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YOUTH & FAMILIES AGRICULTUREHEALTHECONOMYENVIRONMENTENERGY COMMUNITIES Plant the Seed Early Cultivate Creatively Harvest a Legacy Presentation to Extension.

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1 YOUTH & FAMILIES AGRICULTUREHEALTHECONOMYENVIRONMENTENERGY COMMUNITIES Plant the Seed Early Cultivate Creatively Harvest a Legacy Presentation to Extension County Directors November 15, 2007

2 WSU Extension/4-H Megan Riebe Director of Development & Director, Washington State 4-H Foundation Caroline Troy Executive Director of Development CAHNRS & WSU Extension

3 Linda Bailey Development Coordinator Alumni and Friends Organization Chart Daniel J. Bernardo Dean CAHNRS Caroline Troy Executive Director of Development Student Clerical Assistants Dory Straight Secretary Britta Nitcy Principal Assistant Robert Scholes Development Coordinator Megan Riebe Extension/4-H Director of Development Gayle Ashworth Program Coordinator 4-H Foundation (Puyallup, WA) As of August 6, 2007 Linda Kirk Fox Assoc. VP & Dean WSU Extension Richard Hines Extension Asst. Director of Development WSU West Jennifer Olegario Asst. Director of Development WSU West WSU Extension & College of Agricultural, Human, and Natural Resource Sciences

4 Megan Riebe, Director Of Development – 3.5 years service to unit – 12 years in fundraising career Staff supervised – Rich Hines, Major Gifts Officer – Gayle Ashworth, Program Coordinator FY2007 annual goal: – $3,500,000 FY 2007 year end total: – $4,166,052 (31% increase over 05/06) WSU Extension/4H

5 CAMPAIGN What is different in a campaign? How can the campaign increase our donor base and take our private funding to a new level?

6 Youth and Education Jobs and Economic Development A Sustainable Future Transforming WSU Extension on the Web WSU Extension: Change Agent for a Prosperous Future The Campaign for WSU will transform WSU Extension in critical areas that will dramatically improve the way Washingtonians work, live and interact in the 21 st Century.

7 Youth and Education 4-H Youth Development$8M – Science, Engineering, Technology, & Math Program Expansion$1M – Innovative Resources for Youth & Teachers$1M – State-wide Challenge Program $3M – Myers Point 4-H Center Development$3M Center for Youth Workforce Prep$1M Learning Centers: Technology & Capital Upgrades and Expansion$2.1M

8 Jobs and Economic Development Endowed Multi-disciplinary Agriculture Project Teams Development Fund$3M Rural Bridges$1M

9 A Sustainable Future Ruckelshaus Center Endowed Chair & Center Innovation Fund$6M University Sound Partnership: Student Engagement and Support for Educational Materials$1.5M University Sound Partnership & Ruckelshaus Center: Bringing the Best Minds To Bear In Solving Critical Puget Sound Issues $2.4M

10 A Sustainable Future Food, Farms & The Future – Endowed Associate Director of Sustainable Food Systems Education Program$1.5M – Endowed Producer Grants Program$6M – Value-Added Agriculture & New Market Development$5M – Building Healthy Families Through Better Nutrition & Food Access$3M

11 Cross-Cutting Initiatives Endowed Graduate Assistantships For Students Across the WSU System To Work on Extension Initiatives$5M Premier Web-Based Educational Delivery System$1M TOTAL PROPOSED CAMPAIGN GOAL for Extension: $46.5M

12 Leadership Structure & Staffing Donors Case For Support Elements for Campaign Success

13 Campaign Giving 95% of our donors make gifts below $25K 95% of gifts come from 5% of our donors

14 Solicitations - What’s the Best Approach

15 The Prospect Pyramid Planned Giving Donors (any amount, ultimate gift) Principal Donors ($1M or more) Major Donors ($25K or more) Annual Donors ($25K or less)

16 WSU Extension $47M Gift Pyramid $26M Principal or Planned Gifts $21M Major Gifts$3M Annual Gifts

17 InvestInvolveInformIdentify Moving Prospects “Up” the Pyramid

18 Invest – personal RELATIONSHIPS, visits, communications, stewardship, solicitation Involve – personal visits, communications, stewardship, volunteerism, awards Inform – personal visits, stewardship, other communications Identify – annual giving, research Stewardship

19 A planned gift: Is a major gift usually made from assets rather than income, normally requires professional assistance, and is often is part of estate planning – Charitable Remainder Trusts – Charitable Gift Annuities – Retained Life Estates – Charitable Lead Trusts – Real Estate Gifts – Bequests

20 Major Gifts - An Investment in Time Benchmarking shows it takes an average of 9 visits to secure a major gift. Up to 2x’s that for a planned gift Components of a Visit (per PG Today) – Getting the Appointment.5 hours – Review research.5 hours – Travel Time (both ways)1.5 hours – Visit2 hours – Contact report, follow up 1.5 hours Total (average for multiple visit trip)6 hours Total estimated for secured gift54 hours

21 Role of the Development Officer Partner with Faculty and Staff Matchmaker Relationship Facilitator Liaison to WSU Foundation Making the Ask

22 CAHNRS/Extension Staffing PyramidCAHNRS/Extension Staffing Pyramid Principal Gifts 2 FTEMajor Gifts 3 - 4 FTEAnnual Giving 1-2 FTEProgram Support 1-2 FTE CAHNRS and WSU Extension Office of Alumni and Friends

23 CAHNRS &WSU Extension Campaign Staffing Pyramid Principal Gifts 2 - 3 FTE Caroline Troy, Megan Riebe, PG Officer Major Gifts 4 - 6 FTE Rich Hines, Jennifer Olegario, Bob Scholes Annual Giving 1 - 3 FTE Linda Bailey, 4-H program Assistant Program Support 2 - 3 FTE Britta Nitcy, Dory Straight

24 Fundraising tactics NOT to use…. Asking from “weakness” or deficit situation, i.e. our budget has been cut, we have no money… Asking for a large gift on the “first date” Demanding a gift Not listening very carefully to the intent of the donor and respecting that intent

25 Plant the Seed Early Cultivate Creatively Harvest a Legacy

26 Offers reach for WSU into every community in the state Has secured some of WSU’s largest private grants to date Strong team with strong leadership from dean, Linda Kirk Fox, and formal partnership with CAHNRS alumni/development effort Partnerships with a variety of colleges on Extension programs WSU Extension Successes

27 Non-traditional alumni base doesn’t fit standard university models Undiscovered prospect pool of individual donors Institutional challenges managing gift/grants Has a fundraising culture at the local level; building one at state level along with increasing staff and training Need to differentiate our niche when easily confused with publicly supported university and in competition with local non-profits WSU Extension Challenges

28 4H/Extension Five-year Fund Raising History FY’03FY’04FY’05FY’06 $2,085,480 $2,697,780 $3,034,862 $3,170,787 4,166,052 FY’07


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