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College of Health Professions: Faculty Research Interests Academic Year 2007-8.

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1 College of Health Professions: Faculty Research Interests Academic Year 2007-8

2 Maureen Anthony, PhD, RN, APRN, CDE Background Information –Associate Professor MSON –Certified Diabetes Educator Research Interests –Care of hospitalized adults with diabetes –Professional issues Recent Publications –Anthony, M. & Barkell, N. (2007). Nurses’ professional concerns: Letters to the editor for 1900- 2005. Journal of Professional Nursing, –Anthony, M. (2007). Treatment of hypoglycemia in hospitalized adults: A descriptive study. The Diabetes Educator, 33(4), 709- 715.Publication #2 Current Studies –Migrant worker’s perception’s of health needs

3 Greg Bozimowski CRNA MS Master of Science, Anesthesia: Mercy College of Detroit,1988 Bachelor of Science, Nursing: Wayne State University, 1985 Nursing Diploma, Henry Ford Hospital School of Nursing, 1982 Asst. Professor, UDM - December 2002 – Present Manager Anesthesia Pain Service, Huron Valley Sinai Hospital, Detroit Medical Center - August 2001- Present Staff Nurse Anesthetist (Contingent status) December 2005-Present- Providence Hospital Novi MI Research Interests Professional Growth and Development of CRNAs Pain Management Pharmacology Recent Publications “Clinical Monitoring 2 Respiratory and Metabolic Systems” Book Chapter in Nurse Anesthesia- Nagelhout and Zaglaniczny To be included in 4 th edition Publication pending in 2008 “Epidural Analgesia: Concepts, Pharmacology and Nursing Care” Written module and video presentation for Health and Sciences Television Network, Trinity Healthforce Learning, Carrolton Texas. December 2006 Book Review, “Ambulatory Anesthesia: The Requisites in Anesthesiology” in AANA Journal, October 2006 (74:356) Current Studies Professionalism Among Nurse Anesthetist (survey of MANA members, data collection completed) Patient perceptions of Pain Management Therapy- A comparison of Real Time Assessment with Post Discharge Satisfaction Tools and Nurses Perception, Huron Valley Sinai Hospital, pending WSU IRB review.

4 Sandra Cleveland, MSN, RN, CLNC Background Information –Current and previous roles Assistant Professor, MSON Nephrology nursing Nursing Management Stroke C.N.S. –Teaching background Fundamental nursing Medical-surgical nursing Community health nursing Health assessment Research Interests –Culture and technology –Teaching methodologies Recent Publications –The Student Nurse as Television Show Consultant (in progress) –Making Research Relate for Students with Prior Research Experience in an Accelerated Nursing Program Current Studies –Online orientation for Clinical Faculty –Use of technology for online lectures

5 Joyce Conley RN, BSN, MSN, PhD Background Information –Staff Nurse, Nurse Manager, Director of Nursing, Director of Research Administration, Project Director McAuley Nurse Managed Health Center –Taught in undergraduate and graduate programs in Nursing and Education at Michigan State University, the University of Michigan and the University of Detroit Mercy Research Interests –Sustainability of Nurse Managed Centers –Health Literacy –Motivation to change health behaviors, especially in relation to weight loss

6 Lori A. Glenn RN MS CNM Background Information –Registered Nurse: NICU, High Risk Labor and Delivery –Certified Nurse Midwife Full scope practice hospital based practice Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner –Public Health, FEMA trained –Family Planning, Title X –BCCCP –Adjunct Lecturer and Guest Faculty University Of Michigan- Flint Nursing Program –Clinical Instructor CNM, NP, RN, Medical Students –University of Michigan –Michigan State University –Saginaw Valley State University –Mott Community College –Frontier School Nurse Midwifery –Baylor University Research Interests –Women’s perspectives regarding the escalating medicalization of birth –Labor and Delivery nurses role in initiating breastfeeding –Demographics and birth behaviors of American women seeking natural birth –Effect of exercise on peri- menopausal symptoms Previous Research –“Role of the Personal Prenatal Care Record on Perceived Participation in Prenatal Care” (1992) Unpublished Research Project, University Of Illinois at Chicago.

7 Carla J. Groh, PhD, APRN, BC Background Information –Associate Professor, MSON –Director Psychiatric Services, Holy Cross Hospital –CNS, Geri psychiatry, Lafayette Clinic Research Interests –Women’s mental health –Impact of poverty on mental health Recent Publications –Groh, C.J. (2007). Poverty, Mental Health and Women: Implications for Psychiatric Nurses in Primary Care Settings. Journal of the American Psychiatric Nurses Association. 13(5), 267-274. –Litwinczuk, K. & Groh, C.J. (2007). The relationship between spirituality, purpose in life, and well-being in HIV-positive persons. Journal of the Association of Nurses in AIDS Care. 18(3), 13-21. –Knight, D., Moser, S., & Groh, C. (2007). Service leaning as a component of physician assistant education: The development of a compassionate practitioner. Journal of Physician Assistant Education. 18(2), 49-52. –White, M.L. & Groh, C.J. (2007). Depression and quality of life in women following a mi. Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing. 22(2), 138-144.Publication Current Studies –Screening for depression in primary care settings. (BCBS Foundation Funding, Mercy Primary Care, Detroit, MI)

8 Suzanne K. Guzelaydin, MS, RN Background Information –August 2005 to present: Coordinator of Simulation Practice Technology Integration Center, Clinical faculty for Community Health SDO –Adjunct Clinical Faculty: Wayne State University, University of Michigan-Flint, Oakland Community College –Teaching background –Community Health, Leadership & management, Family Practice, Medical Terminology Research Interests –Simulation –Informatics

9 Rose Higgins, MS, PA-C Background Information –Clinical Coordinator Physician Assistant Program Research Interests –Professionalism as perceived by PA students –REM Behavior Disorder as a precursor to Dementia Recent Publications –None Current Studies –Self-evaluation of professionalism by students and as documented by preceptors

10 John Knisely, RN, NP Background Information –Assistant Professor, MSON –Chair, Second Degree Option Program –Consulting Director Clinical Services, Behavioral Center of MI –NP, Consultation/Liaison Psychiatry, Henry Ford Hospital –Consultant to Director of Nursing, Havenwyck Hospital Research Interests –family and relationship counseling –substance abuse issues Recent Publications –Lambert, J., Knisely, J., & Cleveland, S.D. (2006). Integrating Pediatric, Medical Surgical and Psychiatric Didactic Content. First International Symposium on Excellence in Second-Entry Baccalaureate Nursing Education, MacDonald G. & O’Keefe- McCarthy, S. (Eds.), Toronto, Canada, p. 59- 61. –Shelley, S. and Knisely, J., Re-engineering in behavioral medicine, "Nursing Management", vol. 28, #4 (April), 1997. –Knisely, J. & Northouse, L., The relationshhip between social support, help-seeking behavior, and psychological distress in psychiatric clients. "Archives of Psychiatric Nursing", Vol. VIII, #6 (December), 1994 Current Studies –Social support in an Accelerated Nursing program –Curriculum changes to support psychiatric nursing in an accelerated program –Milieu therapy in acute care psychiatric units

11 Joette Lambert, PhDc, BSN, ACRN Background Information –Pediatrics – renal, hem/oncology, psych, infectious diseases (especially HIV) –Hospice - inpatient –Head Start – Health Coordinator –Management – pediatric outpatient clinic –Teaching – clinical peds & community; research, nursing theory. Research Interests –Adolescent health care HIV/AIDS –Education in accelerated nursing programs Current Studies –Young Black women with HIV: Race, gender, class, & age (doctoral work)

12 Sharon Moser, M.S., PA-C, LLP Associate Professor, PA Program Background Information –Currently a physician assistant, practicing clinically in a free clinic –Also, a psychologist (since 1984) –I have been teaching clinical medicine in the physician assistant program since January, 2000 Research Interests –Professionalism development in students transitioning into professionals –Anything in neurology Recent Publications –Impact of Service Learning as a component of Physician Assistant Education –Parkinson’s Disease: New Therapies Current Studies –Professionalism: Transition from Student to Professional –Herpes Encephalitis

13 LuAnn Nowak MSN, APRN-BC Background Information –NP for private practice –Assistant professor UDM Research Interests –Dementia –Sleep Recent Publications –Nowak, L., Davis, J. (2007) A Qualitative Examination of the Phenomenon of Sundowning, Journal of Nursing Scholarship,39:3, 256-258. Current Studies –The effects of timed bright light on sleep-wake patterns in women with Alzheimer’s disease

14 Mary S. O’Shaughnessey, M.S., CCC- A, MHSA Chair, Assistant Professor Health Services Administration Program; CHP; UDM Director of Partnership for Training; UDM Director, Rehabilitation Services, Mercy Hospital, Detroit, MI Service Area Manager, Consultant, St. Joseph Mercy Health System, Ann Arbor, Mi Administrative Officer, Ambulatory Care, Veterans Affairs Medical Center, Ann Arbor, Mi Research Interests: –Community Health –Rehabilitation Recent Publications –Individual Behavior and Motivation in Health Organizations, –O'Shaughnessey, M. (Ed.). (2005). Growing Your Own Healthy Community: Replication Manual. 1st ed. Greater Detroit Area Partnership For Training; –Fall, 2003, “Case Study of Two Partnerships;” Academic Health Centers Current Studies: Systematic nature of Diabetes

15 Thelma Phillips RN, MSN Background Information current and previous roles - Full time and Adjunct faculty, responsibilities include teaching undergraduates in pre- licensure, BSN completion and accelerated second-degree programs, license Practical nursing and nursing assistants. Other responsibilities include course development, advising students, and service through committee function at the college and university level. Teaching background - Instructor College of Health Professions, McAuley School of Nursing, Taught Health Assessment traditional and a two-week intensive format, Healthy Families, Fundamentals of Adult Health Nursing and Nursing kills Lab, Maternal child Nursing. - Nursing Clinical Practicum's include Evidenced-Based Culturally Competent Care Practicum I, Community Nursing Practicum III, Maternal Child Nursing Practicum II, Research Interests –Research interest #1 Obesity in postpartum Afro American women focus on adolescents –Research interest #2 art of pedagogy and informatics with a comparison of classroom versus online or distant learning. Recent Publications –none Current Studies –pending

16 Maia A. Platt, PhD. Assistant Professor, Department of Health Services Administration –Courses taught: Health Economics Microeconomics Macroeconomics –Programs: Graduate (Master of Health Services Administration) Undergraduate (Health Services Administration, Nursing, among others) Research Interests –Effects of Health Insurance on Costs and Utilization of Health Care –Healthcare Costs and Utilization Patterns among Mental Health and Substance Abuse Patients Grants –“Exploring Deductibles: Substance Abuse Parity Applications”. Principal Investigator. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA/NIH) September 2004- September 2006 –“Mental Health Parity: Can Michigan Afford it?” Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Foundation, Detroit, Michigan, August 2004. Conference presentations –Estimating Mental Health / Substance Abuse Parity Costs: Do Deductibles Matter? (6 th World Congress on Health Economics, Copenhagen, Denmark, 07/2007) –Exploring Deductibles: Do They Matter in the Era of Managed Care (Inaugural Conference of the American Society of Health Economists, Madison, Wisconsin, 06/2006) Research in Progress –Effect of Deductibles on Behavioral Health Cohorts: Comparative Analysis of Annual Costs and Utilization in Mental Health vs. Substance Abuse Diagnostic Groups.

17 Patricia Rouen, MSN, FNP Doctoral candidate Background Information –Staff nursing background: critical care –Family Nurse Practitioner: with prior practice in suburban and urban communities managing health and illness concerns –Assistant Professor, MSON: primarily teach in the Family Nurse Practitioner program Research Interests –Women’ s Health, Diabetes Current Studies –Adipokine Concentrations in Age and BMI- Matched Young and Middle-Aged Women: Effects of Menopause (completed) –Menstrual Cycle Effects on Adiponectin Secretion –Study of Women veterans in Menopause Recent Publications –Rouen P., Reame, N., & Lukacs, JL.(2005). Menopause Effects on Adipokines and Insulin Resistance in Age & BMI-Matched Healthy Volunteers. Menopause 12(6) –Lukacs, JL, Rouen, P., Padmanabhan, V. & Reame, N. (2006) Menopause & Body Mass Index Effects on Adipokines, Bone Turnover and Bone Mineral Density. Journal of Bone & Mineral Research 11(3).

18 Mitzi M. Saunders, PhD, APRN - BC Background Information –Hospital-based med-surg nurse (1989): urology, gyn, ortho, oncology, telemetry, HIV, head/neck surgery, general surgery, medicine –Home care – IV infusion –CNS/NP at DRH (1994), medicine service (full privileges – prescribed) –Teaching: APN preceptor –Teaching: OCC, skills lab –Teaching: UDM (1999), med- surg, patho, health assessment, CNS courses Research Interests –Family Caregiving for HF patients –CNS Practice -Pain Control in the Community Recent Publications –(in Progress) The Influence of Caregiver Characteristics and the Caregiver Environment on Caregiver Burden in Heart Failure Family Caregivers –Perceived control over pain among patients with cancer and their caregivers. Pain Management Nursing (2006) Current Studies - A Comparison of Employed and Non-employed Caregivers of Heart Failure Patients on Caregiver Outcomes

19 Shirley Sherrick-Escamilla, Ph.D., MSN, RNC Background Information –Chair, Prelicensure Program –Teach in Prelicensure Programs: Traditional, BSN Completion and Second Degree Accelerated Program. –Expertise: Obstetrics Research Interests –Physical Activity –Obesity in Children ages 10-12 –Health Promotion Model Recent Publications –Contributor to: Saunders Comprehensive Review NCLEX-RN Examination 4 th ed by Linda Ann Silvestri Current Studies –None

20 Lynda Stallwood, RN, PhD, CPNP Background Information –Assistant Professor-SON –Courses taught: Pediatrics, nursing research, intervening with families at risk, introduction to professional nursing, professional issues in nursing Research Interests –Dignity therapy and the chronically ill –Caring for children with type 1 diabetes

21 Lynda Stallwood, RN, PhD, CPNP Continued Recent Publications –Stallwood, L. (2006). Assessing emergency preparedness of families caring for young children with diabetes and other chronic illnesses. Journal for Specialists in Pediatric Nursing, 11(4), pp. 227-233. –Stallwood, L. (2006). Relationship between caregiver knowledge and socioeconomic factors on glycemic outcomes of young children with diabetes. Journal for Specialists in Pediatric Nursing, 11(3), pp. 158- 165. –Stallwood, L. (2005). Medical alert identification: A “Scarlet Letter” or tool for diabetes management. Journal of Pediatric Health Care, 19(6), pp. 400-404. –Stallwood, L. (2005). Influence of caregiver stress and coping on glycemic control of young children with diabetes. Journal of Pediatric Health Care, 19(5), pp. 293-300. Current Studies –Motyka, C., Jackson, F., Roop, J., Stallwood, L., & Deisenroth, J. (2007). Expanding dignity therapy to the chronically ill: A pilot study –Stallwood, L. & Groh, C. (2007) The influence of service learning on student nurses.

22 Nutrena Tate MS, RN, CPNP - PC Background Information –Current and Previous Roles Faculty, McAuley School of Nursing Faculty, Wayne State University Pediatric Nurse Practitioner –Acute Care/Hospitalist –Sickle Cell Clinical Nurse Specialist –Neurology Staff Nurse –Beaumont PICU, Children’s Hospital of Michigan, Bon Secours –Teaching Background NUR 204 Self Awareness NUR 205 Health Assessment NUR 338 Pathophysiology NUR 342 Adv. Health Assessment NUR 355 Pediatric Lecture (SDO) NUR 356 Pediatric Clinical (SDO) NUR 364 Pediatric Lecture (Prelicensure) NUR 365 Pediatric Clinical (Prelicensure) NUR 445 Community/Leadership Clinical (Prelicensure)

23 Nutrena Tate MS, RN, CPNP-PC Research Interests –Weight Control in Children of Color –Faculty/Student Perceptions of Quality Nursing Education Current Studies –Biopsychosocial Factors Affecting Weight Control Behaviors in 3 rd – 6 th grade African American Children Recent Publications –Benkert, R, Peters, R., & Tate, N. (2007). Trust and Mistrust of Nurse Practitioners and Physicians among African Americans with Hypertension. Accepted in the Journal of the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners. –Aroian, K., VanderWal, J., Peters, R., & Tate, N. (2006). Consumer Dissatisfaction, Self Treatment, and Health Service Use in Low Income African American and White Older Persons. Accepted in the Journal of Cultural Diversity. –Lindsey, T., Watts – Tate, N., Southwood, E., Routhieaux, J., Beatty, J., Calamaras, D., et al. (2005). ChronicBlood Transfusion Therapy Practices in Children with Sickle Cell Disease. Journal of the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners, 17, 7, 277-282.

24 Andrea Teitel, CRNA MS Background Information –Affilliate Clinical Coordinator, UDM Nurse Anesthesia Program –UDM Nurse Anesthesia Program 2007 –Staff CRNA, SJMHO –Clinical Instructor, SJMHO Research Interests –None currently –Research interest #2 Recent Publications –None currently –Publication #2 Current Studies –None currently

25 {Linda Thiel, OP., Ph.D., RN} Background Information –30 years of combined experience in Med/Surg., Neurosurgical Intensive Care Unit, Coronary Care Unit, Home Care, Gerontology, management, Administration and Education –Graduate and Undergraduate Nursing Programs: Research Interests –Evidence-Based Practice –Women’s Health (disparity) –Academic Integrity Recent Publications A clinical pathway for congestive heart failure... "clinical pathways versus a usual plan of care: what's the difference" in last month's issue of HHN, part 2.A clinical pathway for congestive heart failure... "clinical pathways versus a usual plan of care: what's the difference" in last month's issue of HHN, part 2. Home Healthcare Nurse, 2001 Apr; 19 (4): 207-17 Clinical pathway versus a usual plan of care for patients with congestive heart failure: what's the difference?... part 1 of a two-part series. Clinical pathway versus a usual plan of care for patients with congestive heart failure: what's the difference?... part 1 of a two-part series. Home Healthcare Nurse, 2001 Mar; 19 (3): 142-50 Current Studies –Readiness for Evidence-Based Practice –Breast Health of Hispanic Women Aged 65 and over in Kent County, MI –Nursing Students and Academic Integrity

26 Patricia Thomas PhD, MSN, RN, CHE, CNAA, APRN, BC Background Information –Faculty in McAuley School of Nursing –Graduate, undergraduate and BSN completion –Adjunct positions Research Interests –Case Management and Outcomes Research –Leadership Recent Publications –Case Manager Role Definitions: Do They Make an Organizational Impact? –The Convergence of Health Policy, Managed Care, and Case Management Models: Are they Achieving Intended Outcomes?

27 Kate Walters, EdD, RN, MSN, CNE Background Information –Assistant Professor, McAuley School of Nursing –Program Coordinator, Nurse Educator Masters –Previously Director of Nursing in an ADN program –Over 12 years of teaching in nursing, both undergraduate and graduate, and in hospice education. Research Interests –Faculty Development –Teaching/Learning Current Study –An Investigation of the Cognitive Processes that Contribute to Faculty Development Among Selected Nurse Educators in Michigan

28 Mary L. White RN, MSN, APRN-BC Background Information –Chair of the Quality Process Improvement (QPI) Committee and the Awards and Scholarship Committee. –Adjunct faculty, UDM 2002- 2004 –Instructor, UDM, 2004-2007, –Assistant Professor, UDM, 2007 – present Advanced Med/Surg Pharmacology, Pathophysiology –City of Huntington Woods – Mayor Pro Tem –PhD nursing student, Wayne State University Research Interests –Women and cardiovascular disease Focus on AA females post first myocardial infarction with respect to depression and spirituality in relation to quality of life –Evidenced based practice –Online pharmacology with family nurse practitioner students with relation to the use of the computer and colleagues as a way to mimic real practice –Genetic links and sarcoidosis Recent Publications –White, M.L., & Groh, C.J. (2007). Depression and quality of life in women after a myocardial infarction. Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing. 22 (2): 138- 144. Current Studies – Principal Investigator –Examining the Effectiveness of Two Solutions: Heparin and Saline in Capped Pediatric Peripheral Lines – Study at Children’s Hospital of Michigan

29 Joanne Yastik, MSN,RN Assistant Professor Background Information –Emergency Department Staff Nurse, ED Management, Utilization Review/Case Manager-ED –Began clinical teaching in 1997 –Full time at UDM since 2004; have taught in the undergraduate (prelicensure and SDO) program & BSN completion Research Interests –Internet health information –Nursing Education Recent Publications –Yastik, J. & Anthony, M. (2007, in press). Health assessment in a two week intensive format for second degree baccalaureate nursing students. Journal of Nursing Education –Current Studies –Patient's use of the internet for health care seeking decision making

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