public Schools3 Buildings & GroundsMain Office (314) 535-2500 Custodial ManagerLes Lentz (314) Area Manager (Area 1)Derrick Johnson (314) 399-2359 Area Manager (Area 2) Maurnice Tipton (314) 202-3282 Area Manager (Area 3)Marcus Townsend (314) 202-3237 Area Manager (Area 4)Vernice Stewart (314) 330-7624 Maintenance ManagerEsther Walker (314) 202-0093 Asst. Maint. ManagerEd Smith (314) 625-1731 Asst. Maint. ManagerOpen Position HVAC ManagerJustin Blair (314) 324-2707 Asst. HVAC ManagerKeith Vahey (314) 495-4300 Grounds ManagerRonald King (314) 574-6760 Director of FacilitiesHarold Lukins (314) 874-5417 Interim Director of Operations Building CommissionerYvonne Green (314) 267-7354 Facilities ManagerRosmon Johnson (314) 452-8874 Project ManagerMike Dobbs (314) 565-6747 Project ManagerSquare Watson (314) 566-8610

4 Area - 1Area - 2Area - 3Area - 4 Derrick JohnsonMaurnice TiptonMarcus TownsendVernice Stewart (314) 399-2359(314) 202-3282(314) 202-3237(314) 330-7624 Asst. Custodial Manager Academy of Envir. Science & MathAdams ElementaryAdult Basic EdAdministrative - 801 Buildings & GroundsBuder ElementaryAshland ElementaryAmes Elementary Carnahan HighBusch MiddleBlewett (Innovative concept)Beaumont High Froebel ElementaryCentral VPA High / ClevelandCarr Lane MiddleBryan Hill Elementary Hodgen ElementaryClyde C. Miller HighCole (Pamoja) ElementaryCarver Elementary Humboldt ElementaryDewey ElementaryColumbia ElementaryClay Elementary Long MiddleFanning MiddleCompton Drew MiddleCollegiate School of Med. & Bio-Sci. Lyon @ Blow MiddleGallaudetCote Brilliante ElementaryGateway Complex Madison College PrepGateway STEM HighDunbar ElementaryHamilton Elementary Mann ElementaryKennard ElementaryFarragut ElementaryHenry Elementary McKinley Middle Nahed Chapman New American Academy / Kottmeyer (NAPA) Ford ElementaryHerzog Elementary Meramec ElementaryMallinckrodt ElementaryFood ServiceJefferson Elementary Monroe ElementaryMason ElementaryHickey ElementaryLaclede Elementary Oak Hill ElementaryMeda P. (Safety/Security)Langston MiddleNance Elementary Peabody ElementaryMetro HighLexington ElementaryNorthwest High Roosevelt HighMullanphy ElementaryMitchell ElementarySoldan High Shenandoah ElementaryNottingham HighStevens MiddleWalbridge Elementary Sigel ElementaryShaw ElementarySumner HighYeatman Elementary Woerner ElementaryStix ElementaryVashon High Woodward ElementaryWilkerson @ Roe ElementaryWashington Montessori 4

5 St. Louis Public Schools5 The following information will be required when calling in a Work Order Request: Name and call back telephone number in case the call is disconnected for any reason. In case of Emergency (i.e. Fire, Flooding, Break-in, etc.) inform Call Center Rep and give details of the Emergency (definition can be found on page 8). Principal’s Name School or Building name (i.e. Roosevelt High) A complete description of the problem or issue in need of repair – including the following information: Room number or Area of building where repair is needed. Floor of building where repair is needed. Detailed description of problem/issue in need of repair. Provide any additional details necessary for inclusion in the Work Request.

6 1. There are two options for submitting work order request. A.Option 1 Submit the work request via phone by calling the Call Center Number: 1-888-798-3030 Follow the steps for work order submission on page (6). B.Option 2 Submitting work request via web system URL through AramarkWebTMA. Contact the Aramark office at 314-535-2500 to receive your customized website. You will receive an email from ( Double-click on the link included in the email to open website. After website opens up. Click on File (upper left-hand corner) drop down menu will appear. On the drop down menu, click on Send Then choose Shortcut to desktop (this will add the link to your desktop for future request submissions) Once you have opened the web based work request follow the steps list on the following page. 6

7 1. Enter Requestor Name (First and Last). 2. Enter Phone Number. (Required in case we have questions about the request) 3. Enter Requestor Email. (example: 4. Site/Building Name will already be populated. 5. Area #, may be chosen from the drop down menu or include it in the Action Requested box. 6. Request type field is defaulted to “Web Request” 7. The repair center will be St. Louis Public Schools 8. Type your work request needs and comments in the Action Requested box providing details of what needs to be repaired. 9. Once complete, click the Submit button to generate the request. * Special Note: Checking the “Notify Me” box will turn on email notification using the requestor email submitted. This will send notification to that email address upon creation, status changes, and completion of the work that has been requested. 7

8  Emergency – Immediate - 24 hours ◦ Definition: Failure to take immediate action that may result in bodily harm to students, staff or pose great threat to the property and interrupt the primary mission of the facility. ◦ An emergency work order can be downgraded to a routine or deferred priority if the reason for the emergency priority has been mitigated. ◦ Examples: Water main breaks, sewer back ups, utility outage, health and safety risks, someone locked in a room, unable to secure building, no hot water for kitchen, elevator stuck.  Priority 1 – Urgent – Within 3 days ◦ Definition: Failure to take action within that predetermined period could jeopardize safety, facility assets, or interrupt facility operations. ◦ There is a need to take action within a predetermined time period. ◦ Examples: Repair seasonal air conditioning, repair heating, removal of graffiti, roof leak. 8

9  Priority 2 – Routine - Within 7-30 days ◦ Definition: Actions which should be performed at the first available opportunity but which the facility can continue their mission without interruption. ◦ Examples: One broken toilet in large bathroom, request for lock change due to change in teachers, cracked but not broken window, minor pipe leak, door not closing properly but can be locked.  Deferred  These requests will have to wait until funding becomes available or scheduled maintenance. Work orders and work request are prioritized with all buildings being considered. This may cause some to be delayed to a later date or deferred. 9

10 St. Louis Public Schools10 Yvonne L. Green Interim Executive Director Building Commissioner Facilities / Construction Linda C. McKnight Budget Analyst Budget/Contracts Mike Dobbs Project Manager Field Supervisor Square Watson Project Manager Field Supervisor Rosmon Johnson Facilities Manager Custodial, Maintenance And Grounds Harold Lukins Director of Facilities ARAMARK Lisa Williams Energy Manager Zone Managers Moving / Warehouse Sharon Johnson- Norman Warehouse Supervisor Moving Companies Walker Gaffney Director of Real Estate Parking Garage St. Louis Parking Co. Maria Bautista-Cuadra Administrative Assistant Marian L. Brooks Administrative Assistant Prop S Bond Issue

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