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Community Forum. Tonight’s Goal To give students and families the information about the following: – the new state assessment (what we know at this time)

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1 Community Forum

2 Tonight’s Goal To give students and families the information about the following: – the new state assessment (what we know at this time) – the new graduation requirements – our core curriculum – college and career pathways

3 STAAR State of Texas Assessment of Academic Readiness This test will assess the content standards at a greater depth and at a higher level of complexity. Senate Bill 1031 and House Bill 3 70% of the STAAR will be College Readiness Standards!

4 The STAAR assessment is timed. Students will only have 4 hours.

5 Elementary and Middle School Math and Reading will be linked from grade to grade to performance expectation for the Algebra II and English III End-of-Course exams. 4 th and 7 th grade writing will have two tasks (first person and expository). In 2012, 5 th and 8 th students will take the test only once. Students in grades 5-8 taking a high school course will take both the End-of-Course exam and the grade level exam. (As of now)

6 High School TAKS Exit vs. STAAR EOC: The Difference Twelve End of Course (EOC) test (subject based) – Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra II – English I, II and III – Biology, Chemistry, Physics – World Geography, World History, US History

7 High School The student’s score on the STAAR End-of-Course assessment must be worth 15% of student’s final grade for that course. If the student fails the test but passes the course, he/she is not required to retake the course as a condition of retaking assessment. The school district is not required to use a student’s score on subsequent administrations to determine student’s final grade for that course.

8 High School Graduation Students must have a cumulative average on STAAR to graduate per core content area. State law now requires all students automatically be enrolled in the Recommended Graduation Program. The Minimum Graduation Program is now only allowable under certain conditions and requires committee consensus. Both the Recommended and Distinguished Graduation Programs require a certain score on Algebra II and English III STAAR End-of-Course exams to graduate. Students can retest for both failures and low performing scores.

9 Distinguished : 26 Credits -3 years of the same foreign language -Requires advanced measures on STAAR (English III and Algebra II) -Prepares students for College Readiness Recommended: 26 Credits -2 years of the same foreign language Requires meet standard on STAAR (English III and Algebra II) -Prepares students for College Readiness Minimum

10 Phase In Plan for High Schools 20112012201320142015 Grade 9TAKSEOC Grade 10TAKS EOC Grade 11TAKS EOC Grade 12TAKS EOC OR TAKS* *Out-of-school testers and 12th grade re-testers will take TAKS

11 TAMS Texas Assessment Management System This new Student Portal provides students and parents online access to scores from the TAKS test and STAAR test (once given). It also gives English Language Learners and their parents access to TELPAS scores. Students and parents can view assessment history and compare results to campus, district and state averages. There is a brochure explaining how to log on to the site available on the JISD website or here this evening at the testing table.

12 How is JISD preparing your child for the new expectations?

13 The Core Curriculum: CSCOPE Our core curriculum (CSCOPE) is aligned to the new assessment standards. Texas mandates what must be learned at each grade level in each subject. They are called the TEKS- Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills. CSCOPE is the scope and sequence for the TEKS. It also provides a lesson bank of possible lessons. The people who helped write the state assessment also worked on CSCOPE. Because CSCOPE is electronic, it is updated frequently and is supported by our region centers.

14 A Word about Text Books Text books are published nationally and in Texas are adopted on a rotating schedule. The TEKS change and do not align completely with textbook content. The TEKS require multi-media resources to be used in classrooms- calculators, literature, manipulatives, authentic sources, textbooks, and digital media. However, there is content in textbooks that does align with the state curriculum. They are one of the valuable resources students use. Students can request to take books home.

15 Additional Alignment We are working at all levels on reading fluency. We are working with automaticity in math (i.e., multiplication tables, some formulas, etc…) We are incorporating new calculators in grades 5- 9. They are an allowable tool on H.S. End-of- Course exams and on the SAT. We are giving Curriculum Based Assessments and semester exams to assess the instructional programs.

16 Education the Key to the Future A college graduate will have average lifetime earnings twice that of a high school graduate.

17 How can my child earn college credit and/or career experience in High School?

18 International Baccalaureate Advanced Placement Judson Early College Academy Career & Technical Education Dual Credit

19 What is IB? Coursework with a Global Perspective Designed to meet Global Standards A Complete Degree Program Thinking and Writing are Major Components Diploma is a Major Asset in University Admission Diploma Guarantees 24 Semester Credits at any Texas State University There are IB Programs in Over 138 Countries

20 What is AP? AP stands for Advanced Placement These are Stand Alone Classes and Tests College Class on the High School Campus Earn College Credit if Score on AP test is high enough Content and Expectations are Directed by the College Board More than 90% of 4 year Universities Grant Credit for Qualifying Exams Students can By-Pass Entry Level Courses

21 College Partnerships English 4 Pre-Calculus Calculus French 3 Theater Arts Speech Music Theory Physics An Associates Degree & High School Diploma in 4 Years On Northeast Lakeview College Campus A High School Academy


23 Career & Technology Clusters Judson High School Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources Media Technology & Communications Marketing, Business & Finance Law & Public Safety Health & Human Services Transportation Services Wagner High School Construction & Manufacturing Business Administration & Marketing Management Information Technology & Visual Design Corrections & Protective Services Education & Human Services Hospitality Services Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM)

24 Did you know? Judson ISD offers more than 80 CTE Technical Prep and CTE Dual Credit Courses. We work with Palo Alto, San Antonio College, St. Phillip’s College, Texas State Technical College, and UTSA. We also have many JISD teachers who are certified to teach for Dual Credit. We offer courses such as: – Anatomy & Physiology – Principles of Engineering – Business Information Management – Accounting… AP and IB students can take some of these courses as well. For example: If an IB student wants to be doctor, they may choose to take the Anatomy & Physiology course.

25 Aircraft Turbines or Structures Mechanic Occupational Safety Health Admin Tool Operator Automotive Service Excellence Final Cut Pro Hunter Safety and Boater Ed National Career Readiness Texas Certified Nursery Professional Jr. Master Gardener Automotive Collision Repair Child Development Associate Microsoft Computer Applications Spec Education Aide 1 Manufacturing Operations Main. Asst. Cisco Certified Network Asst. Aircraft Turbines Mechanic Information Technology Security Certified Veterinary Asst. Certified Security Officer Certified Nursing Asst. Certified Dental Asst. Certified Pharmacy Tech. Licensed Vocational Asst. American Welding Level 1 National Center for Construction (Sheet Metal, Carpentry, Electrical, Cabinetmaking) Comp TIA A+ Adobe Photoshop Adobe Design Premium Flash, LiveWave 3D Floral Certification National Automotive Tech- Pending Judson also offers 31 Certifications in High School!

26 Middle School Transition New Course Catalog with courses aligned to the High School Aligned Pre- AP Math and ELA Curriculum to High School AP Program Added IB Social Studies to Middle School Added TAG Math and Science Increased High School Credit Courses Offered in Middle School

27 Middle School High School Credit Currently Offered : Biology Algebra I Spanish IB (For students who took Spanish IA last year) Spanish I Communications Applications (Speech) Concepts in Engineering & Technology Principles of Human Services Principles of Manufacturing Principles of Construction Spanish II will be added next year.

28 We will be giving the PSSS to 7 th Grade Students to identify college readiness status.

29 How can families help? Ensure attendance!!! Talk to your child about the future Attend events offered by the school Call for a teacher conference if you have concerns or questions Ensure your child attends tutoring if needed

30 Ways to Get Your Questions Answered Tonight Open Forum – General Questions Please Tables Forms

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