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A Changing Organisation

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1 A Changing Organisation
Niamh O’Donoghue Secretary General Department of Social Protection

2 Reflections Many reform programmes Many organisations
The challenge of change What doesn’t work What does work! The DSP Change story

3 Reform Programmes 31 years (and counting).... “Devlin”
Serving the Country Better SMI OECD Review TPS CPA

4 Organisations Dept of Agriculture Dept of Health
‘Local Office’ structures; CAP reform; Tribunals Dept of Health Hospital Closures; Agency reduction; Professionalisation; Civil Service Commission Service Delivery; Customer Orientation; modernisation of practice Revenue Restructuring; Integration; Building Capacity Department of Social Protection

5 Challenge of change... Not ready (didn’t anticipate!)
Resistance – staff, management, stakeholders Fear Public criticism Focus on what isn’t done vs what is done Centrally determined (theory v practice) Focus on decision rather than implementation

6 What doesn’t work..... Decide and presume! No logistical awareness
one size does not fit all!! ‘Promotion’ of change addressed to the ‘wrong’ audience Over specification Focus on structures...and little else Budget focus alone, blunt instrument approach

7 What does..... Clarity of vision and purpose Honest communication
Engagement Shared ownership Realistic, but ambitious, timeframes Flexibility and agility Risk management Celebration of achievement

8 Historic scope of business….
What ... Policy development Income support – over 50 Schemes – unique customer service role Control and risk management Activation Referral Information services Who ... Government and the tax-payer Children and families e.g. Child benefit, FIS, carers, school meals People of working age Jobseekers, lone parents, disabled, widowed Older people Pensions, household benefit etc. How... Direct Provision Via Agencies Collaboration

9 What we do..... Changing needs of citizens
National network of 10 regional headquarters and branch/local offices Over 5,000 department staff 50 separate welfare schemes and services Primary focus on income support Annually: 2.5 million applications for social welfare 6.5 million telephone calls 83 million payments 450,000 assignments conducted by social welfare inspector 750,000 control reviews Changing needs of citizens Process change, supported by technology solutions, is critical to meeting these needs

10 Dept of Social Protection
Previous presentation Scale and volume increase in business Business Process Re-engineering IT Developments Local Office Modernisation Project; Means Project; Non contrib schemes (SPNC; DA; CA); Public Services Card; Medical Assessment; Activation/Case Management; R+I Additional Resources

11 Changing Shape Aireacht/Executive Divide Management Board
Policy and operations Regions Centralised Schemes Support Areas Approach to business development

12 Social & Family Affairs Organisational Structure - July 2009
Bernadette Lacey Secretary General, DSFA Niamh O'Donoghue Director General, SWS Vera Dervan Niall Barry Gerry Daly Maureen Waldron Oliver Ryan Eoin O'Broin Brian O'Raghallaigh Tom Mulherin Alice O'Flynn Gerry Mangan Brian Flynn Director Assistant Director General Assistant Secretary General Register Office, Client Eligibility & Identity Services, DAO/FOI, Control & Prosecutions Legislation, SWA, Children/Family/Equality Policy, Statistics Office for Social Inclusion, MABS, Combat Poverty, EU/International Social Welfare Appeals Office Pension Schemes, Information Services, DRIM Information Systems Corporate Development, Risk Management, Facilities Management, Children Schemes /Treatment Benefits Illness/Family Schemes, Business Transformation Director of Regions Human Resources, Accounts, Budgets & Finance, Core Functions Pensions / Carers / Working Age Policy, Policy Framework, Activation Helen McDonald Nadine Mangan Mary O'Sullivan Brendan Friel Dr. Clement Leech Kieran Feely Celine Moore Marie O'Neill Mary Kennedy Dave Dillon Catherine Hazlett Business Architect IS Division Management & Development Corp Dev, Business Plans (MSU), SMI, Partnership Support, Disability Sectoral Plan Short-Term Illness Chief Medical Advisor General Register Office Regional Director's Office Estimates, Admin Budgets, Budget, Financial Management, Annual Output Statement, Means Test Policy, Accountability Policy Legislation Division, Press Office, Planning Sec., Treatment Benefit Policy, Social Partnership, Legal Adviser Unemployment, Incentives, Disability and PRSI Office for Social Inclusion, Combat Poverty Agency, Money Advice & Budgeting Service Document, Record & Information Management Medical Reviews & Assessments Bernard Tonge Denis Galvin Richard Shine Regional Managers: Orlaigh Quinn Daragh O'Connor IS Operational Services Paul Carroll Carers Schemes Client Identity Services Siobhan Lawlor Pension, Carers Policy Customer Service Risk Management Family Income Supplement Vacancy Standard Authentication Framework Environment North West - Don Watts Vote & Social Insurance Fund, Salaries & Payments, Financial System, Treasury, Reconciliation of Payments Helen Faughnan Anne McManus Information Services Business Information Security Long-Term Illness Deputy Chief Medical Advisor Family Affairs Unit, Equality Review of SW Code, Lone Parents Policy, Guardian’s & Deserted Wives’ Payment Policy, Support Agency and National Longitudinal Study of Children EU Co-ordinator, International Relations, North-South Co-operation Payment Services Kevin Coady Business Continuity Planning Customer Comments and Complaints / Channels Client Systems Geraldine Gleeson Joan McMahon Western Barry Kennedy Deirdre Shanley Case Management Maintenance Recovery Employment Support Services / Labour Market Tim Quirke Medical Review & Assessment Central Overpayments & Debt Management Anne Tynan Teresa Leonard Victor Galvin Facilities Management North East - Philip Cox Decentralisation, Industrial Relations & FOI, Competitions, Assignments & Promotions State Pension (Contributory) Working Age ICT Systems Archives Anne Vaughan Fraud Control Widows/Widowers Pension Health and Safety Business Improvement Unit Central Prosecutions Guardians Pension Southern - Neil Kelly Ursula Gilhawley Policy Framework Service Delvery Modernisation Dermot Condon Paddy Doherty Patricia Murphy Supplementary Welfare Allowance Liam Walsh Child Benefit Client Eligibility Services Human Resources Policy, Employee Assistance Service, Grievance & Disciplinary, Anti-Bullying & Harassment Policy, Staff Training & Development Tony Kieran Elderly and Children ICT Systems Maternity Schemes South East - Philip O'Donohoe School Meals State Pension (Non Contributory) Early Childcare Supplement Electronic Exchange of Social Security Information Fuel Scheme One Parent Families Treatment Benefit Household Benefits Sean Fay Domicilliary Care Allowance Scope / PRSI Refunds Mid West - John Bohan Free Travel Architecture and Platform Support Child Income Support / FIS Project Governance Dublin South - John Glennon Vincent Clohisey Core Functions Paul Morrin (transfer of functions from HSE to DSFA) Statistics, Business Intelligence Dublin North - Colm O'Neill Brian Duffy VFM Special Projects Seamus Quinn Internal Audit

13 Department of Social Protection Organisation Structure - May 2011
Internal Audit Secretary General Seamus Quinn Niamh O'Donoghue Deputy Secretary Anne Vaughan Dr Clem Leech Geraldine Gleeson Brian O'Raghallaigh Orlaigh Quinn Niall Barry Kathleen Stack Helen Faughnan John McKeon Alice O'Flynn Chief Medical Adviser Chief Appeals Officer Assistant Secretary Deputy CMA Deputy CAO Finance HR Strat + Services Enterprise Architect Control Operational Policy Transformation - CWS Working Age Policy Dr Ronan O'Callaghan Dan Kavanagh Siobhan Lawlor Celine Moore Sean Fay Deirdre Shanley Bernard Tonge Lucy Fallon-Byrne Dave Dillon Rita Tighe Budget/IMF Reporting HR Staff Develop. Software Eng. Mid Region +SIU Transformation - FAS Activation Agenda Denis Moynihan Cathy Barron Kevin Coady Phil Cox Dublin Sth Region Liam Treacy Marie O'Neill Mary O'Sullivan Leg/SoS/BP/RiskMgt Pens/Carers/HHB Infrastructure Border Counties Paula Kelly Transformation - IR Community Schemes Helen McDonald Patricia Murphy Liam Walsh Don Watts Anne Tynan TJ Fleming Finbar Murphy Dublin Nth Region Business Intelligence Contrib Pensions Service Delivery Paul Carroll Benefits/MRCM FAS Liaison Paul Morrin Fiona Ward Victor Galvin West Region James Sadlier Brendan Friel Padraig O'Conaill Barry Kennedy Facilities/BISU Non Con Pens/HHB Business Architect John Shannon South East Region DA/Carers/FIS PRSI/Scope/R+I/ER Tim Quirke Miriam Finnegan Teresa Leonard Philip O'Donohoe Catherine Kellaghan Mary Kennedy Child Inc Policy Greg Crowley VFM Special Projects GRO John Bohan Disability Policy International Brian Duffy Kieran Feely South Region Joan McMahon Anne McManus CB/DCA/TB/CES Neil Kelly CIS Tony Kieran Richard Shine Social Inclusion SWA Policy Information/DRIM Catherine Hazlett Kieran O'Dwyer Daragh O'Connor

14 National Employment and Entitlements Service
New Business Model GRO FÁS Employment and Community Services CWOs/SWA National Employment and Entitlements Service Rural Social & Community Development Schemes Redundancy and Insolvency

15 Philosophy... Customer centric service Integrated supports
Employment advice; needs identification and referral; job matching; income supports; exceptional needs supports Tailored Case Management Any door will do Any channel will work

16 Scale of change Organisation size: Organisation presence:
From 5,000 to 7,000 Organisation presence: From 130 to 180 offices localised clinics Service offering now much broader Sophisticated support/information systems New customer groupings – employers ‘Integration issues’ – IT, HR, Culture

17 Process Communications critical and underway Customers Staff
Planning in place for different components Organisations working closely together Pilot projects in various locations Overall plan to Government soon Specific milestones to be detailed re Welfare System reform agenda; organisation change and service delivery

18 Importance..... Government Customer/Taxpayer Reduce SW spend..
Reform SW system.. Activation of Working Age population... Efficient payment systems... Efficient customer engagement.... Accessible, agile systems....

19 Risks! Scale of change Not a ‘green-field site’
Expectations – staff and customers Multiple and competing priorities Whilst keeping business going... Organisation capacity ‘Core’ business of income support has stabilised at very ‘high’ levels

20 Opportunities Central Role Better service to customers
Better job satisfaction Diverse career opportunities New technology, new skills Different perspectives Chance to make a difference!

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