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Genomics West Division Highlights February 24, 2005.

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1 Genomics West Division Highlights February 24, 2005

2 Genomics West and East A very interesting relationship

3 Genomics West Background Mid 2002- E. Rubin (Dept. Head of Genome Sciences in LSD) became acting director of JGI, succeeding T. Hawkins January 2003- E. Rubin was officially appointed director of JGI October 2003- Genomics West was created to administer the non-JGI science conducted onsite at LBNL

4 Genomics West Organization Chart Genomics Division E. Rubin, Dir. Genomics East JGI Genomics West Berkeley The rest of us

5 Genomics West Primary areas of research Use mouse models to understand the biology relevant to human disease Develop computational algorithms and associated software for DNA and protein sequence analysis Devise reagents and tools to facilitate the identification of novel functional genomic elements Study how regulatory proteins generate complex patterns of gene expression Investigate how genome sequences specify form and function Facilitate educational workshops for minority middle and high school students Conduct courses for medical clinicians demonstrating analytical tools generated by genome researchers

6 Genomics West Budget Highlights Annual budget of approximately $10m 14 unique research projects, of which 10 are WFO GH org burden distribution base: $3.2m GH org burden cost pool: $568K Current org burden rate: 18%

7 Genomics West Sources of Funding

8 Genomics West Distribution of Expenditures

9 Genomics West Personnel ScientificAdministrative Scientists11Analyst1 Postdoctoral Fellows8Administrator0.6 Computer Scientists7Admin Asst.1 Res. Assoc./Tech Asst.16Total2.6 GSRAs/Student Asst.7 Casual misc.2 Faculty- UCSF, UCB3 Total54

10 Genomics West Demographics Division personnel is located primarily in building 84 Staff of 5 conduct mouse studies in the animal facilities in building 74 (mice housed- 1,200 to 1,500 per month at a cost of approximately $15K-$20K direct) Current collaborations: JGI, LSD, PBD, Engineering, NERSC, Stanford, UCB, UCSF and UCD

11 Genomics West Resource Management Challenges Work for Others compliance - additional financial reporting (monthly, quarterly and annually), indirect cost control, salary caps, joint faculty appointment coordination, cash management issues, and animal and human subject requirements Internal financial systems are not always “WFO-friendly,” causing difficulty in providing sponsor with mandatory expenditure reporting PIs must compete for diminishing federal and non-federal funds. Since DOE funding is limited, fiscal year calendar compounds WFO oversight

12 Genomics West and East

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