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Access to Excellence Del Mar College Strategic Plan 2009-2014 2009-2010 Highlights Update and Priorities for 2010-2011 Presented by Lenora Keas Executive.

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1 Access to Excellence Del Mar College Strategic Plan Highlights Update and Priorities for Presented by Lenora Keas Executive Director of Strategic Planning & Assessment

2 Strategic Planning Advisory Committee August Alfonso, Chief Information Technology Officer Jessica Alaniz, Asst. to V P of Admin. & Finance Mary Afuso Dir. of Customized Training Jonda Halcomb, Interim Dean Division of Arts & Sciences Elva Estrada, Regent Benny Ray Gregory, Asst. Professor Industrial Education Claudia Jackson, Exec. Director of Community & Legislative Relations Mike Jones, Assoc. Professor of Speech Eric Moller, Asst. Professor Math Gabe Rivas, Regent Leonard Rivera, Interim Dean Larry Lee, Interim Dean Div. Business, Professional & Technology Education Joel McKinney, Asst. Prof. Biology Dee Salmon, Director Grants & Sponsored Research Raquel Tapia, Instructor Dental & Imaging Technology Ann Thorn, Assoc. Prof. of Computer Science Chuck Tines, Director Purchasing & Business Services Pat Townsend, Dir Development Lenora Keas, Exec. Director of Strategic Planning & Assessment

3 Access to Excellence Highlights for

4 Goal 1 – Student Success Maximize Student Learning: Awards in Associate in Arts – 318 Associate in Science – 22 Associate of Arts in Teaching - 40 Associate in Applied Science – 521 Certificates – 412 Marketable Skills Awards – 22 Total – 1,335 Licensure Pass Rates – 91.74% Early College Program- Exemplary by TEA GED – 174 graduates at 99% pass rate

5 Goal 1 – Student Success Quality & Programs: General Education Assessment Task Force & Committee – Irma Woods and Mary Ann Williams, Bryan Stone SACS - QEP – Fernando Figueroa, Patricia Walter, John Crisp & Vickie Natale Curriculum Committee – James Klein Academic Standards Committee – Joe Dudek

6 Goal 1 – Student Success Achieving the Dream Initiative Core Team – Sandra Valerio – Leader Data Team – David Andrus – Leader Establishing a Culture of Evidence – data used to make decisions To help students: -Successfully complete a developmental or college course -Persist from one term to the next -Earn a certificate or degree

7 Goal 1 – Student Success Student Services: Colleague – online – 24 hour service to students WebDMC Portal for students Data exchange with Dept. Education – FASFA/ISIR, Pell, Direct Loan, Pay online

8 Goal 1 – Student Success New programs/courses Mexican-American Studies Initiative – New Course: Mexican-American Fine Arts Appreciation Cynthia Perkins Multi-disciplinary – faculty in 5 departments Jonda Halcomb & Liz Flores AS – Engineering with Mechanical Engineering Option Warren Knox AAS – Engineering Technology Warren Knox

9 Goal 1 – Student Success Closed Captioning Enhanced Skills Certificate $381,000 Federal Appropriations Grant Darcy Gohlke, Dolores Oliveira, Tracy Johnston

10 Goal 1 – Student Success GeoTech National Science Foundation Center of Excellence – Phil Davis $1.25 M annually & $500 K impact locally Trained over 500 educators & staff

11 Team Work on Grants Grants & Sponsored Research – Dee Salmon, Javier Escamilla & faculty/staff teams & collaborators TRiO Student Support Services Grant - $1,277,525 – over 5 years – Tamatha Jackson & Greg Spayd 56 staff/faculty served on teams 29 departments 35 external grant applications –10 funded –10 pending and in review $2,008,721 funded to date $10,789,831 pending

12 Goal 1 – Student Success Library Services – Chris Tetzlaff-Belhasen Student Technology Centers – added online and data bases – student electronic searches increased by 83% - in last 5 years Supplemental Education – Ron Huskin 54 SI Student Leaders 877 students participated in SI classes Grade for participants -.83 points higher Student Success Center – Agnes Flores Since opening in Jan 2010 – 4,961 visiting students Title V Grant

13 Goal 2 - Operational Resources Enhance infrastructure, funding, and financial capabilities

14 Goal 2 – Operational Resources Technology – Datatel – August Alfonso & Gay Roberts Colleague - Financial Management, HR, Purchasing – 24 hour access to approve Faculty Self Service via portal Going Green – Environmental Management Committee – Teresa Klein Resource and energy savings – $2.6 million savings in electrical power over 4 years – Chuck Tines

15 Goal 3 – Professional Capabilities and Procedural Improvements Expand knowledge, skills, and abilities of personnel

16 Goal 3 – Professional Capabilities and Procedural Improvements Employee benefit of tuition waiver. Leadership: Summer Academy – Patricia Walter, Irma Woods, Vicky Andrews, Dee Salmon & Matt Perry Non-Exempt Council – Diana Jobe Exempt Council - Warner Collier Faculty Council – Laura Day Brown Chairs Council – Rebecca Flores TLC – Vicky Andrews & Mae Martin 219 training sessions – 2,279 faculty & staff

17 Goal 4 - External Partnerships Strengthen alliances Partnerships with Universities and Schools – Joint Admissions Agreement with TAMU-CC

18 Goal 4 – External Partnerships Bold Future – lead partner on 16 initiatives – Mark Escamilla & Claudia Jackson Customized Training Services – 15 companies & trained 1,024 employees Small Business Development Center – 22 Businesses established – 142 new jobs!!!

19 Goal 4 – External Partnerships Partnerships on Grants – Health Science Programs – all hospitals, Fire Dept., Manpower, U of H Medical Branch, University of Florida, Tarrant County CC, Georgia Technical College System Safety Office – City of CC, Fire Dept. & Dept of State Health Services Kelly White & Chris Tweddle Natural Sciences - NSF BioTech Grant & USDA HSI Edu. Grant– student internships - Cornell, TAMUCC, TAMUK, MD Anderson, UC San Diego, Berkeley National Labs, Joint Genome Institute in California Rob Hatherill – Jonda Halcomb

20 Goal 5 – Positioning Strengthen the overall positive image of the College Northwest Center – Bud Harris & Leonard Rivera

21 Goal 5 – Positioning Social Media - DMCTube, Twitter, YouTube, each over 21,000 hits -Jay Knioum & Claudia Jackson

22 Goal 5 - Positioning Student Recruitment and Outreach Feria Para Aprender (Learning Fair) Beach to Bay – Leonard Rivera Mass for DMC – Angel Wilburn

23 Goal 6 – Governance Cultivate relationships among all constituencies

24 Goal 6 – Governance New Director of Development –Mary McQueen Scholarships awarded - $708,000 to 1,050 students Come Home to Del Mar College - $540,000 New Alumni Organization – Yvette Lara No. of members – 20,336 Legislative – Delegation to Washington DC

25 Priorities for Goal 1 - Student Success SACS Reaffirmation – June 2011 Begin QEP Integration Achieving the Dream Initiative General Education Assessment Implement TRiO Student Support Services Grant $255,505 per yr. Student Retention – Retention Alert Increase online programs and delivery Blackboard integrates to Colleague

26 Priorities for Goal 2 – Operational Resources Energy savings – chilled water system Thermal storage tanks, Recycling program Begin Construction on Drama & Music/Fine Arts Buildings Facilities Master Plan New Online Master Calendar Resource Diversification

27 Priorities for Goal 3 – Professional Capabilities & Procedural Improvements Assessment of Outcomes Enrollment Management Align Budget and Planning Enhance Leadership Skills of All Goal 4 - Strengthen Alliances External Partnerships Dual Credit – Early College Programs Transfer Programs Workforce Training and Certificates Joint Admissions Agreement TAMU-CC Bold Future of the Coastal Bend

28 Priorities for Goal 5 – Positioning New DMC Website Media – DMCTube & social media Enhance student access & recruitment – Active Admissions – transforms website Enhance Outreach – 2010 Bayfest, CC Jazz Fest., DMC 75 th Anniversary Review/revise College Mission Goal 6 – Governance Create new revenue streams Grow Alumni & DMC Development Foundation

29 Access to Excellence Strategic Planning Web Site

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