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2 Introduction ACCOUNTABILITY –Responsibilities –Importance –Your role Professionalism Definition Examples and FAQ’s How it relates to building a career and culture

3 Introduction CONFIDENTIALITY –Definition of FERPA –Importance of –Where it begins, where it ends

4 ACCOUNTABILITY TUTORS AND STU. ASST’S If you know you will be absent, you are responsible for contacting your co-workers to find a replacement. Contact your lab coordinator/s once you either have a replacement or to let them know you were unable to find one. Send an email as soon as you know you cannot be here to: 1.John Saenz – 2.Judy Cheung – 3.Katie Ha – 4.And copy Learning Center Director David Reed ( Keep all Learning Center contacts and fellow tutors’ phone numbers in your contacts list so that you may easily inform them of your absence. (have everyone enter #’s into phone if not done already)

5 ACCOUNTABILITY (CONT) TUTORS and STU. ASST’S Students will often adjust their schedules and make special trips to work with particular tutors, so please honor your commitment. People in the Learning Center are counting on you. If you do not show up, it inconveniences students and co-workers, and it reflects badly upon the Learning Center. (unprofessional; models irresponsibility)

6 PROFESSIONALISM Attitude & Conduct –Being approachable Friendly demeanor, smile, say hello Be aware of people coming into TLC, don’t be absorbed in another task –Workplace Behavior Keep conversations low and appropriate for the surroundings (give examples) Take care of yourself! If you are extremely tired, stressed, or experiencing challenges that could impact your work let us know and we’ll find a replacement. Don’t feel that you have to come in regardless (give examples)

7 PROFESSIONALISM Be present and available to work with students at all times during your shift Help greet students coming into the Learning Center/WRL. Assist Katie, Student Assistants and the front desk whenever needed (Examples?) Assist students who may need help logging in

8 PROFESSIONALISM Help straighten up the WRL Do not gossip about students or sessions. Keep socializing at the WRL to a professional minimum. Do not leave the Learning Center/WRL during your shift without first informing Katie or another tutor. Keep cell phones turned off. If you need to check your voicemail, please do so outside of the Learning Center

9 CONFIDENTIALITY FERPA AND MAINTAINING CONFIDENTIALITY The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) is a Federal law that protects the privacy of student education records. The law applies to all schools that receive funds under an applicable program of the U.S. Department of Education. Examples of breaching confidentiality in the context of tutoring Discussing personal information about a student Sharing information with other tutors that is not directly related to your tutoring assignment (give examples)

10 CONFIDENTIALITY (cont) Tutoring activities are private matters and should not be shared with others or made public in any way without a Student’s permission The only exceptions are discussions of a Student’s issues with the tutoring supervisor.

11 CONFIDENTIALITY (cont) Where does confidentiality end? Why does it end there? CHILD ABUSE REPORTING POLICY DEPENDENT ADULT ABUSE REPORTING POLICY (Hand out Policy agreement from HR)

12 RESOURCES center/stafftraining.php center/stafftraining.php All training will soon be available on the TLC web site, click “Staff Training” on the left navigation panel QUESTIONS? COMMENTS?

13 Students with Learning Differences Learning differences (such as dyslexia) are neurological differences affecting how the brain receives, processes, stores, and responds to information. The learning differences often create a gap between intellectual capability and performance. It is important to have knowledge of learning differences and how to work with students with learning differences in order to implement effective tutoring strategies.

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