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1 The University of Iowa Graduate students: 6400 total from >100 countries

2 Where we are

3 Iowa City is a fun place to live

4 Our department’s two buildings: Van Allen Hall Iowa Advanced Technology Labs

5 Research areas Astronomy Atomic/Molecular Plasma Space Condensed Matter Optics Photonics Quantum Electronics Interdisciplinary: Mathematical Physics Medical Imaging Nonlinear Dynamics Particle Nuclear

6 Our research funding External funding = $11.2 million per year Per faculty member, this is one of the best in the Big Ten Funding is important because: It’s a measure of peer review It pays for stipends, travel & labs

7 Typical courses the first year of grad school Fall Semester Classical Mechanics Electricity and Magnetism I Quantum Mechanics I Spring Semester Statistical Mechanics Electricity and Magnetism II Quantum Mechanics II This sequence prepares a student for the Qualifying Exam (beginning of your second year)

8 Financial support STIPENDS (AY05-06) Nine months Teaching Asst. $18,000 Research Asst. $18,500 Summer $2,000 - $2,055 / month up to 3 months HEALTH INSURANCE

9 Teaching assistants Most 1 st year students are supported as TA’s

10 Choosing a research advisor Research Seminar for 1st year students Meeting faculty

11 Student research experience giving a talk at an American Physical Society meeting in the lab with advisor

12 Astronomy Theory Observation Radio & X-ray telescopes Spacecraft Our own optical telescopes in Arizona Faculty: Gayley, Gurnett, Kaaret, Lang, Mutel, Scudder, Spangler, (plus search for new faculty member)

13 Atomic & Molecular Physics We’re interdisciplinary - you may choose an advisor in: our department or the Department of Chemistry Faculty: Physics & Astronomy: Kleiber, Skiff Chemistry: Grassian, Jensen, Young

14 Condensed Matter We’ve grown: > 11 labs Quantum-mechanical topics: semiconductor spintronics & optoelectronics, superconductivity, magnetism Soft-condensed-matter topics: colloidal crystals Faculty: Boggess, Flatté, Goree, Prineas, Pryor, Schweitzer, Smirl, Wohlgenannt

15 Medical Imaging We’re part of the largest research hospital in the USA Positron Emission Tomography Nuclear Medicine Faculty: Hichwa, Madsen

16 Particle & Nuclear Physics Experiments at: Fermilab Higgs particle search SLACCP-violation studies Theory Faculty: Klink, Mallik, Meurice, Newsom, Onel, Payne, Polyzou, Reno, Rodgers

17 Photonics & Quantum Electronics Experiment & theory Topics: spin & exciton dynamics nano-scale structures optoelectronic devices nonlinear optics Faculty: Andersen, Boggess, Flatté, Prineas, Pryor, Smirl, Wohlgenannt

18 Plasma Physics Experiments & Theory We have the largest number of plasma physics faculty members among all physics departments in the USA Faculty: D'Angelo, Daughton, Goree, Gurnett, Kletzing, Lonngren, Merlino, Scudder, Skiff, Spangler

19 Space Physics Exploration of the solar system Instruments on major spacecraft Prof. Van Allen : winner of the Craaford prize = Nobel prize in Astronomy Faculty: D'Angelo, Daughton, Gayley, Gurnett, Kletzing, Merlino, Mutel, Scudder, Spangler

20 Some of our graduate students

21 How to apply Exams GRE General Exam GRE Physics Application deadline February 1 More info:

22 You are welcome to visit us We will help pay your local expenses in Iowa City

23 Astronomy Space Physics

24 Atomic & Molecular Physics Plasma Physics

25 Condensed Matter Photonics & Quantum Electronics

26 Medical Imaging

27 Particle & Nuclear Physics

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