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Leadership Innovations presents… Thailand Program for School Leaders.

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1 Leadership Innovations presents… Thailand Program for School Leaders

2 Tier II in Thailand & International Leadership

3 Tier II in Thailand A collaborative international learning opportunity for California & U.S. school administrators to ‘learn, lead and demonstrate competence’ in Thai schools.

4 Goals of the Thailand Program Demonstrate professional competence in a unique educational environment Practice administrative behaviors & activities including communication, presentation, coaching, analysis, and collaboration Create professional networks to enhance ongoing professional development Enhance leadership capacity in America’s diverse schools Gain knowledge and understanding of cultural & educational dynamics in our global society Enhance communications with local Asian communities ‘Internationalize’ leadership skills

5 Location

6 Chiang Mai, Thailand Chiang Mai is the 2 nd largest city in Thailand. Considered the country’s northern capitol, Chiang Mai is commonly referred to as ‘the Rose of the North’. The local geography includes some of the most picturesque scenery in all of Thailand, and includes fascinating ‘hilltribes’ with indigenous lifestyles that have been preserved for centuries. Chiang Mai’s population is over 160,000 people.

7 Chiang Mai, Thailand

8 Participants

9 California Administrators Thailand-Summer 2006 Linda Babcock Marcia Encinas Alicia Hernandez Misha Karigaca Nancy Kawata Michael Kellison Glenda Lopez Kathleen McNamara Ann Morton Lucy Salerno Joni Siegel David Silver Tracy Smith Robin Spindler Loretta Whitson

10 California Administrators Thailand-Summer 2005 Omar Ezzeldine Anthony Jackson Elaine Liu-Grondin Shelly Mason Anna Mattos-Massey Scott Prell Debra Quan Chuck Seligman

11 California Administrators Thailand-Summer 2004 Sunny Franklin Karen Gerhard Martin Griffin Patsy Janda Nancy Kozma Diane Lappi Karen Larsen Grace Lategola Jackie Littrell Judy Magee Jamie Marantz Batia Swed

12 WHY Tier II in Thailand? Candidates’ Comments Ability to complete Tier II over the summer (vs. 1-2 years) Job responsibilities & time constraints conflict with attendance in courses during the school year Step ‘far’ away from the job/office; & concentrate on Tier II Network with administrators from other districts & Thailand Learn, visit & hands-on experience the Thai education system/schools; comparative study of education in Thailand Expand cultural awareness & understanding Appeals to ‘adventurous’ leaders Cost competitive with other Tier II programs (1-2 yrs); plus tax deductible!

13 Participating Thai Schools

14 Partners in Chiang Mai Chiang Mai University (CMU) Montfort College/Academy - Private U. S. Consul General CMU Demonstration School Wattanothapayap School – Public International Center- Chiang Mai

15 Chiang Mai University Chiang Mai University is northern Thailand’s oldest, largest and most renowned higher education institution. Founded in 1964, the university contains 106 different departments offering 85 undergraduate and 122 graduate programs. Over 22,000 students attend Chiang Mai University.

16 Chiang Mai University

17 Montfort School: K-12 Private School Montfort College/School is a k-12 private Catholic educational institution founded in 1932. The school enrolls over 5000 students on two campuses, and employs over 200 teachers. Ten percent of the teachers are from other countries, while 90% of the teachers at Montfort are Thai. The current Prime Minister of Thailand is a graduate of the Montfort School.

18 Montfort School: K-12 Private School

19 U. S Consul General Chiang Mai, Thailand The US Consulate General in Chiang Mai is the sole US consular presence outside Bangkok. The original Consulate was established in Chiang Mai in 1950 and was upgraded to a Consulate General in 1986. In addition to Department of State employees, staff from the Drug Enforcement Administration and the US Air Force's Technical Application Center are stationed in Chiang Mai associated with the Consulate; the Centers for Disease Control operates a field station in Chiang Rai. Approximately a dozen Peace Corps Volunteers work in northern Thailand, primarily in projects concerning education.

20 U. S. Consul General

21 CMU Demonstration School The Demonstration School at Chiang Mai University serves 1400 students. Founded in 1968, the school includes students 11-18 years of age in middle through secondary grades. Class size is 40-45 students. Thirty percent of the students live on campus. The Demonstration School prepares 20 student teachers per semester.

22 Demonstration School Chiang Mai University

23 Wattanothaipayap School Government [Public] School Wattanothaipayap School is a government (public) secondary school, enrolling middle and senior high school students. Founded in 1907, the Wattanothaipayap School was named by the King’s grandmother, and translates as ‘Rising Sun’. The school enrolls over 2000 students, and employs 122 teachers in 53 classes. In 2003, Wattanothaipayap School it received Thailand’s award as best school in the region.

24 Wattanothaipayup School Government [Public] School

25 International Center

26 Professional Activities

27 Demonstration of Competence Sample of Formal Measures Candidate Self-Assessment (based on CAPSELs) Assessment by Superiors & other Administrators Senior Leader Interview – in Thailand Exemplars of Candidate Competence on Leadership Standards Videotape of Worksite, Job & Activities PowerPoint Presentation in area of Expertise- delivered to Thai audience of teachers/administrators/professors Thai Activity by Leader related to Professional Standards Manuscript on Leader’s area of focus for Publication Reflection Essay

28 Demonstration of Competence ACTIVE ‘In-Thailand’ Measures Formal PowerPoint presentations to Thai teachers and administrators; university students & faculty –Montfort School (k-12) –International Leadership Center –Prince Royal College Meetings & small group discussions with Thai teachers in Chiang Mai University course(s) School visitations, observations and discussion/analysis Collaborative dialogs with Thai teachers, administrators, university professors & others Thai teacher lesson observations in classroom & post conferencing Numerous additional PROFESSIONAL activities initiated by candidates specific to their areas of interest, grade level and professional responsibilities

29 PowerPoint Presentations by Candidates [Teachers Staff Development Day at Montfort School & Associate Dean’s Special Education Class (CMU) ]

30 Professional Exchange with Other Educators


32 Working in Thai K-12 Classrooms

33 Observing Teacher Lessons & Post Conferencing

34 Visiting Thai Schools & Classrooms

35 Alumni Picture Gallery

36 LINDA BABCOCK [2006] Senior Coordinator/Assistant Principal San Luis Obispo County Office of Education Court & Community Schools

37 MARCIA ENCINAS [2006] Coordinator- Math, Science & Textbooks Newport Mesa Unified School District

38 OMAR EZZELDINE [2005] Assistant Principal (High School) Tustin USD

39 SUNNY FRANKLIN [2004] Asst. Principal (Elementary School) Los Angeles USD

40 KAREN GERHARD [2004] Asst. Principal (Middle School) Capistrano USD

41 MARTIN GRIFFIN [2004] Principal (High School) Escondido Union HSD

42 ALICIA HERNANDEZ [2006] Assistant Principal Chaffey Joint Union HSD

43 ANTHONY JACKSON [2005] Co-Director/Chief Student Advocate Culture & Language Academy of Success Charter School

44 PATSY JANDA [2004] Assistant Principal (High School) Irvine USD

45 MISHA KARIGACA [2006] Principal, Westlake Middle School Oakland USD

46 NANCY KAWATA [2006] Principal, Travis Elementary School Travis Unified School District

47 MICHAEL KELLISON [2006] Principal, Brookside Elementary School Ross Valley School District

48 NANCY KOZMA [2004] Coordinator-Readiness/PreSchool Fullerton USD

49 DIANE LAPPI [2004] Executive Director- Compliance Capistrano USD

50 KAREN LARSEN [2004] Coordinator-Readiness/PreSchool Fullerton USD

51 GRACE LATEGOLA [2004] Director- Categorical Programs & Grants Grossmont Union HSD

52 JACKIE LITTRELL [2004] Principal (Middle School) Azusa USD

53 ELAINE LIU-GRONDIN [2005] Human Resources/Public Relations Coordinator PikWest

54 GLENDA LOPEZ [2006] Coordinator San Bernardino Adult School

55 JUDY MAGEE [2004] Vice Principal (High School) Benicia USD

56 JAMIE MARANTZ [2004] Principal (Middle School) Oakland USD

57 SHELLY MASON [2005] Principal El Tejon Unified School District

58 ANNA MATTOS-MASSEY [2005] Coordinator of Special Education Fairfield Suisun Unified School District

59 M. KATHLEEN MCNAMARA [2006] Program Specialist/Coor. of Transition Services Fresno Unified School District

60 ANNE MORTON [2006] Director of Special Education Los Gatos-Saratoga School District

61 SCOTT PRELL [2005] Coordinator, Student Assistance Program Riverside County Office of Education

62 DEBRA QUAN [2005] Director, Human Resources San Rafael City Schools

63 LUCY SALERNO [2006] Principal, Center Elem. School of the Arts Travis Unified School District

64 CHUCK SELIGMAN [2005] Assistant Principal Enterprise Elementary School District

65 JONI SIEGEL [2006] Assistant Principal/Discipline, Ontario High Sch. Chaffey Joint Union High School District

66 DAVID SILVER [2006] Principal, Think College Now School Oakland Unified School District

67 TRACY SMITH [2006] Principal, Venetia Valley School K-8 San Rafael City School District

68 ROBIN SPINDLER [2006] Director of Student Services & Special Education Berryessa Union School District

69 BATIA SWED [2004] Special Education Coordinator, Orange USD

70 LORETTA WHITSON [2006] Commissioner, CA Commission on Teacher Credential (CCTC) Director of Student Support Services, Monrovia USD

71 Amporn, Apple and O

72 DR. LINDA OROZCO Founder & Program Director Tier II in Thailand & International Leadership

73 Experiencing Thailand



76 KAREN TRIBES Hilltribe- Big Ears Karen Tribe- CSUF ‘Karen’

77 Thank You – “Kop-kun, Ka”,


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