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Madhya Pradesh Agency for Promotion of Information Technology Policy Issues IT Work force Department of Information Technology Govt. of Madhya Pradesh.

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1 Madhya Pradesh Agency for Promotion of Information Technology Policy Issues IT Work force Department of Information Technology Govt. of Madhya Pradesh

2 Division Level Workshop IT Workforce at District Level Capacity District Level – 50 District E Gov Managers Block Level – 320 Astt District E Gov Managers Data Entry Operators at District Level Training and Infrastructure Training conducted for District e-Governance Managers and Assistant e-Governance Managers. DIT is planning to give supporting Infrastructure (Computer, Laptops etc ). 2

3 Division Level Workshop Distt e-Gov Society Bylaws DeGS bye laws Aims & Objectives – i.Roll out and maintain Electronic Citizen Services ii.Authorise Kiosks iii.IT inputs to Govt Officers iv.To collect user charger v.Recruit persons on the rolls of the DeGS vi.HR development in field of IT vii.Procure IT Hardware, Software & Services viii.Do all necessary activity to promote IT

4 Division Level Workshop Distt e-Gov Society Bylaws DeGS bye laws Membership i.Patrons – invitation by the board ii.Institutional – fee Rs 25000 iii.Honorary – sponsored by the board iv.Ex Officio v.Ordinary – fee Rs 5000

5 Division Level Workshop Distt e-Gov Society Bylaws DeGS bye laws Fund i.User charges – from kiosk for e-Governance services ii.Grants & Subsidies iii.Donations, Membership fee iv.Loans from financial institutions

6 Division Level Workshop Distt e-Gov Society Bylaws DeGS bye laws General body i.Chairman – Incharge Minister; Vice Chaiman – MP of the Distt ii.Member Secretary – Collector iii.Member – MLA, SP, DFO, DDA iv.At least one meeting in a year v.Quorum – 5 or 1/3 whichever is more vi.Work – Policy decision, Annual budget, Nomimate CEO/Member Secretary of the board, Matters referred by the board, Nominate 2 members & 2 officers for the board

7 Division Level Workshop Distt e-Gov Society Bylaws DeGS bye laws Board of Directors Chairman – Collector CEO & Member Secretary – ADM /Eminent person Members –SP, DFO, DDA,2 member elected by the Gen body Quoram – 5 Work- Exercise all financial & Admn. Powers, fram general guidelines to provide Citizen Service, Raise funds, Make rules to manage property and funds, decide service conditions of employees, Annual account and budget, hiring of IT professionals, Can delegate powers to the CEO

8 Division Level Workshop Distt e-Gov Society Bylaws DeGS bye laws General Can appoint financial controller No remuneration for the members But actual expenditure can be reimbursed All e-Governance Manager/Asstt managers/Data Entry Operator are employees of DeGS

9 Division Level Workshop e-Gov Managers – Key Responsibility Areas Administrative & Managerial Technical support E –Gov Project Implementation support Coordination Crisis and conflict management Security and Legal Aspects IT Facilitation to various Agencies Leading a Team Working with Innovative Foresightness Monitoring and Reporting

10 Division Level Workshop Task Categories for e-Gov. Managers 10 Building IT Capacities of Govt. Functionaries Providing operational support for Core IT Infrastructure Technical facilitation for e-Governance projects and programs Awareness and Communication Compliance of standards, guidelines and instructions Coordination with State IT Department Secretarial Support to DeGS

11 Division Level Workshop Building IT Capacities of Govt. Functionaries 11 Assessment of Capacity Building Needs in all the district and sub-district level Govt. Offices. Preparation of District IT Capacity Building and Training Plan. Coordinate with IT Capacity Building and Training Service provider agencies and MAP_IT for conducting Trainings. Provide support in designing of training curriculum as the need of respective departments and trainees Provide facilitation and logistic support for conducting trainings in the district.

12 Division Level Workshop Contd.. Building IT Capacities of Govt. Functionaries 12 Provide technical support department level training and capacity building activities. Identify capacity building issues and bring them in the notice of District eGovernance Societies for redressal. Disseminate information on various IT and eGovernance Training Programmes among govt. departments. Assist govt. offices to plan and implement IT Projects and facilitate them for hiring technology specific expert services if required. Time to time update DeGS with the status of capacity building in the district.

13 Division Level Workshop Providing operational support for Core IT Infrastructure 13 Operationalization of Common Service Center (CSC) –Concurrent assessment of CSC functioning and compliance of CSC Guidelines. –Regular monitoring of CSC services and transactions. –Issue necessary instructions to CSCs after approval of DeGS –Coordination with Service Center Agencies (SCA) of CSC to improve services CSCs and strict compliance of CSC guidelines. –Conduct inspection visits of CSCs with support of Assistant eGovernance Officers. –Track and consolidate CSC related issues and present it at appropriate level for remedial actions.

14 Division Level Workshop Providing operational support for Core IT Infrastructure 14 State Wide Area Network (SWAN) –Disseminate information on SWAN offerings in govt. departments/offices and facilitate them in getting SWAN Connectivity. –Disseminate knowledge on best practices and effective use SWAN in all the departments offices. –Ensure strict compliance SWAN Guidelines at district and sub- district level Point of Presences (POPs) with support Asst. eGovernance Managers. –Concurrent handholding of Asst. eGovernance Managers in network debugging and troubleshooting. –Escalate technical issues related to SWAN at appropriate level. –Preparation of Activity Plan for optimum utilization of SWAN.

15 Division Level Workshop Providing operational support for Core IT Infrastructure 15 eProcurement –Disseminate information on eProcurement System in govt. departments. –Hands-on support for uploading tenders and bid processing on eProcurement System. –Conduct trainings for Bidders on bidding methodology.

16 Division Level Workshop Technical facilitation for eGovernance projects 16 Assess implementation status of various state/national level eGovernance Project/programmes in the district and update DeGS as well as MAP_IT on same. Provide technical support in implementation. Coordinate with line departments and MAP_IT for redressal of technical issues. Concurrent follow-up on project timelines/milestones and update DeGS to take necessary decisions.

17 Division Level Workshop Awareness and Communication 17 Preparation of Awareness and Communication Plan as per districts specific needs and present it before DeGS for approval and necessary action. Concurrent assessment of Awareness and Communication Needs in the district. Conduct regular workshops, seminars, IT events, etc. to generate awareness on IT/eGovernance. Conduct Rural Outreach Activities to generate awareness among citizens on IT enabled or Online services available in their locality. Preparation of content for Press News to be published in news papers.

18 Division Level Workshop Compliance of standards, guidelines and instructions 18 Compile of Guidelines, standards and instructions under each project/programme at district level and circulate to concerned stakeholders for better compliance. Provide necessary support for right interpretation and handholding for effective compliance. Update DeGS with latest guidelines and instructions for better decision making. Identify issues related to compliance and escalate at appropriate level for necessary action.

19 Division Level Workshop Secretarial Support to DeGS 19 Conduct Meetings of DeGS in regular intervals. Prepare Agenda of DeGS Meetings, Finalize meeting dates with collector, Circulated Agenda and invite DeGS Members. Prepare minutes of the meeting with action points and circulate among members after approval of chairman. Prepare/Draft all the reports and communication on behalf of DeGS. Receive, File and present all the communication received in DeGS. Compliance Tracking of DeGS decisions.

20 Division Level Workshop Coordination with State IT Department 20 Coordinate with State IT Department for guidance on various technical and managerial issues. Effectively present district specific various IT needs in terms of capacity building, awareness and communication, budgetary support, facilitation, etc. at state level.

21 Division Level Workshop Roles & Responsibilities of Data Entry Operator 21 Assist Distt e-Governance Manager. Coordinate with all Assistant e-Gov Managers. Handle office Management. Handling of all the documents and files related to e-Governance. Assist in handling Accounts of e-Governance Society. Take care of inward and outward correspondences.

22 Division Level Workshop Establishment & Logistic issues 22 Sitting arrangements for e-Gov Managers. Computer System with UPS and Printer. Internet Connectivity (SWAN Activation). Stationary. TA/DA Policy. Local Conveyance Policy. Accidental / Health assistance policy. Health Insurance. Attendance. Leave Policy (already proposed in Rule Book)- CL-13, ML-15. Maternity Leave-90days(As per Maternity Benefit Act, 1961. Paternal leave- 15days.

23 Division Level Workshop E-Gov Managers’ FAQs -1 Where to sit ? Who will be immediate boss ? (specially at block level ) Who will bear mobile /travel/medical Expenses? From where to get stationary, computer, furniture and other basic things ? Who will do housekeeping ? How will MAP_IT control, command or care us ? Will there be a dual control and report system? can any officer in the dist. Assign us any work at any time or some protocol will be followed ?

24 Division Level Workshop FAQs -2 What will happen after one year ? Is there any possibility to become permanent Government servant ? Will get any increment after completing one year ? Will it be compulsory to reside at dist/block HQ / Posting place ? Security /accommodation issues for girls @ block level ? At block level,one-person-army with no office and no support staff ? How will run the show ? What if they do not follow technical advise ? Transfer issues.

25 Division Level Workshop FAQs -3 How the regular attendance will be ensured ? What will be the reporting format ? Who will be disciplinary authority ? how to coordinate with NIC and Dist Manager LSK ? What will be status and relation matrices with reference to these two authorities ? What will be role in meetings ? Who will be single point of contact in the block/district and state level ? Will get some common identity cards/common email and any common portal ?

26 Division Level Workshop e-Governance Seminar in 50 Districts Requirements- 1. Hall with Projector and Screen 2. 100 attendees sitting arrangement. 3. Printing of posters and brochures. 4. Printing of Invitation Cards. 5. PPT presentations on e-Gov initiatives/projects rolled out in district. 6. Speakers (at least 3)

27 Madhya Pradesh Agency for Promotion of Information Technology Policy Issues NeGP and State IT Plans Department of Information Technology Govt. of Madhya Pradesh

28 Division Level Workshop NeGP-Institutional Framework at State Level 28 Program ManagementProject Management StateeGovCouncil (CM) State Apex Committee (CS) Departmental Committee SeMT DIT DeMT State Government StateeGovCouncil (CM) State Apex Committee (CS) Departmental Committee SeMT DIT PeMT State Government State eGov council Chief Minister Chief Secretary Secretary IT HoD Finance State Apex Committee Chief Secretary HoD Finance Dept Secretary IT NIC Details : mplates ‐ guidelines

29 Division Level Workshop NeGP – Vision Make all Government services accessible –to the common man in his locality, –through common service delivery outlets –and ensure efficiency, transparency & reliability –of such services at affordable costs –to realise the basic needs of the Common man. Tasks driving NeGP VisionOur Deliverables under NeGP Framework Create Common Service OutletsSetup CSCs (Citizen Service Centre) through PPP (Public Private Partnership) Connectivity & Data CenterSWAN and SDC Services31 Mission Mode Projects (MMPs) Increased Capacities to Build & Operate such System. Capacity Building Scheme (SeMT, Specialized Trainings, Awareness and Communication, etc.) Information Linking, Sharing and Interoperability. National/State Service Deliver Gateways (NSDG and SSDG) eGov Standards and Guidelines

30 Division Level Workshop NeGP – Strategic Interventions State wide Common Infrastructure –SDC (State data centre), SWAN (State wide Network), SSDG ( State Services Delivery Gateway) and CSC (Citizen Service Centres) 31 Mission Mode Projects –High priority projects supported by NeGP. Capacity Building –SeMT, PeMT, Specialized Training Programs (STeP),Awareness and Communication, etc. Interoperability and Resource Sharing –eGov. Standards and Guidelines – ‐ guidelines

31 Division Level Workshop Mission Mode Projects NeGP comprises of 31 Mission Mode Projects (MMPs) encompassing 10 Central MMPs, 10 State MMPs, 7 Integrated MMPs and 4 New (Health, PDS, Education and Indian Post) spanning multiple Ministries/ Departments. What is Mission Mode : "Mission Mode" implies that the objective and the scope of the project are clearly defined, that the project has measurable outcomes and service-levels, and the project has well-defined milestones and timelines for implementation. MMPs are owned and spearheaded by various Line Ministries concerned for Central, State, and Integrated MMPs. The concerned Ministry/ Department is entirely responsible for all decisions related to their MMPs. 31 Mission Mode Projects.. lay the foundation and provide the impetus for long-term growth of e-Governance within the country

32 Division Level Workshop Mission Mode Projects 32 CENTRALSTATEINTEGRATED BankingAgricultureCSC Central Excise and Customs Commercial Taxese-Biz Income TaxE-Districte-Courts InsuranceEmployment Exchangee-Procurement MCA 21Land RecordsEDI For eTrade National Citizens Database MunicipalitiesNational e-governance Service Delivery Gateway PassportGram PanchayatsIndia Portal Immigration, Visa and Foreigners Registration& Tracking Police PensionRoad Transport E-OfficeTreasuries

33 Division Level Workshop e-Transaction Categories Category ACategory BCategory C  All statutory/non statutory services in G2C, G2B segment  Payment of taxes by citizens  Payment of subsidies/ Scholarships/ Social welfare transfers  PDS/Rural development transfers  Web based self service e-Gov transactions to citizen Utility Bill payments  Other B2C Transactions  All e-Transactions not covered by Cat A & B  All Cat A & B transactions involving multiple visits to counter

34 Division Level Workshop Status of E-Transactions in State A detailed excel sheet has been provided along with this presentation in case there are revisions to the target. Please click on the image to open the file CAT ACAT BCAT CTOTALREMARKS Actual Dec’12 80,42,43710,40,05595,32,244 1,86,14,736 - Target Mar’13 2,23,37,683 Quarter IV (Estimated 20% Increase) Figures till Dec 2012

35 Division Level Workshop 35

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