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Tezpur University, Assam 19-30 April 2013 Faculty Empowerment Program.

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1 Tezpur University, Assam 19-30 April 2013 Faculty Empowerment Program

2 Inauguration Ceremony Guest Invited: Pro Vice Chancellor Prof. Amarjyoti Choudhary

3 Pre – Training Announcement Link :

4  No. of Participants: 25 Participant List Sl.noNameDesignationDepartmentEmail ID 1Dr. Papori BaruahAssoc. ProfessorBusiness 2Dr. Heera BarpujariAsst. ProfessorBusiness 3Dr. Sajal Kumar DasAsst. ProfessorChemical 4 Dr. Kamaluddin Ahamad Asst. ProfessorCivil 5Dr. Arindam KarmakarAsst. ProfessorComputer Science & 6Mr. Sanjik K. DekaAsst. ProfessorComputer Science & 7Mr. Rajib GoswamiSystem AnalystComputer Science & 8 Ms. Subhra Devi Asst. CuratorCultural 9Dr. Santanu SharmaAssoc. Professor Electronics and Communication Engineering 10Dr. Soumik RoyAssoc. Professor Electronics and Communication Engineering 11Dr. Vijay Kumar NathAssoc. Professor Electronics and Communication Engineering 12Mr. Pankaj KalitaAsst.

5 Participant List 13Mr. Souvick MondalAsst. ProfessorEnglish & Foreign 14Dr. Amit PrakashAsst. ProfessorEnvironmental 15Mr. Kshirod Kr DashAsst. Professor Food Engineering and Technology 16Mr. Amit Baran DasAsst. Professor Food Engineering and Technology 17Dr. AnushabdaAsst. 18Mr. Bala LakhendraAsst. Professor Mass Communication and Journalism lakhendra@tezu.ernetin 19Ms. Kapou MalakarAsst. Professor Mass Communication and Journalism 20Dr. Bhim Prasad SarmaAsst. ProfessorMathematical 21Dr. Sanjib BanerjeeAsst. ProfessorMechanical Engineering 22Dr Anupam Nath JhaAsst. Professor Molecular Biology and BioTechnology 23Dr. Pralay Kumar Karmakar Assoc. Professor 24Dr. Sumesh S. S.Asst. 25Mr. Dhiraj Sarma Computer Engineer Computer

6 Ice Breaking Activity Little Discoveries

7  Location : Tezpur University  State: Assam  Batch Start Date: 19-04-2013  Batch End Date: 30-04-2013  No. of Participants: 25 Batch Summary

8 Batch Learning Curve


10 Brain Storming Sessions

11 Interactive Activities

12 Collaboration Activities

13 More Activities

14 Sound Bytes With Office 365 we can get connected immediately with our colleagues, communicate and collaborate with our fellow teachers. We can share documents and collaborate with colleagues online. Create, store, and edit Office documents online. Set up and conduct online sessions for our students. We can access our email and calendar from our computer not only that we can use our smartphones. The best part is that we can be online throughout i.e. 365 days and 24x7. Saksham was surely a lesson for our lives and peep into the future technology. Dr. Bhim Prasad Sarma Asstt. Professor, Mathematical Sciences

15 Sound Bytes The tools like magnifier, narrator, on screen key board, setting up high contrast under Accessibility features of Windows, can prove beneficial to those who generally lag behind the general population when it comes to the application of innovation in the field of information technology. Those who are differently abled can get themselves in position of equally abled. It was fascinating to know that we can be connected throughout, with our College through MS Office 365 throws an insight as to how we can collaborate, co-ordinate and share with our coworkers. Tools like LCDS, Maths 4.0, Autocollage, Photostory etc will enhance our teaching capabilities Thanks to the Microsoft team, which has provided us such fascinating and exciting tools which we can be effectively used in making the teaching learning process effective, interactive and at the same time interesting. Thanks to Mr Ashutosh and Mr Sandeep Tomar for explaining and demonstrating the things in such a simple way that we are now able to project these skills in our instructions. Prof. Bala Lakhendra Assistant Professor, Dept. of Mass Communication and Journalism

16 Record of Gifts Gift ItemName of RecipientDesignation of Recipient Gift Given by CompassProf. Charu LataHead R & D, Department Ashutosh CompassProf. Amarjyoti ChoudharyPro Vice ChancellorAshutosh WalletProf. NityanandaDean & Head, Dept. of Engineering & Computer Science Ashutosh WalletDhiraj SarmaCo-ordinatorAshutosh

17 Valedictory Guest Invited: Pro Charu Lata, Head R & D Department

18 Certificate Distribution

19 The Valedictorians

20  Collaborative skills and technology topics were received well by the participants.  LCDS was appreciated & the entire session was focused on integration of the same into classroom teaching through live examples  Web Apps was praised because of its capabilities of enhancing collaboration  Concept of mind maps was appreciated  Windows Accessibility features was new for most participants & it was applauded  Sharing the Desktop through Microsoft Lync was new and fascinating option taught to educators Few Take away Points

21 1. Key influencers : Prof. Nityananda Sarma, Professor, Phone - 9435084063, E-mail – 2. What is the university Admission & Exam system? The university follows offline admission and registration. Semester system is followed - Semester I – Jan to June Semester II – Aug to Dec 3. Name & contact details of IT head Prof. Nityananda Sarma, Professor, Phone - 9435084063, E-mail – 4. Number of students enrolled in the university 2500 Students (Approx.) Additional Information

22 Thank You!!!

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