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Brookdale Community College

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1 Brookdale Community College
The following organization charts outline the reporting relationships of Brookdale’s administration. The charts were last updated on: 8/05/2009

2 Brookdale Community College Board of Trustees
Mr. Howard Birdsall Board Chair Mr. Jacob S. Elkes Vice Chair Dr. Lewis G. Anderson Board Member Fr. Brian Butch Board Member Dr. Simon M. Bosco Board Member Mrs. Sarah Lucille Jones Board Member Mrs. Carole Knopp Morris Board Member Mr. Richard M. Maser Board Member Dr. Peter Kapsales Board Member Mr. Gene J. Mulroy Board Member Ms. Joan Raymond Board Member Mr. John Cantalupo, Esq. College Counsel Mr. Joseph Rosamilia Graduate Trustee Page 1

3 Brookdale Community College Office of the President
Dr. Peter F. Burnham President Barbara Brennan Conf Assistant to the President Louise Horgan Exec Assistant to the President Jean Karl Conf Admin Asst to the BOT & Pres Cabinet Susan Kenney Confidential Admin Assistant James Sulton Exec Vice President Admin Operations & Information Technology Services Margaret McMenamin Exec Vice President Educational Services Webster Trammell Vice President, Development, Governmental & Community Relations George Fehr Vice President for Business & Finance Linda Milstein Vice President, Outreach, Business & Community Development Patricia Sensi Dean of Human Resources Stephen Nacco Executive Director Marketing Services Arnold Gelfman Executive Director Planning, Assessment & Research Page 2

4 Administration, Operations & Information Technology Services
James Sulton Exec Vice President Admin, Operations & Information Technology Services Ann Marie Sparaco Asst to Exec VP Rose Hughes Coordinator Facilities Richard Frank Exec Director Facilities Management & Engineering William Golubinski Exec Director Facilities Planning & Construction Patricia Kahn Exec Director, Information Technology Services William Sandford Chief of Police Joseph LaGaipa Exec Director Information Technology (Sungard Corporation) Thomas Hartman Police Captain Kathy McGrath Director, Facilities Robert Southward General Manager, Capital Projects & Facilities Vivian DeLosSantos Admin Asst Facilities Page 3

5 Business Finance & Auxiliary Services
George Fehr Vice President for Business & Finance Helen Loori Asst to the Vice President Elise Barocas Director, Accounting Greg Chamra Exec Director Auxiliary Services Maureen Lawrence Exec Director, Business & Finance Joan Messina Payroll Manager Michael DeStefano Mgr. Accounts Receivable Billie Ciano Director, Grants & Audits Deborah Almeida Mgr. Accounts Payable, Systems & Special Projects Siu Ching Payroll Administrator Linda Zambrano Coordinator of A/R Catherine King Coordinator, Accts Payable Page 4

6 Auxiliary Services Greg Chamra Exec Director Auxiliary Services
Joan Popola Admin Assistant James Episcopia Director, Dining Services Marguerite Stocker Director, College Store Chic Raimondi Director, Materiel & Printing Services Kim VanLew Supervisor, Materiel Services Alice O’Brien Supv. Dining Services Diane Nuttall Supv. College Store Operations William Manning Supv. Common Services Ray White Manager, Print Shop Genyne Applegate Supv. Dining Services Paula Baier Supv. Textbooks David DeFrancesco Mail Services Coordinator Scott Thompson Supv. Printing Services Eric Lendick Chef Coordinator Duane Elliott Chef Coordinator Tara Langenberger Catering Supv. Page 5

7 Educational, Student & Outreach Services
Margaret McMenamin Exec Vice President Educational Services Academic Divisions Nancy Kegelman Dean of Academic Affairs Anita Voogt Dean, Communiversity & Higher Education Centers James Palumbo Dean of Enrollment, Development & Student Affairs Sue Desiderato Director, Educational Services Operations David Murray Executive Director Library Mark Schmidt Director, Educational Technology Serv. Hilda Dudick Administrator, Educ & Outreach Services Academic Deans Mark Ghezzi Supv. ,Educational Technology Serv. Rita Lo Mgr, Information Commons & Library Systems Robin Hafen Administrator, Scheduling Serv. Department Chairs Pamela Quatse Supervisor, Library Bart Coma Mgr Audio Production Serv. Faculty Shay Delcurla Dept Chair, Library John Popovich Supervisor, Educational Technology Serv. Page 6

8 Academic Divisions (chart 1 of 3)
Margaret McMenamin Exec Vice President Educational Services William Burns Academic Dean, Arts and Communications Division Patricia Gallo Academic Dean, Business & Technology Division Carl Calendar Academic Dean, English & Reading Division Teresa Healy Academic Dean, Mathematics Division Maris Lown Academic Dean, Science & Health Sciences Division Franklyn Rother Academic Dean, Social Science & Education Division Anita Molski Division Administrator Carol DiBuccio Division Administrator Anne Padulchick Division Administrator Cara Novak Health Sciences Administrator Joan Rudinski Division Administrator Cheryl Cummings Exec Dir, The Brookdale Network Arlene Cohen Division Administrator Gloria Dyson Administrator, Learning Disabilities Pgms. David Murray Exec Director Library Division Diane Booker Project Director, Health Sciences Grant Joanne Davis Division Administrator Richard Greene Media Development Administrator (open) Coordinator, ESL / Voc Educ Page 7

9 Academic Divisions (chart 2 of 3)
Margaret McMenamin Exec Vice President Educational Services William Burns Academic Dean, Arts & Communications Division Patricia Gallo Villee Academic Dean, Business and Technology Division Carl Calendar Academic Dean, English & Reading Division Keith Heimann Dept Chair, Performing Arts Marie Maber Dept Chair, Art Lisa Haley Dept Chair, Engineering & Technologies Debbie Myers (vacant) Co-Dept Chairs Accounting Economics Scott Ridley Dept Chair, English Judith Lipke Dept Chair, Reading & Learning Disabilities Gerard Monroy Dept Chair, Languages Paul Keating Dept Chair, Communication Media Thomas Setaro Dept Chair, Computer Science Joseph Zavaglia Dept Chair Business /OADM / Paralegal Karen D’Agostino Asst Dept Chair English Joseph Varone Asst Dept Chair English Celeste Chirichello Dept Chair, Design Barbara Baron Dept Chair, Speech Communication Paul Tucker Dept Chair, Automotive Tech Howard Seigelman Michelle Zuppe Co-Dept Chairs Culinary / Food Serv / Fashion Merchandising / Marketing Nancy Noe Asst Dept Chair English Kathleen Kennedy Asst Dept Chair English Page 8

10 Academic Divisions (chart 3 of 3)
Margaret McMenamin Exec Vice President Educational Services Franklyn Rother Academic Dean, Social Sciences Division Teresa Healy Academic Dean, Mathematics Division David Murray Exec Director, Library Division Maris Lown Academic Dean, Science & Health Sciences Division Jane Scimeca Dept Chair, History David Stout Dept Chair, Psychology & Human Services Glenn Noe Dept Chair, Mathematics Shay Delcurla Dept Chair, Library Martha Noble Dept Chair, Nursing Ronald Sopenoff Dept Chair, Criminal Justice Darlene Macomber Thomas Cioppa Co-Dept Chairs Philosophy / Political Science Barbara Tozzi Asst Dept Chair Mathematics Greg Liano Asst Dept Chair Mathematics Carol Schedel Dept Chair, Allied Health & Fitness Catherine Folio Nancy Liu Co-Dept Chairs Environmental Science / Physics Mary Ellen Hurley Dept Chair, Education Arminda Wey Asst Dept Chair Mathematics Brian McKeon Asst Dept Chair Mathematics Eric Goll Dept Chair, Chemistry Joseph Boyle Dept Chair, Human Geography / Sociology James Crowder Dept Chair, Biology Page 9

11 Office of Academic Affairs
Nancy Kegelman Dean of Academic Affairs Carol Murphy Conf Admin Asst to the Dean Patricia Wuelfing Conf Asst to the Dean II Nancy O’Shea Mgr. Testing Services Susan DeMatteo Administrator, Assessment Ann Tickner-Jankowski Dir. Transfer Resources / Articulation Nora Kerr-McCurry Dir. Teaching & Learning Center Carl DeJura Dir. Adult Basic Education William DeVoe Supervisor, Testing Center Rashida Scott-Cruz Pgm Dir, Enrichment, Student Success Center Donna Cuddy Assoc Director, Transfer Resources Maria Breger Web/Graphic Design Coord. Maureen DeLitta Admin Asst, Transfer Resources Daniel Greenwood Web Developer Page 10

12 Communiversity and Higher Education Centers
Anita Voogt Dean, Communiversity & Higher Education Centers Michelle Stathum Conf Admin Assistant II Charanne Smith Director, Eastern Monmouth HEC at Neptune Candice MacLusky Director, HEC at Wall Twp. Allison Fitzpatrick Director, Northern Monmouth HEC at Hazlet (open) Administrator, Campus of Western Monmouth at Freehold Edward Johnson Director, HEC at Long Branch Robert Macaluso Director, HEC Sandy Hook Field Station Page 11

13 The Brookdale Network Cheryl Cummings
Executive Director, The Brookdale Network Kristin Florio Mgr, The Brookdale Network Roger Conant Supervisor, Cable Channel Lisa Cureton Admin Asst. The Brookdale Network Thomas Brennan Mgr, Radio Station Sheri Vanderspiegel Supervisor, PAC Richard Robinson Programming Coordinator Page 12

14 Outreach, Business & Community Development
Linda Milstein Vice President, Outreach, Business & Community Development Laura Cheremisinoff Conf Admin Asst II Marie Lucier-Woodruff Exec Dir, OBCD Kelly Canonico Dir. OBCD Teacher Educ Grant Dale Daniels Director, Center for Holocaust Studies Robin Vogel Pgm Coordinator, Displaced Homemakers Darrell Willis Asst Dir, Urban Services Frank McGorry Operations Manager Helen Elliott Dir, Community Outreach Marian Smith Program Mgr Technology Services William Nunnally Dir, Small Business Development Riina Van Rixoort Dir, Comm Svs, Marketing & Pgm Development Jerry Russell Operations Administrator (open) Dir, Career Training James McCarthy Dir, Business Training Linda Martin Program Admin Jackeline Mejias-Fuertes Asst Dir, Small Business Development Mary Ann Waclawik Pgm Administrator J. David Grant Program Admin Jacqueline Hoehn Pgm Asst & Mktg Outreach Coord Janet Spetko Mgr, Health Care Training Page 13

15 Enrollment Development & Student Affairs
James Palumbo Dean, Student Development & Student Affairs Jeana Malmros Conf Admin Asst to the Dean Bruce Marich Director, Recruitment Services Steve Curto Director, Student Development Svs Richard Pfeffer Dir, Student Affairs & Support Svs Karen Archambault Director, Student Services - HEC Kim Toomy Registrar Stephanie Fitzsimmons Director, Financial Aid Kathleen Shea Admissions Representative Janice Thomas Dir, International Center Megan Marich Student Services Generalist Eleanor Glazewski Associate Registrar Karyn Arnold Assoc Director Financial Aid Elizabeth Vocasek Coordinator International Center Angel Howe Admissions Representative Paulette Simpson Student Services Generalist Donna Bastedo Supervisor, Registration Lauren Swierc Assoc Director Financial Aid Kristin Worthley Admissions Representative Nancy Chan-Rivera Mgr, Conference Facility Services Joseph Caruso Student Services Generalist Jennifer Jordan Mgr, Student Records Systems Andre Richburg Admissions Representative Kelli Sanders Coord, Conf Facility Services Maureen Selheim Student Services Generalist Denise DeMichael Mgr, Educ Services Systems Page 14

16 Student Affairs and Support Services
Richard Pfeffer Director, Student Affairs & Support Services Alice Armstrong Director, Children’s Learning Center Gwen Evans College Nurse Robert Quinones Director, Student Life & Activities Frank Lawrence Director, Athletics & Recreation Pamela Lee Coordinator, Children’s Learning Center Cindy McCarthy Admin Assistant James Anderson Assistant Athletic Director Mary Jo Burkhard Admin Assistant (open) Assoc Director Athletics Thomas Scannapieco Coordinator, Athletics, Recreation & Fitness Lauren Brutsman Student Life Administrator (open) Supervisor, Fitness Center Jill Donovan Student Life Administrator Christopher Jeune Administrator, Student / Judicial Affairs Page 15

17 Student Development Services
Stephen Curto Director, Student Development Services Mary Goldman Student Development Services Administrator Ellie Horgan Dept Chair, Counseling Ernest Oversen Director, Disability Services Richard Morales-Wright Director, EOF Linda Mass Director, Experential Learning & Career Services Counselors Kathy Trammell Coordinator, EOF Lynn Eyerman Career Services Representative Lee Blaustein Program Administrator Auto Technology (open) Career Services Representative Jayne McBride Career Services Representative Eunice Person Career Services Representative Rose Messere Coordinator, Career Services Page 16

18 Development, Governmental & Community Relations
Webster Trammell Vice President Development, Governmental & Community Relations Michelle Brown Conf Admin Assistant Laura Qaissaunee Director, Grants & Institutional Development Timothy Zeiss Exec Director, Foundation & Alumni Affairs Dinneen Jackson Coordinator, Grants Lore Milione Coord, Foundation & Alumni Affairs Christine Craven Administrator, Foundation Page 17

19 Human Resources and Diversity Department
Patricia Sensi Dean of Human Resources Kathleen McGreevy Conf. Admin. Asst. S. Pat Golden Diversity Management Officer Ralph McMillan Sr. HR Analyst Stephen DeDomenico HR Services Manager Jackie Kugit Employment Manager Susan Gura HR Specialist - Benefits Sondra Cannon Harris Employment Specialist Page 18

20 Planning, Assessment & Research
Arnold Gelfman Executive Director, Planning, Assessment & Research Janice Ortore Admin Assistant Laura Longo Director, Institutional Research & Evaluation Elizabeth Deignan Sr. Analyst, Market & Survey Research Page 19

21 Public Relations and Marketing
Stephen Nacco Executive Director, Marketing Services Mary Christian Marketing Services Administrator Barbara Peterson Assoc Director, Creative Services Holly Peterson Web Administrator Laurie Bender Account Manager Avis McMillon Mgr, Public Relations Marta Quinn Events Administrator Kevin Cosme Graphic Artist / Design Coordinator Anthony LaGaipa Graphic Artist / Design Coordinator Carol Ann Hafner College Relations Coordinator Page 20

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