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Welcome Parents of EVHA Players!

3 Welcome to EVHA mite hockey!
Mite hockey is for boys and girls 5 – 8 years old born on or after 7/1/05.  The mite hockey program is designed to introduce children to the wonderful sport of hockey, develop basic skating/hockey skills, and of course, to make hockey fun for children and their new friends.  

4 EVHA MISSION Eastview Hockey Association (EVHA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing a fun and educational experience for the children residing in the Eastview High School Attendance area or who are eligible to play in the EVHA who wish to play ice hockey. Our curriculum stresses basic skills, encourages team play and sportsmanship, and strives for fair playing time for all players. The individuals who teach this curriculum, in all cases, have completed one or more courses in the USA Hockey Coaches’ Education Program (CEP). EVHA coaches, the Hockey Development Committee and the Board of Directors also are committed to teaching players to respect their opponents and the officials.

5 EVHA BOARD Mike Schoonover: President Matt Johnson: Vice President
Tom Keating: Secretary David Kisch: Treasurer/Co-Tryout Coordinator Mark Groebner: Hockey Operations/Apparel Scott Calvert: CEP (Coach Development/Certification) Summer Training Dave Leach: Tournament Coordinator/5000 Shots Club Jim Lombardi: Goalie Equipment/Girls Tourney Coordinator Doug Tritschler: Asst Boys Hockey Operations/Equipment/JR Gold Kelly Griffitts: Co-Tryout Coordinator/SafeSport Coordinator Renee Swenson: Registrar/Asst Girls Hockey Operations Brent Cameron: Events / Booster Club Matt Cords: District 8 Representative/Recruitment Heather Sodomka: Gambling Manager

6 OTHER EVHA CONTACTS Brad Defauw – Dir of Player & Coach Development
Wade Bergland – Mite Coordinator Scott Wasilowski – Goalie Development Amy Hutsell – Administrator Julie Cochran– Volunteer & Concessions Coordinator Jeremy Weestrand – Ice Coordinator

7 Survey FEEDBACK Bantams: 33 PWs: 18 Squirts: 32 14U: 2 12U: 4 10U: 13
Goal from last year was 50% participation. We achieved 36% participation players were represented players were registered last year. Bantams: 33 PWs: 18 Squirts: 32 14U: 2 12U: 4 10U: 13 Mites: 32

8 Neither agree nor disagree
2014 EVHA End of Season and Tryout Survey Please rate your agreement or disagreement with each of the following items related to your player's experience this season. Answer Options Strongly disagree Disagree Neither agree nor disagree Agree Strongly agree Don't know Rating Average Response Count Overall my son/daughter had a positive experience 3 9 6 35 79 4.35 132 My child enjoyed playing hockey this season. 2 7 37 83 4.45 My child enjoyed playing for this coach. 5 8 11 27 81 4.30 My child plans to play hockey again next year. 1 94 4.63 My son's/daughter's hockey skills improved 12 16 39 62 4.10 Coaches were role models of good sportsmanship 4 4.39 Practices were well planned and thought out 10 40 4.13 131 Over the course of the season fair ice time was provided for all players 18 30 70 4.07 My child felt practices offered a variety of practice drills over the season to make practices more engaging. 44 55 3.98 Communication was good with players 45 66 4.20 Discipline of players was fair 17 53 4.06 I would recommend the head coach to coach in future seasons 23 74 4.09


To provide each individual the best possible hockey experience in a fun environment that encourages all players to work hard, improve the physical and mental skills they will need for life advancement, and to build a foundation for success at all levels of the Eastview program.

New EVHA position hired this year: Brad Defauw, Director of Hockey Development Hockey Development Committee formed and includes: Gary Uecker- played at Richfield HS & Concordia-(Moorhead) College Aaron Dwyer- played at Apple Valley HS & St. Cloud State Univ. Bob Goldstrand -played at Richfield HS & U of M Gophers Curt Bowen –(Canadian born) played major jr. for the Ottawa 67’s, 1st round draft pick w/ Detroit & 12 yr. pro career Pete Desrocher- played at Highland Park HS & St. Mary’s (Winona) College Pat St. Martin- played at Cretin HS & Univ. of St. Thomas Pat Westrum- played at Roosevelt HS & U of M Gophers, 10 year pro career, Montreal NHL scout Brad DeFauw- played at Apple Valley HS & Univ. of North Dakota, 8 year pro career

12 ROLE OF Hockey Development COMMITTEE
Monitor in season progress with teams, coaches and players for each team at every level Help coaches run effective practices and adequate support to develop good practice plans emphasizing improving skating skills Group will go to practices and games and observe and give coaches feedback throughout the season. Bringing in “skill” coaches to run skill development sessions throughout practices throughout the season at all levels. (1/2 hour on stick handling, agility, edges, etc)

Interested in coaching? Contact Brad Defauw at All coaches must submit a background screening if they were not cleared in the season, register with USA hockey AND register through the EVHA coaches link. In addition, different levels require different certification and training. Mite coaches must complete Level 1. Certification fees and USA hockey fees for coaches are reimbursed by EVHA.

14 Parent Coaches Parent Coaches; Must register with USA hockey
Register on the website, click on the Coaches link. (this will take you through the background check and getting the USA hockey registration) Coaches must submit background checks to be on the ice with the kids Coaching certification required (Level 1) Classes found on MN Hockey website Coach meeting prior to the start of the season

15 Let’s Play MITE Hockey!

16 Relax, it’s just a game.

17 EVHA Parent Responsibilities
Be a Positive Role Model Support the coach and officials Support and assist the program in a positive manner Keep your opinion(s) to yourself The parent is the most important example a child can relate to Volunteer with EVHA!

Play for the love of the game Respect your opponent Work for the good of the team Respect officials and their judgment Play within the rules of the game Be generous in victory and gracious in defeat Always conduct yourself with honor and pride

19 PARENT VOLUNTEERS Volunteer policy available on the website
Each family pays $125 per player or $250 max at registration. This fee is credited to your last ice bill if your volunteer commitment is met. The requirement: 5 hours per child; 10 hours max Check the DIBS volunteer system for available hours. Players must be registered to see opportunities. Opportunities exist for clinics, tryouts, girls tourney (early Dec), end of year District tourney, Booster Club, Raffle night, etc. In addition, a head coach and asst coach are given full volunteer credit, as well as the team manager. If you would like more information about any of these volunteer opportunities: Families are responsible for monitoring and managing their own volunteer hours. If you have a business and want to donate an item (valued at $100 or greater) as a raffle prize, that will count for one hour of volunteer time. (this does not include donated items in the auction basket).

20 MITE TEAM FORMATION Team Levels (last year as an example)
Two Level 3 (Intermediate) Teams Three Level 2 (Beginner )Teams Two Level 1 (Learn-to-skate) Teams One All Girls Learn-to-skate Team One All Girls Intermediate Level Team Depends on evaluations Team sizes 12 – 15 players per team

21 Time & Cost Commitment USA Hockey registration fee- $50 fee if born before 1/1/ Free if born on or after 1/1/2008. EVHA Registration Fee- $50 for 1st year mites; $145 for returning mites Free equipment package available for 1st year mites (excludes stick and skates) Volunteer fee ($125) and fundraising requirement (typically $125) Saturday and Sunday Practice (indoor) 7:00 am to 7:00 pm Most ice at Hayes Arena and Apple Valley High School Schedule will change throughout the season Mid-week optional outdoor ice (weather permitting) Season runs first weekend of November until early March

22 New Mite Parents Clinic and Evaluation participation Socks and Jerseys
Be patient with you child Arrive minutes before ice time Goal is that at the end of this season, your player wants to come back next year!!

23 Mite Program Focus Main focus is individual skill development with specific drills/small games and less focus on rules, strategy and full ice games Emphasis on skating and stick handling Smaller teams, more ice time, and puck touches for each kid Making it FUN so each individual feels comfortable in his or her surroundings and wants to keep participating!!!

24 K-2  minor miteS -Each team will get an hr. of ice on both weekend days (2-3 hrs. per day needed depending on #’s)  (we want kids per ice session) -Players will be separate into teams by skill level -There may be a possibility of an additional 1-2 hrs. of indoor ice per month during weekday for the 1st – 2nd grade upper teams (not learn to skate) -Outdoor ice available later in the season if requested by team

25 3rd grade miteS - Most likely 4 teams - Players will be evaluate strictly for the purpose of having even teams -Each team will get an hour of ice on both weekend days (2hrs. per day needed) -Each team will get an hour of ice every Wed. night at The POND (2 teams per 1hr., 2hrs. total + dryland at POND) -Tthere will be 2 additional hrs. per month during weekday for all 4 teams to use at once -Skill specific practices -Outdoor ice available later in the season if requested by team -Maximum 15 full ice games -EVHA hosting 3rd grade indoor Jamboree on Jan 17th & 18th (we will need 4 outside teams, 2 girls & 2 boys that run a similar Mite program as us

26 MITE CLINICS Clinic 10/25 Hayes Girls 10:15 - 11:45
Beginners 12:00 - 1:15 Intermediate 1:30 - 3:00 Clinic 10/26 Hayes Girls 10: :00 Beginners 12:15 - 1:3pm Intermediate 1:45 - 3:15

27 MITE EVALUATIONS 11/1 Hayes All Girls 10: :45 Last name A - K 12:00 - 1:15 Last name L - Z 1:30 - 3:00 11/2 Hayes All Girls 11:45 - 1:15 Beginner 1:30 - 2:45 (TBD after 11/1 session) Intermediate 3:00 - 4:30 (TBD after 11/1 session) Practices start early November

28 BOOSTER CLUB Each Team will have 1-2 Booster Club Members
Organize Raffle Collect Donations/Sponsorship from Businesses Collect Raffle Money from Team Auction Basket for Team Attend 3-5 meetings during year Covers your Volunteer Hours requirement

29 Team Managers What’s a Team Manager’s role on a Mite team?
Team Communication- upcoming schedule, etc. Distribute and collect fundraiser tickets and money Help plan for your team the outdoor mite jamboree Plan team party Coordinate/Distribute team pictures Signing up for this job fulfills your Volunteer Hours commitment (whether one player or two in the association) Fulfills your volunteer requirement

30 Events and fundraisers
EVHA Raffle Sales Annual Golf Event Wild Ticket Sales: Saturday October 25 vs. Tampa Bay,  Tuesday November 4th vs. Pittsburgh  Saturday December 27 vs. Winnipeg Saturday January 17 vs. Arizona  (limited) Thursday March 19 vs. Capitols Pull Tabs & Bingo- Valley Tap, Bogarts/Apple Place Eastview Girls Tourney in December Chili’s in Eagan

Board contact information is available on the Board link Board meeting minutes also available on the Board link Follow us on EVHA Handbook & Twitter is primary form of communication Directions available on the website on how to add a 2nd to your account.


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