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Mary Benton, RN, Nurse Supervisor Cindy Lenz, RN, Assistant Director Post Float Survey.

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1 Mary Benton, RN, Nurse Supervisor Cindy Lenz, RN, Assistant Director Post Float Survey

2 NO ONE LIKES TO FLOAT!!!!....... Almost no one.

3 Floating is A well documented DISSATISFIER for nursing staff.

4 FLOATING is  Unplanned  Can be Chaotic

5 Where are my Homies?  My team?  My Support system?  My STUFF?*** You are removed from your familiar environment and the support of your "home" colleagues.

6 How can we support floating staff ? AAs a team, we must support patient care across multiple nursing units in the hospital. EEnsure the safest and highest quality of nursing care possible. RRecognize staff burden.

7 ACTION!!  Identify Positives and Negatives  Continual improvement of the float experience  Staff feedback

8 Wong-Baker Faces Scale Targeted questions and faces EMICONS to guide responses


10 Post Float Survey  Brain Child of Mary Benton, RN  Night Supervisor who recognized there was a problem.  A recurring PROBLEM  Not unique  What could we do to improve the experience?

11 Go MARY!!!! GGo MARY GGO Mary GGo Mary!!!


13 Advantages  Staff Opportunity to give feedback  Coaching for staff to support floating staff  Identify trends and issues

14  Happier Nurses  Opportunity for feedback  Manager coach and support staff Advantages

15 NEED MORE DATA!!! More detail  Search for additional understanding  More secure data collection  Perception of reprisals  Confidentiality  Anonymity  Consistent data  Address staff concerns of confidentiality

16 Survey Monkey  Electronic Survey  ABSOLUTE Anonymity  More detailed survey; additional information  Unlimited capacity for comments  Flexibility to complete off site

17 POST-FLOAT QUESTION CATEGORIES  The 14 questions that are included in the survey can be grouped into 4 categories including: 1. Float Personnel Demographics 2. Receiving Unit 3. Assignment Equity 4. Floating staff Perceptions 5. Emotional responses

18 Confidentiality for Respondent  Reported quarterly  Min of 5 responses to be reported  Any identifying information is removed

19 Post Float Survey Coupon

20 Coupons Delivered by Nursing Supervisor

21 Email Follow UP  You recently floated to XX.The supervisor staff provided you with a “coupon” with the web address to complete a Post Float survey.  Completing this survey allows us to identify the positive aspects of this experience and identify areas for improvement or correction. YOUR RESPONSES ARE CONFIDENTIAL. Feedback to the unit is provided quarterly in a summary form to ensure your anonymity is maintained.  We request your participation in this process. Your feedback is important!  The link below is identical to the link on the Post Float Survey “coupon” you received. You can access this from any online computer. This allows you to complete this process from work, home, or alternate location. If you floated to this unit more than one time, please complete a survey for each float.   Your suggestions or questions please contact Mary Benton (x7653) or Cindy Lenz (x7442). The Post Float Survey process is Mary’s ‘Brain Child”. Cindy manages the technical aspects of administering and summarizing the process. Your suggestions and comments are solicited. If you wish additional information, please contact us.  Thank you for Floating!

22 Report to Quality Council Post Float Summary Survey Monkey  Summary of facility data; Staff survey responses  Each Unit Receives their survey data  Feedback is provided to receiving unit Directors (the unit floated TO) in a summary format.  Summaries will be shared quarterly AND with a minimum of 5 feedback responses.

23 COMMENT THEMES  Resource: Assist, tools, communication  The charge nurse, dept. director, asst. director, and the rest of the staff were all very helpful.  The other RNs were helpful when I asked, but none initiated conversation or introductions with me, which was a bit awkward.  The entire nursing staff was very professional and precise on the care to the patient. I would float back there anytime if offered to me again.  Please let CNAs know when patients are discharged and admitted. I had 5 discharges and 2 admissions and I was not called to be informed when any of these patients actually left or arrived to the unit.  They tried to accommodate patient diagnosis with my expertise.

24 COMMENT THEMES  Emotions: Workload/process  I received over half of the total care patients on the unit with 4 CNAs. The other floated CNA for the day received the majority of the rest of the total care patients.  I had to actually ask a CNA from my home floor to assist with a total care patient because the CNAs refused to help.  I was blown off and ignored throughout the entire day.

25 COMMENT THEMES  Reception: Tour, Orientation and Support  A tour of the unit was offered and they showed me around the unit.  The nurses need to help out more. Just because you have a float, don’t give them the worst patients. Staff need to work together.  Everyone was extremely helpful and nice to work with.



28 Contact information: Cynthia Lenz, RN-C, BSN, MSN, PhD CLENZ@BMHSC.ORG Phone (843) 522-7442 Fax (843) 522-7844 We’re Happy to share!

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