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1900 East Raines Road Memphis, Tennessee 38116

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1 1900 East Raines Road Memphis, Tennessee 38116
A. Maceo Walker Middle School School-wide PBIS Plan Discipline Plan 1900 East Raines Road Memphis, Tennessee 38116

2 Guiding Principles- Beliefs
All students are capable of learning. Instruction should address content standards, common core state standards, student performance indicators, and the different learning styles of students, while making a connection to the real world and students’ interests. Assessments should be varied to meet the students’ levels of understanding, be available in different forms, and be used to evaluate the readiness of students to move to new material. The decision making process should include the viewpoints of faculty, staff, students, parents, and other community stakeholders.

3 Guiding Principles- School Character Points
Be Respectful Be Responsible Be Right

4 Guiding Principles- Values
Academic Success Accountability Enrichment Empowerment Nurturing Environment Parental Participation Lifelong Learning Diversity

5 Vision A. Maceo Walker Middle School’s stakeholders visualize our school as a learning organization that supports and enhances the learning environment to meet the needs of all its students. A. Maceo Walker’s curriculum challenges the minds of all its students to develop critical, logical, high-order thinking skills to become life-long learners in an international and technical society.

6 Mission The mission of A. Maceo Walker Middle School is to equip all students with the necessary skills to master state mandated standards, to read with comprehension, to write with clarity, and to compute with accuracy while developing reasoning and problem-solving skills. Students will meet or exceed proficiency standards in their respective grade levels.

7 Philosophy Statement Children have an intrinsic desire to do well and behave appropriately; thus, it is our responsibility to provide the guidance and structure necessary for students to succeed in school. We believe every child has a right to learn in an environment free from fear, intimidation and disruptions; thus its is our responsibility to foster an educational climate where positive school wide behavior is expected and modeled daily. Students, parents, and all staff members have a pro-active responsibility to ensure students adhere to school-wide rules and procedures which maintain a safe, effective academic arena.

8 Previous Results ( )

9 Previous Results Toward 2013-2014 Goals
A. Maceo did not meet our goal of decreasing disciplinary referrals by 50%. A. Maceo did not meet our goal of decreasing the number of expulsions by 50%. A. Maceo did meet our goal of decreasing suspensions by 50%. A. Maceo did not meet our goal of decreasing the number of fights by 50%.

10 A. Maceo’s Goals Decrease home suspensions (3-5 days) for each grade by 25% Decrease office referrals in each grade by 25% Increase student attendance by 10% Increase student recognition efforts/activities Increase teacher recognition efforts/activities

11 SCS School-wide PBIS (Discipline) Team Worksheet 2014 - 2015
Principal: Terrence Brittenum Assistant Principal (s): Shannon Cotton and Robert Washington Professional School Counselor(s): Bethelyn Henderson (Internal Coach) School Psychologist :Kiana Omowale General Education Teacher(s): Anzari Rankin, Kiva Mallory, MEA Representative: N/A Elected Teachers (2): Constance Smith, Michael Brodnax Special Education Teacher(s): Vetrea Brewton, Carlos Ellis Related Arts Teacher(s): Phillis Ousley Students: NONE Educational Assistant(s)/ Non-Certified Staff: Ethel Williamson /Dorothy Williams/ Shawna Cruel Community Member : Jimmy Taylor Parents (2)* Tamara Burton , Marilyn Powell ISS Assistant (recommended): Willie Underwood Cafeteria/Custodial Staff: Walker/Banks Bus Driver : Davis/Walker/McKinney/Dickerson/Scott/Hughes External PBIS Coach: Gina J. Truth

12 2014 -2015 PBIS Meeting Schedule
20 Day Reporting Period Approximate Dates of Reporting Periods All data for period entered into system (A) SW PBIS Team meeting dates (B) Team meeting dates to report interpretation of 20 day data (C) 1 Aug. 4 - Aug. 29 Sept. 3 Sept. 17 Sept. 29(Tentative ) 2 Sept Sept. 30 Oct. 2 Oct. 13 Oct. 20 3 Oct. 1 - Nov. 4 Nov. 7 Nov. 10 Nov. 17 4 Nov. 5 – Dec. 8 Dec. 12 Dec. 15 Dec. 17 5 Dec. 9– Jan. 21 Jan. 23 Jan. 26 Feb. 2 6 Jan Feb. 19 Feb. 24 Mar. 9 Mar. 16 7 Feb. 20 – Mar. 26 Mar. 31 Apr. 7 Apr. 13 8 Mar Apr. 24 Apr.30 May 5 May 11 9 Apr May 22 May 26 None

13 Team Member Roles Data entry designee:
Spearman, Collier , Cotton, Washington, & Brittenum Data summary reporter to SW PBIS Team : --Washington, Asst. Principal Name and title of person responsible for sharing data trends: Team representatives ( Brodnax, C. Smith, Brewton, Ellis, Rankin, Mallory , Ousley, Washington, & Brittenum)

14 Monitoring Process Monitoring of the school-wide behavior plan is on- going. The Principal, Assistant Principal, PLC Coach, and Classroom Teachers discuss the implementation plan during team and staff development meetings. Coaching is provided for teachers and the S-Team process is used to develop intervention plans for students with at-risk behaviors.

15 Celebrations A. Maceo Walker Middle School celebrates the unique contributions of faculty, staff, and students toward the accomplishments of school goals. School-wide and teacher academic achievements are celebrated throughout the year. Individual students, homerooms, entire grade-levels, and the entire school enjoy celebrations for achieving fight-free goals. An eighth grade promotion program and 8th grade week will be used as rewards. Individual classroom and team celebrations, pizza parties, and field trips will also be utilized as means of celebration.

16 School Behavior Expectations

17 Behavior Expectations Matrix
Rules Morning Entry Classroom Hallway Cafeteria Library Restroom Lockers Bus Afternoon Exit Be RESPECT-FUL Report to designated area immediately and quietly. Pay attention. Follow teacher’s directions. Allow others to learn. Walk silently. Walk in a straight line. Walk to the right. Follow directions of cafeteria monitors and cafeteria staff. Stand quietly in line and wait your turn. Follow all media center rules. Follow directions of the librarian. Speak silently. Wait your turn. Allow others privacy. Speak softly. Enter lockers quickly and quietly. Spend only a minimal amount of time at the locker. Follow the directions of the driver at all times. Walk out the building in an orderly fashion. Remain quiet and follow directions of hall monitors. Be RESPON- SIBLE Arrive dressed in uniform. Arrive on time. Arrive with materials needed for the day. Stay on task. Complete Assignments. Come prepared to learn, Keep the halls clean. Remain seated once you get your tray. Leave your area clean. Return books on time. Use materials and computers correctly. Keep the restroom clean. Flush the toilets. Put paper towels in the trash can. Use materials properly. Keep lockers neat and orderly. Keep your locker combination to yourself. Close your locker completely. Enter your locker at the designated times only. Report to the bus on time. Have your bus pass with you at all times. Remain seated. Get all belongings before you exit the building. BE RIGHT

18 Teaching and Modeling of Rules & Procedures (reinforced daily, weekly, consistently)
Re-direction of Inappropriate Behavior 2. Warning & Classroom strategies may include, but are not limited to: • verbal or written warnings • seat change • parent contact by phone or letter & WRITTEN DOCUMENTATION • teacher conference with student & WRITTEN DOCUMENTATION • in-class time out • AMW Behavior Log 3. Parent Conference w/ teacher or team & Written Documentation (Parent-Teacher Conference Log, Parent-Teacher phone Conference Log) 4. Behavior Intervention Plan Developed 5. Referral to guidance and/or S-team conference 6. Referral to office 7. Referral to external agencies *document evidence of all conferences using attached forms (Revised 6/2014)

19 Office Managed Behavior
Category A, B, and C Offenses in accordance with Shelby County School’s Student Code of Conduct Faculty Handbook

20 General Procedure for Dealing with Problem Behaviors
Observe problem behavior Is behavior major? Remind the student(s) of rules and procedures NO YES Ensure safety Redirect student(s) of inappropriate behavior Write referral & Escort student(s) to office Enforce classroom management strategies Problem solve Determine consequence based upon violations of level 3, 4, or 5 Conference with student(s) Student reflection log Follow documented procedure Does student have a referral(s)? NO YES Follow through with consequences Send the referral to the office with the parent, student, teacher conference form attached Phone call to parent(s) Document phone calls and conferences Conference with the guidance counselor and/or behavior specialist Sign behavior contract File necessary documentation Follow up with student within a week

21 How we teach rules and procedures here @ A. Maceo Walker Middle School

22 School-wide Procedures
Beginning of the year Distribution of student handbooks to parents during orientation Grade level orientations, during the first week of school Code of Conduct Quiz Ongoing Procedures posted throughout school Daily announcement reminders Monthly Newsletters/Calendars & Family Nights

23 Classrooms Beginning of the year
Teach routines and procedures using the Explain, Rehearse, & Reinforce Model Introduce classroom meetings to build relationships and open communication Ongoing Procedures and rules posted in the classroom Regular classroom meetings Behavior reflection logs

24 Sample Classroom Lesson Plan

25 Code of Conduct Post Test Information
School: A. Maceo Walker Principal: Terrence Brittenum School Enrollment: ? Number of Post-test administered: 596 % of students scoring 80% or above: 89% Date make up/retest scheduled (for absentees and students scoring below 80%): August 27, 2014 Name of Person Submitting Form: Robert Washington Title: Asst. Principal Phone:

26 Arrival Students walking or being dropped off by parents will enter through the front doors only. Bus riders will enter through the front doors. Students will remain in the cafeteria until dismissal to class. At 7:10 a.m., students will report to their lockers then directly to homeroom. Staff members will greet and monitor waiting areas until 7:15 a.m.

27 Dismissal Students will be dismissed each day at 2:15 p.m.
Students should be completely off campus by 2:45 p.m. unless accompanied by a teacher for a specific activity. There is no adult supervision of students after this time, unless they are at a specified tutoring or practice

28 Passing Classes During the school year, A. Maceo Walker Middle School will implement a no-bell schedule during the school day. The bell will ring twice – once in the 7:15 a.m. signaling the start of homeroom and again at 2:15 p.m. signaling the end of the school day. Therefore, it is imperative that all teachers assist in facilitating a smooth transition. Class change will occur in the following manner. First, all teachers should synchronize their watches to match the bell clock in the main office; thus, ensuring all clocks read the same time. When a class ends, the team captain will line his or her students up in the hall along side the lockers. The other classes are to remain seated until it is time for them to make their move into their next class. After the designated teacher has his or her students lined up in the hall, team of teachers should direct the transition to the next class.

29 Lunchroom Teachers will escort students silently in a straight line to the cafeteria. Teachers will stagger their arrival to prevent overcrowding in the cafeteria lines. The first few minutes of lunch is designated quiet time. Student will follow the cafeteria rules. The last few minutes is designated as quiet time. Students will be escorted out of the cafeteria by their classroom teachers.

30 Assemblies Students are to be escorted to the auditorium by their teachers, and sit in assigned homeroom sections. Teachers will sit or stand next to their classes and monitor their students’ behavior. Talking will not be allowed when entering, during assemblies, or exiting.

31 Restrooms Each team has a designated time for students to use the restrooms as a class. However, if a student(s) needs to use the restroom at another time, the teacher will sign and date the students’ agenda book. Teachers will allow only one student at a time to go to the restroom.

32 Hall Passes/Lockers All students must have an agenda book when they are out of class for any reason. Students are only allowed in lockers at designated times

33 Ongoing Orientation for New Students
As new students enter, the administrative, guidance, and/or secretarial staff will ensure their orientation into the school and ensure their knowledge of school rules, expectations, and procedures.

34 Office Referral Procedures
When a disciplinary referral form is necessary, please be sure to complete the following: School, Date, Student’s Full Name, Grade, Race, Sex, Date of Incident, Time, Teacher, Room Number, Dates of Previous Incidents, Where Incident Occurred, Incident type, Action Taken by Teacher, Teacher comments, Student Comments, & Teacher’s Signature. Referrals should only be placed in Mr. Brittenum, Mrs. Cotton or Mr. Washington’s mailboxes in the main office. The referral should be completed accurately. Only one student should be written up on a single disciplinary referral form (there should not be three students written up on one form).

35 Office Referral Procedures
If student misconduct happens prior to the teacher’s planning time, the referral should be submitted during his/her planning time. If the student misconduct occurs after a teacher’s planning time, the referral should be submitted by the end of the school day. When incidents occur and administrators are unavailable, the guidance counselors can provide classroom interventions and/or assist in escorting insolent students to the office. It is important that all serious incidents (physical accidents/injuries, fights, sexual harassment, and other level five offenses) be reported immediately.

36 Classroom Procedures Each team will develop a standard set of classroom procedures for students to follow outlining: Team classroom rules Opening procedures Transition methods Hall passes Asking for help Cooperative groups Turning in homework Written assignment protocol Make-up work Communication with parents

37 School-wide Procedures for Communication with Parents
Parent CONNECT Phone calls from teachers Parent conferences OPEN HOUSE Family Nights (Math, Reading, & Science) PTO Meetings SBDMC

38 School -wide Incentives
Student of the Month Fight Free Pep Rallies After School Dances Talent Shows No Uniforms Day *Team Fieldtrips *(must meet instructional objectives)

39 Student of the Month A student from each grade level team will be selected each month. The student will be nominated by the teachers on the student’s team. Student nominations should be based upon the student demonstrating: academic excellence/improvement responsibility in the classroom ability to work well with others good character good conduct school spirit other outstanding qualities demonstrated by the student


41 Fight-free Incentives
Classes from each grade level that are “fight free” within a grading period will receive certificates, Homework passes, “Movie Day”, or “Jeans and Jersey Day”. The grade level that is fight free for a grading period will be allowed to participate in going skating, bowling, movie at a theater, party the last hour or school, or have a dance the last hour of school.

42 Revised 7/10

43 Teacher Incentives Teacher of the Month
WOW Award (Went Out of their Way) Love A. Maceo (L.A.) Bucks

44 Teacher of the Month A teacher will be selected each month as the “Teacher of the Month.” A teacher can be nominated from a student and/or staff member. The teacher of the month will be selected based upon the number of nominations submitted for that teacher. If there is a tie between two teachers, one name will be drawn from a box. These nominations are based upon a teacher demonstrating leadership, school spirit, cooperation, being a team player, and other outstanding qualities as an educator. At the end of the school year, the selected teachers will have a catered luncheon in their recognition. Also, a plaque will be displayed in recognition of these outstanding teachers.

45 Teacher of the Month Marilyn McFarland Outstanding Educator


47 Teacher of The Month Bulletin Board
Revised 7/10

48 WOW Award A teacher can be nominated to receive a WOW AWARD for extra or exceptional effort made in the following areas: -exercising leadership to promote productive teamwork that -generating short-term results -helping to develop targeted common, short-term assessments -implementing and sharing new teaching ideas that promote better results -gathering or organizing data and evidence of improvement -assisting and supporting colleagues -presenting professional development workshops to faculty -participating in after school activities more than one hour beyond the normal school day

WOW AWARD WENT OUT OF THEIR WAY AWARD This award is presented to : (Teacher) at A. Maceo Walker Middle School on (Date) Description of the exhibited leadership Terrence, Principal Shannon Cotton, Assistant Principal Robert Washington , Assistant Principal

50 Resources for Incentives
PTO SBDMC Terrence Brittenum, Principal Shannon Cotton, Assistant Principal Robert Washington, Assistant Principal Tameka Lewis, PLC Coach Teachers Family Engagement Specialist, Ethel Williamson Adopters AGAPE, Mrs. Sharonda Mitchell

51 Communication with Parents & Community
PTO Meetings Title I Meetings Monthly Calendars / Newsletters Letters Home School Website Parentlink messages Parent CONNECT

52 Character Education Each week a character trait will be displayed, discussed, and explored to help students in decision making and maximize their potential. These traits will be presented during morning announcements (Guidance Counselors/Administration), class meetings (Teachers), Peer Mediation/Conflict Resolution Meetings (Guidance Counselors /Students). These traits will also be discussed during classroom guidance sessions. Students will assist with the daily announcements by giving the “Morning Inspirational Moment.” Grade level team meetings will be conducted weekly to address instructional concerns, ongoing discipline issues with students, conduct team-parent conferences, or plan specific activities and thematic units.

53 ATOD Prevention Red Ribbon Week
“Just Say No”-Drugs, Alcohol, and Tobacco Prevention Week Watch D.O.G.S Fight –Free Schools

54 Bullying Prevention Training for sexual harassment and bullying is usually done at the beginning of the school year. During the week of September , 2014, A. Maceo launched its Anti-Bullying Campaign. Students developed posters, flyers, and dressed in specific gear to bring awareness to bullying. On-going training for sexual harassment and bullying is presented by our school counselors, guest speakers, and the administrative staff. Examples Include: On-Going Classroom Guidance, Peer Mediation, Open Door Counseling Sessions, etc.

55 Sample Student Posters
Revised 7/10

56 Violence Prevention Programs
Taught By Taught To How Often Healthy Choice Week Mrs. Henderson/ Mrs. Edward -Stanley All Students Annually Red Ribbon Mrs. Henderson / Mrs. Edward -Stanley Each Semester Bullying Prevention Programs Peer Mediation Professional School Counselors & Students Students w/ conflicts As Needed

57 School Safety Plan A school safety plan is given to the faculty & staff at the beginning of the school year. A. Maceo Walker Middle School adheres to the school-wide Safety Plan that is outlined in the School Emergency Management Guide. Drills for fire, weather, and other emergency situations will occur as indicated within the plan. Faculty and staff reviewed School Emergency Management Plan 7/30/2014.

58 Tier 2/Intervention Team
Terrence Brittenum, Principal Shannon Cotton, Asst. Principal Robert Washington, Asst. Principal Bethelyn Henderson, Professional School Counselor (Internal Coach) Leatryce Edwards-Stanley, Professional School Counselor (Internal Coach) Tameka Lewis, PLC Coach

59 Intervention Strategies
For students who have been referred to the office times, A. Maceo Walker uses the following intervention strategies: group counseling (3 types) Academic- Students experiencing difficulty with academic coursework Career- Eighth grade students in preparation for high school Social- Students experiencing difficulty with social skills and/or behavioral issues. mentoring behavior plans for repeated minor infractions and over 5 days out of school suspension (using BIP and other resources) S-Team Meetings Parent Conferences/ Parental Involvement In-School Suspension Overnight Suspensions

60 In-School Suspension Plan
A. Maceo Walker Middle School follows the guidelines of Shelby County Schools. Students are referred by the administration and designated faculty. Students will be monitored by the ISS teacher. Activities include class assignments from teachers, character education building activities, real-world discussions, and anger management activities.

61 Secondary Intervention (Tier 2) Evaluation
Each 20 day period, the data for Tier 2 students is analyzed. The PBIS team plays close attention to the following: Number of office referrals Observation data Data from the PowerSchool SMS system will be used to determine success rate of interventions. Conferences (Students, Teachers, Guidance Counselors, etc.) Parent, Teacher, Student Surveys

62 Tertiary Interventions (Tier 3)
Our School Support Team (S-Team) and teachers identify and plan for these students by reviewing disciplinary referrals and parent conferences. S-Team meetings, meetings with the counselors, and meetings with the teachers are conducted early to identify special student needs. We monitor these interventions with data from PowerSchool. We have 0 Functional Behavior Assessments and comprehensive Behavior Intervention Plans A. Maceo does not participate in the SHAPE Program We had 2 Threat Assessments (From last year, ) Currently, we have 17 expulsions We monitor each 20-day period the success of interventions. We look for a decreased number of disciplinary referral forms and parent contacts/meetings for Tier 3 students. We also look for an increase in attendance and academic performance for these targeted students.

63 2014 - 2015 First 20 Day Continuum Green zone 0 – 1, yellow zone 2 – 5, red zone 6+ office referrals
CONTINUUM OF SCHOOL-WIDE INSTRUCTIONAL & POSITIVE BEHAVIOR SUPPORT Tier 3 Tertiary Prevention: Specialized Individualized Systems for Students with High-Risk Behavior 1 % Tier 1 Primary Prevention: School-/Classroom- Wide Systems for All Students, Staff, & Settings Tier 2 Secondary Prevention: Specialized Group Systems for Students with At-Risk Behavior 9% 90% of Students

64 Computation for Triangle – 1st 20 Days 2014 - 2015
Number of students with 6+ office referrals (red zone)= 1 Divide this number by total enrollment (609) for % in red zone 1 % Number of students with 2 – 5 office referrals (yellow zone)= 56 Divide this number by total enrollment for % in yellow zone 9% Number of students with 1 office referral= 84 Add together totals from 1, 2, & 3 and subtract from total enrollment to get students with 0 office referrals = 468 0–1 office referral (green zone)=add totals from 3 & 4. Divide by total enrollment for % in green zone : % Total students referred (total of first 3 lines)= 141 Divide by total enrollment body for % students referred 23%

65 Conclusion A. Maceo Walker Middle School is committed providing a positive environment that promotes appropriate student behaviors and encourages students to practice self-discipline with the support and guidance of administrators, teachers, parents, and other students. A. Maceo Walker Middle School’s School-wide PBIS Plan will be implemented to ensure a safe, orderly, and respectable environment that maximizes the possibilities for effective teaching and learning.

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