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Disaster Management Centre Sri Krishna Institute of Public Administration By Dileep Kumar Asst Prof (Dist Mgmt) Jharkhand

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1 Disaster Management Centre Sri Krishna Institute of Public Administration By Dileep Kumar Asst Prof (Dist Mgmt) Jharkhand


3 Jharkhand : Some Facts Total Population ~2.69 crore No of districts – 24/ 211 Blocks/3759 GPs Villages- 32620 Forest Cover -29.3% Literacy ~54% (female…) Population Below Poverty Line ~50% Geographical Area ~7.9 Mha Annual Rainfall 1200 - 1400 mm 8 river basins Severe Drinking Water Problems One of Richest Mineral Zone 40% of Total Minerals of India >35% Coal, 40% Copper Rare Minerals – Uranium ….. Agri Livelihood for 80% population Net Sown Area 1.8 Mha Irrigated Area 0.16 Mha (8%) Productivity 1 t/ha – very poor Food Production less than half of Total Requirement

4 Population2.69 Crores Districts / Villages24 / 32620 Area79714 SqKm Forest Cover29 % Sex Ratio941 Literacy54.13% Male / Female67.94% / 39.38% Rainfall1200-1400mm Coal Belt Dhanbad, Jharia, Chandrapura, Bokaro, Ramgarh, Giridih, Daltonganj Tribes27.6%

5 Major Industries of Jharkhand Iron and Steel 1. TISCO (1907) 2. Bokaro Steel Plant (1964) Engineering Companies 1. HEC Fertilizer Industries – Jhinkpani, Sindri Explosives & Chemicals- Gomia Cement – Sindri,

6 Mineral Resources MineralsCapacity MTsProduction’000 Tons Coal6520576349 Hematite 296712003 Graphite5339.91 Felspar3558.1 Quartzite31717.7 Copper113.56.4 Kyanite724.9

7 Mineral Resources MineralsPlace ChromiteSinghbhum, Saraikela ManganeseChaibasa TungstenSinghbhum AsbestosSinghbhum, Ranchi ThoriumHazaribagh, Kodarma ZirconRanchi, Hazaribagh UraniumJadugoda

8 Jharkhand : Hazard Profile Drought Mining Accidents Chemical and Industrial Hazards Lightning Bird Flu Flood Earthquake Fire / Forest Fire Elephant Attacks Climate Change Biodiversity loss Naxalism/ Landmine Blasts

9 April 21, 2015April 21, 2015April 21, 2015 9 World’s Top Ten Mining Disasters 1. Honkieko, China- April 26,1942 (C 1549) 2. Courrieres, France- March 10, 1906 (C 1100) 3. Omuta, Japan – November 9, 1963 (C 447) 4. Senghenydd, Wales, UK-October 14, 1913 (C 438) 5. Coal Brook, South Africa, January 1, 1960 (C 437) 6. Wankie, Rhodesia, June 6, 1972 (C 427) 7. Dhanbad,India- May 28, 1965 (C 375) 8. Chasnala, Dhanbad, December 27, 1975 (C 372) 9. Barnsley, UK- December 12, 1866 (C 361) 10. Monongah, USA, December 6, 1907 (C 361)

10 Jharkhand : Forest Fire Risk



13 Average Annual rainfall in different districts of Jharkhand


15 Jharkhand : Lightning Hazard

16 During the current years the thunderstorm activity at Ranchi is maximum during the south-west monsoon and comparatively much less during pre-monsoon and it is negligible during the winter and the post-monsoon seasons.

17 A Pilot Project on MONITORING LIGHTNING AND THUNDER ACTIVITIES IN JHARKHAND (DST, Govt. of Jharkhand) Duration: 3 Years Objective: To delineate the Jharkhand state in terms of frequency, intensity and severity of lightning incidences for prioritized adoption of safety measures Lightning Detection Centres 1. RAC Campus………….Central monitoring unit 2. ZRS Chianki…………..Field unit 3. ZRS Darisai …………..Field Unit 4. KVK Jagannathpur …...Field unit 5. ZRS Dumka…………...Field unit 6. Gauria Karma Farm…...Field Unit 7. Mobile lightning detection unit Sensor: Boltek LD-250 (imported from Canada)….500 km Resol. Data being Collected TimeLat Long Distance No. of strike/min Severity class Progress ………..


19 Disaster Management Centre DMC was established in June, 2007 with induction of two faculty members Entrusted with the task of Training and Capacity Building across the state One training on ICS – Basic/Intermediate

20 State & District Level Programs Sensitization of various Stakeholders of Disaster Management Workshops & Seminars Awareness Generation Programs District Disaster Management Planning Advocacy & Networking with GOs/NGOs Database of Trainers/Resource Persons Initiate constitution of SDMA/DDMA To develop response teams for First Aid/S&R Development of IEC Material

21 Major Achievements 18 Trainings, 398 Trained 2009-10 17 Training programs and 445 Trainees trained 2008-09 Conducted 6 training programs and trained 161 trainees (2007-08)

22 Achievements Training programs attended by faculty members in NIDM- 2 Collaboration with DM Dept Hosting on Website Publications- Papers/Abstract/ Course Reports Off-campus Training – 4 DfID program of Capacity Building for Poverty Reduction – 5

23 Publications Climate Change and Disaster Management, Dileep Kumar, Yojana, June, 2009 Role and Expectations from Disaster Management Centre of ATI, Dileep Kumar, ASTI Journal, ATI Rajasthan Ranchi Information Management System, Kiran Jalem, IDMC, New Delhi, Nov’09 Impacts of Climate Change in India, IDMC, New Delhi, Nov 2009

24 Achievements Web enabled courses of NIDM –WBI successfully completed- 3 Establishment of IT Lab Collaboration with UNICEF/UNDP/CARE Training Module Developed – 2 (Disaster Management & Climate Change ) Technical Support for DoPT-ATI Networking project Tech support for Gender Budeting program Core Team member of Capacity Building for Poverty Reduction (DFID)

25 Collaboration and Networking Disaster Management Dept Fire Department Indian School of Mines Birsa Agriculture University HARP, Plandu, Ranchi UNICEF/ UNDP RINPAS Survey of India CMPDI/CCL Jharkhand Space Application Centre TATA Ranchi University

26 Future Plans Publication of Newsletter, web-hosting Research & Documentation TNA for Govt. Depts. and others Hazard & vulnerability mapping School Safety Programs Training for Incident Command System Sensitization of PRI functionaries Consultancy for Capacity Building Initiatives for EOC establishment & operation at state/district

27 Inter-agency Collaboration & Coordination Director, Horticultural Institute, Palandu, Namkum, Ranchi addressing our Trainees in the Training Program on Climate Change & Disaster Management Trainees are being demonstrated the Finland&Italy make sophisticated Hydraulic Fire Fighting Machine to fight fire & rescue people from multistoried high rise buildings at Jharkhand Fire Service Central training Institute, Dhurwa, Ranchi

28 Inter-agency Collaboration & Coordination Chief Scientist, Birsa Agriculture University, Kanke, Ranchi demonstrating Drought Resistant Varieties of Crops in Field to our Trainees on the Training Program on Drought Mitigation & Management Instructor demonstrating the Children of Mazzarello School, Namkum, Ranchi about Fire Safety aspects of Disaster Management at Jharkhand Fire Service Central training Institute, Dhurwa, Ranchi

29 Glimpses of Training

30 Joint Program with NIDM

31 Fire Fighting

32 Our Future Programs Training & Capacity Building on Disaster Preparedness on continuous basis as per training calendar To facilitate establishment and strengthening of DMC in Jharkhand To Initiate District Disaster Management Plan Preparation for every District of Jharkhand Initiate iDMPs in factories- on-site and off-site Adaptation of Incident Command System in Jharkhand Context To initiate the Establishment and Operationalizing of Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) in the state. To initiate the constitution of SDMA & DDMA To promote Disaster Management Centre as a Centre of Excellence for Training on Disaster Management in Eastern Zone of India

33 Organizational Chart of DMC Existing Proposed Asst Prof Asst Prof Stenographer Prof / Head AP RDO Stenographer Data Entry Operator

34 Challenges Induction of faculty members for full fledged centre operations Vehicle support to centre Support from Disaster Management Department Infrastructure for specialized training Lack of equipments, resources etc.

35 Our Expectations Strengthening of DMC in ATI by NIDM, MHA Inter-agency co-ordination DMC, ATI as a nodal centre of Training and Capacity Building in the State ATI should consider it as an integral part rather than a stand alone programme

36 Website hrdm-idrm The name should be made catchy and user-friendly- Hyperlinks on the sites of NDMA/NIDM/ Govt/ IDOs/NGOs ATIs to upload info through p/w gateways like idrn Integrate it with training modules

37 Thank you Your questions/suggestions Please…….

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