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Arkansas Partnership for Nursing’s Future (APNF)

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1 Arkansas Partnership for Nursing’s Future (APNF)
February 13, 2014 APNF Employer Advisory Meeting

2 Arkansas Partnership for Nursing’s Future (APNF)
Amount of Grant: $4,952,848 Timeframe: April 1, 2012 to April 2, 2016

3 APNF Purpose The overall goal of the H-1B Technical Skills Training grants funded by DOL is to reduce H-1B visas for foreign workers by educating Americans to fill those jobs. APNF Target: Serve a minimum of 1,500 individuals for careers in the nursing profession, which ranges from Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA) and Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN) to Registered Nurses (RN).

4 APNF Project Partners Arkansas Association of Two-Year Colleges (AATYC) 14 Participating Two-Year Colleges ASUMH ASUN BRTC CCCUA EACC NWACC OZC PTC PCCUA RMCC SACC SEARK UACCH UACCM University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS) Employer Partners Arkansas Hospital Assn. Arkansas Health Care Assn. Local Healthcare Employers Arkansas State Board of Nursing Arkansas Workforce Investment Board Arkansas Community Foundation

5 APNF Project Outcomes Participants Served - 1500 (70% of goal)
Begin Training (81% of goal) Complete Training – (23% of goal) Completers with Credentials (11% of goal) CNA’s – 168 LPN’s – 200 ADN’s – 300 BSN’s – 100 Enter Employment Retained Employment

6 APNF - Who Are We Training?
CNA’s LPN’s RN’s ADN’s BSN’s Job Seekers: Unemployed Underemployed Dislocated Workers Existing Workforce

7 APNF Program Strategies
Utilize Distance Education to Deliver Training Providing increased access and opportunities for training Develop a Statewide Preceptor (Asst. Clinical Instructor) Training Program An effort to address the shortage of clinical training opportunities

8 APNF Project Highlights
ADN to BSN Accelerated (ABA) Pilot Program UAMS College of Nursing Website - ( Arkansas Rural Nursing Education Consortium (ARNEC) - Eight TYC’s working collaboratively to advance LPN training without leaving their communities Distance Education Technologies - ARE-ON, Collaborate, Blackboard, Wimba, etc.

9 Employer Assistance Provide Input Regarding Training Needs and Industry Trends Promote/Communicate the APNF Grant Program to Individuals Seeking Educational/Training Opportunities Refer Individuals Interested in Training Along the Nursing Career Pathway to Key Grant Program Contacts for Assessment and Program Intake activities Job Placement Assistance

10 Employer Input What are your training needs?
Are there emerging healthcare trends that will have an impact on the nursing profession? Note: Please complete the questionnaire that is in your packet. You may either leave it with us today or send it to Mark McManus

11 Key APNF Training Provider Contacts
Arkansas Association of Two-Year Colleges (AATYC) Ellen Sullivan, Project Manager APNF Grant University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS) Larronda Rainey, Project Manager APNF Grant

12 ADWS Contact Information - Lisa Ferrell – Program Coordinator Mark McManus – Accountability Specialist Rebecca Edwards – Administrative Assistant

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