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Building a Budget Foundation For 2010-2012: Summary of Actions-to-Date Upland Unified School District Board of Education March 23, 2010.

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1 Building a Budget Foundation For 2010-2012: Summary of Actions-to-Date Upland Unified School District Board of Education March 23, 2010

2 COMMENTARY REGARDING THE STATE BUDGET “Unfortunately, it’s not the first time our governor has broken his commitments and balanced the state’s budget on the back of our school children, but this could be the first time he is held accountable for it,” said California School Board Association President, Frank Pugh. “It’s not right that our children keep paying the price for California’s broken education funding system.” “The Governor claims to be ‘protecting’ education, but that protection is hurting students, cutting billions more from our schools and colleges, and breaking education promises made last year,” said David A. Sanchez, president of the California Teachers Association. “The governor is adding insult to injury by trying to renege on restoring the money owed to our students at a time when our public schools are already reeling from massive cuts.”

3 “The Governor wants to retroactively cut last year’s funding to schools and default on yet another promise to California’s students,” said Allan Clark, president of the California School Employees Association. “It’s shameful that our state’s leaders would turn their backs on our students yet again.” “Voters understand the importance of investing in education,” said Bob Wells, Executive Director of the Association of California School Administrators. “According to the latest statewide PPIC poll, 82 percent of Californians oppose reductions in K-12 schools to fix the budget deficit. Our state’s leaders have decimated education funding in our state over the past two years, and any attempt to renege on the deal to restore funding to our students is reprehensible.” COMMENTARY REGARDING THE STATE BUDGET

4 “Lawmakers who support the Governor’s plan and vote for any budget that includes further cuts to schools are breaking the promise to children that they made in July,” said Linda Mayo, Vice President for Communications of the California State PTA. “California students are being denied the individual attention they need to succeed. It’s time for our leaders to stand up for students and make the right decision to invest in the future of our state.” COMMENTARY REGARDING THE STATE BUDGET

5 SUMMARY OF PROPOSED ACTIONS TO CLOSE A $15 MILLION DEFICIT OVER TWO YEARS 2010-112011-12 Estimated Target:$15,000,000 LEVEL 1: Cabinet Decisions $6,000,000 LEVEL 2: Board Target $4,000,000 LEVEL 3a: Negotiable Solutions Extend MOU Agreements $1,295,000 LEVEL 3b: New Negotiable Solutions $4,000,000 Est. Unduplicated Totals:$15,000,000

6 SUMMARY OF CONSIDERATIONS: 2010-12 For $15 million in reductions

7 CABINET ACTIONS = $6,000,000  Carry forward savings from spending cuts/freeze on office supplies, equipment, travel/conferences and staff development paid through the general fund  Expend balance of ARRA (federal stimulus funds) in accordance with guidelines by 2011  Exercise maximum flexibility in transferring Tier III categorical funds for general fund purposes  Leave current administrator vacancies unfilled; make additional reductions in 2010-2011  Restructure summer school program; initiate a fee- based program with Chaffey College  Shift probation officer matching contribution to risk management account  Recover deferred maintenance funds

8 BOARD ACTIONS = $4,000,000 To meet state deadlines for notification, the following actions have been completed:  Issue Notice of Release/Reassign/Reduce to all certificated management employees for 2010-11  Issue Intent to Dismiss (lay-off) notices: -27.0 elementary teaching positions (24:1 to 29:1 in K-3) -3.0 elementary PE teaching positions -(18) lay-off letters were ultimately issued  Approve PARS Retirement Plan: -20.0 Confirmed Participants -Approximately 60% replacement

9 BOARD ACTIONS = $4,000,000 The following are pending actions:  Classified Reductions-In-Force = $395,000 - Item 4.1 on tonight’s agenda  Management Reductions-In-Force = $165,000 - Eliminate (2) Vice Principal positions at UHS - Create (1) Asst Principal position at UHS - Reduce (3) HS Asst Principal positions at UHS from 222 days to 202 days - Reduce (2) JH Vice Principal positions from 213 days to 202 days - Reduce (1) Continuation HS Principal from 222 days to 213 days * Work days include current temporary (2) day reduction from MOU * If additional days are cut in 2010-11, these positions may be exempted  Reductions in Stipends for Extra-Curricular = $100,000 - Stipend positions that will not be filled = $45,000 - Transportation budget cuts = $55,000

10 NEGOTIATED SOLUTIONS = $5,290,000 CONSIDERATIONS  Extend current Memo of Understanding ($1.29m): -2 day reduction in work year -Increase average class size by two students in Grades 4-12 -Reduce additional school/work days this year  Negotiate $4m in additional solutions, such as: -Further increase class size average in Grades K-12 -Contain health and welfare package costs at current levels -Reduce student and employee work year by additional days (175 days for students instead of 180) -Eliminate one additional work day (prep day in August) -Eliminate Step & Column increases for a period of time -Reduce number of counselor/discipline director positions -Across-the-board salary rollbacks -Restructure prep time in grades 4-6 and 7-12

11 NEXT STEPS  Take proactive steps to provide the district and associations with a wide array of options at the bargaining table; Arrive at negotiated agreements as quickly as possible to protect people and essential services  Rescind as many lay-off notices as possible through PARS, attrition, or other adopted budget solutions  Revise the district’s multi-year budget based on the Governor’s May Revise  By June 30, 2010: Adopt Final District Budget for 2010/11 thru 2012/13

12 E-mail your ideas and questions to:

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