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Parents’ Meeting  Head Coach- Todd Szalka, 6 th year  Asst. Coach- Gary Szalka, 44 th year  Asst. Coach- Bob Kreszyn, 39.

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1 Parents’ Meeting

2  Head Coach- Todd Szalka, 6 th year  Asst. Coach- Gary Szalka, 44 th year  Asst. Coach- Bob Kreszyn, 39 th year  JV Coach- Dave Satneck, 25 th year  JV Asst.- Shawn Horvath, 1 st year  9 th Coach- Glenn Ross, 25 th year  9 th Asst.- Joe Petrena, 1 st year

3  The role of interscholastic athletics at Trenton Public Schools is to provide an educational experience within the framework of competitive athletics. By focusing on educational outcomes and student learning, athletics provide avenues for physical, emotional, social, and intellectual growth. Being an athlete at THS is a PRIVILEGE, not a right.

4  “Trojans Never Give Up”

5  Every player must have a physical on file.  Players must pass 4 out of 5 classes or 66% of classes per MHSAA rules for eligibility.  Students interested in playing college athletics should set-up a meeting with their counselor.  Parent Acknowledgement form must be turned in. Only has to be signed once during HS career.  Athletic Code of Conduct: Please access from the school website and review with your son.

6  Team Core Covenants  What is a covenant? A binding agreement that can be witnessed. What does the community see coming out of our program?  This will be our yearly foundation and we will ask our players to voluntarily commit to it by signing their name to the commitment board that is created with our Core Covenants and Team Goals.  Signed Team Rule sheet.

7 75:1  There are 75 academic scholarships to every 1 athletic scholarship, so the money is in holding your son to a high standard in the classroom!

8  Busing to LEAGUE games and LOCAL games will be provided. If there are any additional transportation costs, they will be split among the parents of that team. Your coach will notify you should this occur.  Please get the Volunteer Consent form, with a copy of your driver’s license into the Athletic Office as soon as possible.

9  The website has the Rainy Day Schedule. If there is inclement weather, an announcement will be made. Accessing this schedule and other information from the website is vital.  Varsity/JV: 2:45-5:15pm @ THS  Freshman: 3-5:30pm @ Anderson Elementary

10  Game schedules and directions are available on our website or at

11  Tobacco, Alcohol, and Narcotic Violations are subject to the guidelines outlined in the Athletic Handbook, which is available on the school’s website,, click on Athletics.  What is the real problem we’re facing?  Do you know where your son is and who he’s with?

12  Primary sport must be declared in advance. The primary sport’s games take precedence over the secondary sport’s games, should there be a conflict. The same holds true for practices. Games for the secondary sport would supersede primary sport practices.

13  Please make sure we are made aware of any insurance or emergency needs by providing your coach with written documentation. Example: Student athlete with diabetes.

14  You have been issued a Uniform Care Guide to help us keep our uniforms looking their best for as long as possible. Player will be responsible for negligent care.  Tips: Have a bucket of BIZ ready to go after each game. Use stain fighting agent on stains after soaking, such as Shout, Fels Naptha, Spray&Wash, or even the one preferred by Major League Baseball…Simple Green. Wash in cold water. Hang dry all uniforms.

15  Field Clean-up Saturday, March 16 th @ 1:30pm Varsity/JV @ Trenton HS Freshman @ Anderson Please bring anything you can to help cleanup our fields (Ladders, tools, utility knives, etc)  Pictures (ALL LEVELS) Friday, April 19th, 2:45pm @ THS Baseball Field  Baseball Banquet Monday, June 3 rd, 6:30pm @ The Westfield Center Please plan on attending!

16  If there is a situation that needs to be addressed, please wait 24 hours before doing so.  Time away from the situation will provide time to gain perspective and gather your thoughts.  Player →Parent →Coach → AD →Principal →Superintendent  We encourage players to try and resolve the issue with there coach before any other course of action is taken.

17  As a parent, you should talk to the coach about: 1) Safety 2) Rules 3) How your child can improve? 4) Your son is hiding an injury 5) Your son’s behavior on the field is unacceptable to you  Coaches will determine playing time & strategy. If you want to do these things, apply for the job.

18  Ask your son the following 3 questions before the season starts and accept their reasons unconditionally: 1) Why do you want your son to play? Why do they want to play? 2) What do you expect to get out of the season ? 3) What role are you going to play on the team?  Athletics should be a GIFT we give our children.  Send the message that you don’t care what their passion is, but have a PASSION! Help them discover it.

19  Learn the game of baseball.  Learn to watch the game. If you have a tough time watching, backup to gain perspective.  Let there be 1 instructional voice→Coaches, and many encouraging voices. Will yelling & screaming increase production? If yes, than why aren’t you in their math class doing it?  4 Roles: Choose 1 -Player-Coach -Official -Spectator

20  We will be starting our 6 th Annual Lotto Fundraiser next week. Each player is responsible for selling 10 tickets at $15 a piece. This brings $4,500+ into our program each year. We have improved or built the following things with this money : - batting cage -field renovations -uniforms -practice equipment  THIS IS THE LIFE-BLOOD OF OUR PROGRAM, SO PLEASE MAKE SURE ALL TICKETS IN YOUR PACKET ARE SOLD.

21  Join the Trenton Bullpen Club- $25/family  The Bullpen Club is looking to fill the following chairs: 1) Alumni Game Chair 2) Concession Chair 3) Banquet Chair 4) Food Chair- 1 for each level to coordinate food in-between DH’s. 5) Banner Chair 6) Lotto Chair (2) 7) Poker Room Chair

22  We hope to enclose the baseball field with permanent fencing and hosting Districts for the first time in 50 years!  We also will be repairing the roofs of the dugouts.  We continue to make field improvements in an effort to create the best field Downriver. We refuse to make excuses, we look for solutions!


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