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1 eAYSO: Referee Scheduling Presented by: Rand Potter eAYSO Commission.

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1 1 eAYSO: Referee Scheduling Presented by: Rand Potter eAYSO Commission

2 22 Webinar Guidelines 2 This is a 45min webinar We have many items to cover and hence no questions will be entertained at any point. So please note down your questions with the slide # if applicable. At the end of the webinar a contact email will be provided. All questions or comments must be sent to that email Webinars sessions will be repeated until End of February

3 33 What are we going to learn? 3 Referee signup screen Referee Scheduler screen Reports

4 A Few Caveats Prior to using the Referee Scheduling feature, the Region must have completed Scheduling games using the eAYSO Game Scheduling Module. Only currently registered volunteers with a Referee/Asst Referee assigned position can sign up for available games. Selections made by the volunteer are not final until accepted by the Referee Administrator/Scheduler(s). Referees receive an email confirmation or can view the schedule to verify that their game assignments are confirmed

5 5 Referee Scheduling

6 Referee signup screen

7 Sign On to eAYSO as Volunteer From the MyeAYSO page click on View referee schedule From the MyeAYSO page click on View referee schedule

8 Referee may chose from a number of different filters ‘Click Here’ allows the Referee to do some initial filtering.

9 Filter based on date By Field By Team By Division

10 Referee may select one or more ‘Open’ Referee and/or Assistant Referee slots If you pick a slot by mistake simply click ‘Cancel’

11 As you can see ‘Cancel’ returns your previous selection back to ‘Open’ status

12 When your games have been ‘Accepted’ by the Regional RRA or Scheduler your name appears in ‘Green’ This is the view the Referee will see once they are confirmed to referee a game.

13 Referee Scheduler Screen


15 Select Dates or Range of Dates Field Division Referee or Asst Referee

16 Tools for managing the confirmation process

17 Clicking on Confirm or Confirm & Email displays this referee management screen

18 Placing a “Check” here Accepts any Referees or Asst. Refs who are in a Pending status. The Referee Scheduler may: -Change referees by choosing from dropdown list or - Manually schedule all Referees

19 Check games you want to confirm Assignments Click on either “Confirm” or “Confirm & send email” to lock in the referees Note: You MUST always click ‘Confirm’ or ‘Confirm & Email’ to lock in all manual changes to a schedule.

20 Games you confirmed now show in ‘Green’ (Accepted) unconfirmed games are still ‘Blue’ (Pending)

21 Modify your contact info and the message which goes to the Referee to be as generic or as specific as needed and ‘Submit’ From the ‘Contact Info’ tab…A Referee scheduler or RRA can modify the message being emailed to referees from the ‘Confirm & Email’ click

22 Exporting Your Referee Schedule If you need to Export your Schedule simply click ‘Export Schedule’ to get an Excel version of the schedule.

23 Sample Results from Clicking ‘Export Schedule’

24 Reports


26 The Referee Scheduling report can be as general or as specific as needed. Filters may be applied or not applied as needed. Click ‘Generate Report’ for a Printable schedule.


28 28 Don’t forget the ‘Help’ menu Use the tools on HELP - Excellent Tips - User Guides - Online Lab Exercises

29 29 Contact information 29 Questions or comments regarding this presentation: Questions or comments about eAYSO: OR call (866) 588-2976

30 30 Thank you 30

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