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Lessons Learned from Performing Hot Climate Weatherization in Georgia.

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1 Lessons Learned from Performing Hot Climate Weatherization in Georgia

2 Georgia’s Wx Network State Office Georgia Environmental Facilities Authority Cherry Ivey, Program Manager Debbie Smiley, Asst. Program Mgr. Katherine Moses, Program Asst.

3 Georgia’s Wx Network Serve 159 Counties 22 Sub-grantees 19 Community Action Agencies 2 Local Government 1 Non-profit Agency

4 “A New Era in Georgia” Topics Covered Today: History/Introduction of Hot Climate Lessons Learned Challenges encountered Future Directions

5 History 2005 mandate from DOE to undergo “Hot Climate Training” 2006 Georgia mandate Whole House techniques for all sub-grantees The Result? A New Era in Georgia’s WAP

6 What Changed After Hot Climate? Weatherization Approach Training Monitoring Technical Assistance

7 Approach Pre Hot ClimatePost Hot Climate Windows & DoorsPrinciples of Building Science Standard measures appliedMeasures applied based on priority Mechanical systems treated as afterthought Mechanical systems treated as top priority Single funding sourceCombined funding sources Summary ReportingDetailed Reporting Crew viewed as workersCrew viewed as professionals

8 Training Changes Increased Training Opportunities Variety in training approach Proficiencies introduced in training

9 Monitoring Changes Pre-Hot ClimatePost-Hot Climate Subjective, based on monitor’s observations Objective, based on Monitoring Protocol & Levels of Agency Performance Verify work doneVerify work done right Field Monitoring to assess agency performance Multi-layered monitoring— desk monitoring, field monitoring, fiscal monitoring Sub-grantee approached monitoring visits with trepidation Sub-grantee view monitoring visits as learning opportunities

10 Technical Assistance Changes 50-60% increase in Technical Asst. calls Technical questions more challenging

11 Lessons Learned  Training-building block for success Emulated training techniques Re-programming Empowerment

12  Get buy-in of Weatherization Network Crews Coordinators Executive Directors Lessons Learned

13  OSHA – An Unexpected Opportunity Sub-grantee cited by OSHA State certify all 22 Sub-grantee Wx Coordinators and several Executive Directors as OSHA designated “Competent Person” Lessons Learned

14 Challenges Funding Challenge: Increased Cost Solution:Utility partnerships leveraged additional $$ into the program

15 HVAC Contractors--mechanical work not completed to wx standards Solution: Coordinators Council share best practices Training offered to contractors Challenges

16 Increased fieldwork and documentation requirements Solution: Training to provide skills Wx Coordinators Council share experiences and best practices Challenges

17 Resistance—Less than 10% saw no value to new approach Solution: Monitoring consequences & specialized training Challenges

18 Next Steps Increased technical training Mechanical Systems Specialized training Additional funding resources/partnerships State Funding Partnership with EMC

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