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SANDHURST COMPETITION 2012. Scope Mission Teams & Recon Concept Update Outline dates External Recon External Trg Week Website POC details.

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2 Scope Mission Teams & Recon Concept Update Outline dates External Recon External Trg Week Website POC details

3 Aim To bring all Teams up to speed on The Sandhurst Competition 2012 including the general concept of the competition. The lead unit for this Mission is Department of Military Instruction

4 Mission “To provide the Corps of Cadets and visiting competitors with a challenging and rewarding inter-company military skills competition, an opportunity to enhance leadership qualities, a venue for professional development and an opportunity to exhibit military excellence.” Director DMI/Chief Umpire: COL Goldman Competition Director: LTC Grantz OIC: Captain Paul Martin (UK) 2IC: MAJ Slack OIC Asst: Major Sanchez-Barriga OIC Asst: 2LT Ginther NCOIC: SFC Salazar

5 Sandhurst 12 - Participation Teams Being Invited: 36 USCC Teams 8 x ROTC 2 x RMAS 1 x Canada 1 x Australia 1 x Spain 1 x Chile 1 x China 1 x USAFA 1 x USNA 1 x USCGA 1 x NMAA 1 x USMAPS Total: 56 Teams Invite to Recon: 1 x Germany 1 x Brazil 1 x Mexico 1 x S Korea Total: 4 Potential Sandhurst 2013: 60 Teams Key: Black, Team still to confirm Green, Team confirmed participating/Recon

6 Type of sites over 2 days Boat Movement - Squads will have to maneuver a boat/boats within constraints around a pre-determined course to complete the task/mission Obstacle Course – Squads will negotiate a series of obstacles moving all personnel and equipment correctly through each obstacle Rappel – Squads will have to construct their own Swiss seats and Rappel all team equipment and personnel down 60/75 ft drop using correct words of command Tactical Combat Casualty Care – Squads will encounter a scenario with multiple casualties and perform triage and casualty extraction to an HLZ Marksmanship – Squads will be tested to engage different target types, over varying distances out to 300m, using various firing positions, target acquisition & discrimination, ammunition breakdown and target priorities Weapons – Squads will be asked to assemble different weapons systems and will be physically challenged by conducting a grenade throwing lane, throwing from different positions and cover IED/COMMO – Squads will patrol and encounter an IED scenario, which will test the mind and observation. This will also involve radio assembly and communication. Land Navigation – Squads will negotiate a demanding navigation course. Some of the points will be weighted differently with possible combinations and choice. DMI challenge – Squads are faced with a problem to solve that requires both physical and mental toughness, similar to a Leader Reaction Course. Rope Bridge - Squads will have to construct an improvised bridge utilizing team equipment to cross an obstacle moving all personnel and equipment.

7 Outline Dates USCC Training Commence 17 Jan 2012 External Team Recon 7 - 9 Feb 2012 DMI Validation of sites 9 - 13 Apr 2012 External Team Training Week 16 - 19 Apr 2012 Range prep and Validation 17-19 Apr 2012 Sandhurst 12 Social 19 Apr 2012 The Sandhurst Competition 20-21 Apr 12 Sandhurst 12 Awards Ceremony 21 Apr 2012 Tear Down and departures – 22 Apr 2012

8 United States Military Academy United States Corps of Cadets External Team Recon 7-9 Feb 12 External Teams arrive NLT 1900 7 Feb 12 Detail Pick up x 4 Airports Stewart/JFK/LAG/NL Accommodated in 5 Star Inn x 36 Paid for by External Teams Intro LNOs USCC Companies, Loc TBD 7 Feb – Welcome, Brief, Information Pack 8 Feb – RECON, Accommodation/ Armories/ Range 5&11/ Land Nav/ Obs/ Rope/ Rappel/ TCCC/ Boats/ Weapons, evening wash-up 9 Feb – RECON, Training conference, depart after lunch Takeaways will be all Logistics/equipment, travel & training requirements recorded by DMI and to be actioned

9 External Team Training Week External Teams arrive 15 Apr 12 Hosted by USCC Companies in WP 16 Apr 12 issue all necessary equipment Ranges/ Rope/ Rappel/ Obs/ Boats/ Weapons Master Matrix developed at the External Recon, 2Lt Scott Ginther will be OIC 19 Apr 2012 – Sandhurst 12 Social

10 Website Update

11 POC: OIC Capt Paul Martin Tel: 845 938 4304 Email:

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