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UWI OPEN CAMPUS Budget Presentation To TAC 12th February 2008.

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1 UWI OPEN CAMPUS Budget Presentation To TAC 12th February 2008

2 FOCUS of Presentation UWI Outreach Sector Sites & Services Transformation of UWI Outreach Sector into UWI Open Campus UWI Open Campus –strategic objectives and services Budget request for UWI Open

3 UWI Outreach Sector & Services Extra Mural School of Continuing Studies UWIDITE UWIDEC Tertiary Level Institutions Unit (TLIU) The Specialised Units linked to the SCS: HLSTUEI SWTC WAND CCDC HRDU

4 Outreach Sector Sites 26 SCS sites 31 UWIDEC sites Of these 15 are SCS and UWIDEC combined sites Total physical sites regionally = 42 57 sites

5 SCS and DEC - Sites

6 Location and Spread of Existing Sites - I CountrySCSDECBothCountrySCSDECBoth Anguilla*Mandeville -JA* Antigua*Mona - JA* Bahamas*Montego Bay - JA* Barbados*Morant Bay - JA* Belize*Ocho Rios - JA* BVI*Port Antonio - JA* Cayman*Sav-La-Mar - JA* Dominica*S.Camp Rd. - JA* Grenada*Vere - JA Brown’s Town -JA*St. Kitts / Nevis* Denbigh JA*St. Lucia*

7 Location and Spread of Existing Sites - II CountrySCSDECBothCountrySCSDECBoth St. Vincent & Gren*Point Fortin – T & T* Mayaro – T & TCarapichaima T&T* St. Augustine (campus) *Port of Spain T&T* St. Augustine – Gordon Street *Princes Street – T&T* Mount Hope*Wilson Street – St. Augustine – T & T * San Fernando T & T*Palo Seco – T & T* Sangre Grande T & T*Turks & Caicos* Tobago – T & T* Chaguanas – T & T* Couva – T & T* Marabella – T & T*

8 Services Offered by Outreach Sector Sites – I - SCS The School of Continuing Studies provides: professional development programmes continuing education access to mature learners

9 SCS Courses Programmes Sixth Form Courses Professional enhancement Personal Enrichment Technical / Vocational Business Administration Studies Health and Human Services Studies Languages Creative Writing, Drama, Media Studies etc.

10 UWI Distance Education Centre (UWIDEC) Delivers programmes by Distance in multimode format: Blended learning (f-t-f) Online

11 Enrolment through Outreach 2005 - 2008 2005 - 20062006 - 20072007 - 2008 DEC2,762 3,236 3,670 SCS18,94518,86019,956 SWTC 236 175 192 HSLTUEI 19 Totals21,70722,09623,626

12 Intake graph

13 The Tertiary Level Institutions Unit (TLIU) This Unit has (between 1996 and 2006): Enhanced access to tertiary level education by linking the University’s resources, programmes and services to the development of tertiary level institutions in the UWI- 12 and those located off campus in countries with established campuses Facilitated six 2 + 2 joint programming arrangements in Hospitality and Tourism Studies Brokered forty-nine Articulation arrangements between UWI and thirty regional institutions.

14 Tertiary Level Institutions Unit Mona Campus UWIDEC PVC’s Office SCS BelizeSt Kitts St Lucia St Vincent SCS Cave Hill Campus St Augustine Campus Bahamas 15 contributing countries UWI Campuses Outreach Sector Before UWI Open

15 Transforming the Outreach Sector into the UWI Open Campus To create an Open Campus to enable the University to expand the scope, enhance the appeal and improve the efficiency of its service to the individuals, communities and countries which it serves. (Strategic Aim #4 – Plan 2007 -2010, p. 31)

16 The Open Campus Concept An enhanced physical presence in each contributing country (to permit services more appropriately provided face-to-face). Function as a network of real and virtual nodes to deliver education and training to anyone with access to Internet facilities. Deploy technological & instructional and design capabilities of UWIDEC staff to permit blending of online and face-to-face learning experiences & enrich social aspects of learning in collegial environment.

17 The Open Campus Concept (Cont’d) Build on TLIU work to facilitate UWI interaction with other universities and tertiary level institutions to create seamlessly linked education system for development of Caribbean Build on SCS social and cultural initiatives. Offer same quality of instruction and its students receive same qualifications as those in other parts of UWI

18 Learning Resources Course & Programme Delivery Institutional Relations c Students C urriculum & Programme Development Contract Expertise Delivered using ICT Other TLIs Technical Services (UWI and elsewhere) Instructors Coordinators Tutors Writers Developers Editors Multimedia Open Campus

19 UWI Open Strategic Objectives 1. Establish University wide policies for the management, development and implementation of open and flexible learning, including the use of off-campus, face-to-face and ICT infused programmes. 2. Establish a viable and sustainable financing mechanism for the UWI Open Campus. 3. Establish and operationalise university wide policies for the development and management of inter- institutional relationships. 4. Establish and operationalise the UWI Open Campus.

20 UWI Open Strategic Objectives – Cont’d 5. Create a student-centred learning environment for a diverse student body. 6. Expand the scope of UWI by increasing the range, reach and access to university programmes and services by students from the relevant target groups. 7. Ensure an appropriate relationship between the Open Campus and the other campuses.

21 An Organizational Structure Based on Functional Imperatives Student Services Open Campus Country Sites Academic Programming Office of the Principal/PVC Office of the Deputy Principal Office of Finance & Adm. Library & Information Resources IT & Technical Services External Relations & Inter-Institutional Relationships Consortium for Social Development & Research

22 Director Academic Programming Registrar Student Services Director External Relations &Inter-Institutional Collaboration Principal and PVC Deputy Principal Marketing & Communications Officer Quality Assurance Coordinator Prior Learning Assessment Unit Office of the Principal Sr. Officer, Research & Evaluation Sr. Officer, Planning & Development Management Auditor Asst. Registrar Recruitment & Admissions Asst. Registrar Assessment, Awards & Records Asst. Registrar Student Support Head Pre-University & Professional Programmes Head Undergraduate Programmes Head Postgraduate Programmes Head Curriculum Development Sr. Programme Officer (2) Director Open Campus Country Sites Heads of Sites in Countries Programme Officer(s) Administrative Asst(s). [Programme Delivery & Student Services] Office Manager/ Sr. Administrative Asst. Library Assistant Technical Asst. Director Consortium for Social Development & Research Heads of Units Research Assistant Project Officer (1) Head Special Projects Office of Finance Chief Financial Officer Manager Administration Campus Librarian Chief Information Officer (Computing & Technology Services) 15 UWI OPEN CAMPUS - ORGANIZATION CHART

23 REGISTRAR Assistant Registrar Recruitment & Admissions Sr. Administartive Asst. Recruitment/PLA/Marketing Sr. Administrative Assistant/ Admissions/Registration Secretary Clerical Assistant (3) Secretary Administrative Assistant Administrative Assistant Advising & Monitoring Administrative Assistant Other Student Support Clerical Assistant (2) Assistant Registrar Assessment, Awards & Records Administrative Assistant(2) Secretary Clerical Assistant (3) Assistant Registrar Student Relations. Program Officers - Teaching Sites Help Desk Supr. – CATS Corporate Secretariat Administrative Assistant Clerical Assistant (2) UWI Open – Student Services

24 UWI Open Strategic Information Systems Develop custom-built strategic information systems to meet the needs of all users with an external as well as internal focus and comprising: a student management System (SMS) country / site information System (CSIS) human resource management System (HRMS) learning management System (LMS) financial management System (FMS) website management System (WMS)

25 20 UWI OPEN CAMPUS ORGANISATION ACADEMIC PROGRAMMING UNIT Director Academic Programming Administrative Assistant Secretary Office Attendant Open Campus Production Unit Production Manager (Provides production support to all Academic staff) Head Pre-University & Professional Programmes Programme Officer 1 Programme Officer 2 Curriculum Development Specialist Assistant Curriculum Development Specialist Administrative Assistant Clerical Assistant Head Undergraduate Programmes Programme Officer 1 Programme Officer 2 Curriculum Development Specialist Assistant Curriculum Development Specialist Administrative Assistant Clerical Assistant Head Postgraduate Programmes Programme Officer 1 Programme Officer 2 Curriculum Development Specialist Assistant Curriculum Development Specialist Administrative Assistant Clerical Assistant Head Special Projects Curriculum Development Specialist/Project Manager Assistant Curriculum Dev. Specialist/Project Manager Web Development Advisor Project Management Assistant Clerical Assistant

26 Academic Programming Production Unit Production Manager Course Production Team Course Production Section Head Desktop Publisher/Editor 1 Desktop Publisher/Editor 2 Desktop Publisher/Editor 3 Desktop Publisher/Copy Editor 4 Multimedia Development Team Team Supervisor Graphic Artist 1 Graphic Artist 2 Animation/Flash Specialist 1 Animation/Flash Specialist 2 Audio/Video Specialist Project Coordinator Copyright Clerk QA Coordinator Clerical Assistant Learning Environment (Moodle) Support Team Learning Environment Support Team Supervisor Learning Environment Support Specialist 1 (Northern) Learning Environment Support Specialist 2 (OECS & Barbados).Learning Environment Support Specialist 3 (Southern / Trinidad & Tobago). Programming Support Specialist. Materials Distribution Team Materials Distribution Team Supervisor Materials Distribution Assistant 1 Materials Distribution Assistant 2

27 UWI Open Campus – Projections 2008200920102011 548290 Projections for Online Delivery of Courses and Programmes

28 Projections of DE Courses &Programmes Base Year 2005 – Students - 2745 No. Course s 2008 – 2009 Students – 5,257 No. Courses 2009 – 2010 Students – 6,800 No. Courses Courses in blended learning format 15Online (bridging programme) 1Online or in blended format 13 Degree level courses (undergrad) 1Certificates, Diplomas and Associate Degrees 10Undergraduate Degrees 19 Postgraduate certificates & diplomas 2Postgraduate certificates Postgraduate diplomas 8787 Postgraduate Degrees 6

29 UWI Open - Computing and Technology Services (CATS) Chief Information Officer Computer & Technology Services Administrative Assistant Systems Engineer IT Infrastructure Software Architect Enterprise Applications Help Desk Supervisor Student and (Staff) Queries [24/7] Training Coordinator Technicians (4)LMS Administrator Database Administrator Programmer (2) Help Desk Assistants/ (Customer Service Agents) ( 6) CATS Coordinator Northern Caribbean Systems Engineer Technician Assistant Registrar Student Support Open Campus Sites: IT Coordinators Technical Assistants

30 UWI Open Strategic Information System Student Portal Course Database Student Record Management System Staff Database Country and Site Database Help Desk Learning Management System Web Management System Financial Management System

31 UWI Open – Country Sites Organization DIRECTOR Open Campus Country Sites Coordinator Southern Caribbean Trinidad & Tobago Administrative Assistant Senior Office Attendant Coordinator Northern Caribbean Coordinator OECS and Barbados Heads of Country Sites (14 sites) Heads of Country Sites 11 Sites Head of Country Sites 10+ sites Chair Social Research and Community Education Reorganise sites and coordinate activities according to location Enhance all sites and make available the range of programmes as needed

32 Improving Capacity for Growth at Sites Provision for efficient service and delivery at all UWI Open Sites Basic requirements for small sites Basic requirements for medium sites Basic requirements for large sites. Sites can expand based on increased demand for and enrolment in courses / programmes.

33 UWI Open – Country Site Small - Template Head Open Campus Site Technical Assistant (P/T) Administrative Assistant Clerical Assistant Technical Assistant

34 Community Research (CDSR) Social Welfare Training Centre Caribbean Child Developme nt Centre Hugh Lawson Shearer Trade Union Institute Women and Development Human Resource Development Unit Cultural Studies Institutiona l and Community Research UWI Consulting SCS

35 UWI Open Improving Service to Communities Create a Student- Centred Learning Environment Prior Learning Assessment Set up mechanisms for remediation Train E-Tutors & E- Advisors Cater to Special needs Create Virtual and geophysical communities Implement student information system Establish clear procedures for academic policies Organize orientation on assessment, fees etc. Develop regional support structure for ICT delivery of programmes & services Establish a 24/7 HELP CENTRE

36 Core Budget Core Budget in 2008/2009 will increase by Bds$2.0m over 2007/2008 Core Budget in 2009/2010 will increase by Bds$2.25m over 2008/2009 Average percentage increase in Government contributions is 6.3% 2007/20082008/20092009/2010 Core Budget32,536,00034,542,00036,788,000

37 Government Contributions Government contributions in 2008/2009 will increase by Bds$5.29m over 2007/2008 Government contributions in 2009/2010 will decrease by Bds$2.8m over 2008/2009 Average percentage increase in Government contributions is 6.4% 2007/20082008/20092009/2010 Government Contributions 23,246,00028,532,00025,705,000 [Note: The average rate of inflation in the 3 campus countries is 6.9%]

38 Core Budget Fee income is expected to increase significantly due to both an increase in the fee structure and combined SCS and UWIDEC students These projection of fees are based on the Average percentage increase in Government contributions is 6.4% 2007/20082008/20092009/2010 Fees8,759,00017,727,00026,327,000

39 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS I wish to thank the Governments of the UWI – 12 for the support they have given to UWI over the years. I thank colleagues on sister campuses for the support given to the UWI Open enterprise. I thank the staff of the SCS, UWIDEC and TLIU for enthusiastically embracing this innovation and working assiduously for its success

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