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Informational Overview

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1 Informational Overview
G-4 Informational Overview March 2010 These are points I will to cover during this brief. (next slide)

2 G-4 Organizational Structure
Assistant Chief of Staff, G-4 Personnel Auth Military Civilian TOTAL G-4 Operations SWRFT RIOCC Bachelor Billeting Division Exercise Support Division Family Housing Division Land Acquisition Division Logistics Division Natural Resources & Environmental Affairs Public Works Division

3 G-4 Bachelor Billeting Division
Director Administrative Assistant Deputy Director MWTC Deputy Director Housing Mgmt Asst Front Desk Supervisor Accounting Technicians General Clerks Barracks Coordinators Desk Clerks Housekeepers Employees Employees

4 G-4 Bachelor Billeting Division
Mission Statement We at Bachelor Billeting Division are committed to providing long and short term personnel with the highest quality of living accommodations possible. We understand that the customer defines the standards of quality and services and we strive to exceed those expectations.

5 G-4 Bachelor Billeting Division Bachelor Quarters Overview
Bachelor Enlisted Quarters Total BEQ Bldg’s: Total BEQ Spaces: 8408 Total Inadequate Bldg’s: Total Spaces: Average Occupancy %: % Transient Quarters Distinguished Guest House Distinguished Guest Quarters 5 Mini Suites Private Room/ Private Bath 20 Private Room/Shared Bath Inadequate/Trailers 96 (Beds) Shared Room/Bath Inadequate/Open Bay (Beds)

6 Exercise Support Division
G-4 Exercise Support Division Marines 72 Civilians 194 Total 266

7 G-4 Exercise Support Division
Mission Statement Manage, maintain and issue safe and operable equipment to Exercise Forces training aboard MCAGCC (29 Palms) Enhanced Mojave Viper (EMV), Advisor Training Group (ATG), Marine Corps Tactics Operations Group (MCTOG), Weapons Tactics Instructor/Desert Talon, Tactical Training Exercise Control Group (TTECG), Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD), Mountain Warfare Training Center (MWTC), Range Training and Maintenance (RTAM), Provost Marshal’s Office (PMO), and Natural Resources and Environmental Affairs (NREA) These are points I will to cover during this brief. (next slide)

8 G-4 Exercise Support Division
Overview Equipment consolidated at a decisive point, the Enhanced Equipment Allowance Pool (EEAP) to support OIF/OEF pre-deployment training Reduces TOT, convoys and temp loans Wear & tear on EEAP equipment vice owning units Quality maintenance personnel and facilities Exercise Forces can begin training quickly and focus on subsequent deployment Safe, ready to operate equipment Facilitate Mojave Viper Support Detachment (MVSD) field maintenance efforts Provide MVSD secondary source for repair parts/SECREPs Advise MVSD on Maintenance/Supply Issues

9 G-4 Family Housing Division
Military 0 Civilian 12 TOTAL 12 HSG Officer Admin Support Assistant Supv HSG Specialist HSG Mgr (PPV Liaison) HSG Referral Specialist Supv HSG Manager HSG Coordinator HSG Mgmt Assistant HSG Coordinator HSG Coordinator HSG Mgmt Assistant HSG Mgmt Assistant

10 G-4 Family Housing Division
Mission The Combat Center Military Family Housing Office exists to serve our Military families Our goal is to provide access to safe, quality, well maintained and affordable housing whether in the local community, public-private venture, or government housing. Overview • PPV/Family Housing • Vista Del Sol (801) - Privatized in Oct Built in 1993 units Junior Elisted (2) and (3) BR units for NCO and - Phase VI in FY08: Lease to expire in April 2013 Approximately 285 new homes Renovate O6 homes

11 G-4 Logistics Division Military Civilian TOTAL

12 G-4 Logistics Division Military Civilian TOTAL

13 G-4 Logistics Division Mission
Provides a diverse set of supplies and services, including: Supply (CMSC) Traffic Management (TMO) Food Service (FSO) Ground and Aviation Ordnance (CMA) Contracting (P&C) To a wide variety of customers MAGTFTC Tenant Commands Exercise forces and Training Units MCMWTC and MAWTS-1

14 Support to Tenants Overview
G-4 Logistics Division Support to Tenants Overview CLASS I: Subsistence - Oversight & Quality Assurance for two Garrison Messhalls CLASS II: Individual equipment & consumable supplies - Self-Service Store, Gov’t Credit Card program, Contracting support CLASS III: Petroleum, oil, & lubricants - Fuel Station, HazMat, & POL’s CLASS V: Ground & aviation ordnance - Ammo support for marksmanship training & Ammunition Board Qualification Re-certifications CLASS VII: Major End Items Personal Support Equipment / Garrison Property Office re-furnishings / Barrack renovations, & Collateral Equipment Movement and/or storage of Household goods, Personal Effects, & POV’s Booking of Leisure & Official travel Contract support for rental equipment & other services Command Liaison: Commissary / DECA, CIF, DRMS, and DESC

15 G-4 Natural Resources and Environmental Affairs
Mission To provide resources and expertise that allow MAGTFTC/MCAGCC to consider all aspects of the environment in the planning and implementation of advanced training and exercises, while fulfilling the role as stewards to the environment. These efforts include meeting legal and regulatory environmental requirements to ensure the training mission can effectively continue on MCAGCC lands.

16 G-4 Natural Resources and Environmental Affairs
Overview Natural & Cultural Resources - Cultural and Historic Preservation - Natural Resources Conservation, Enforcement, and Management Pollution Prevention - Media Manager oversight Air, Water, Munitions, RCRA, Abatement, & Planning Hazardous Waste Management Branch - Handling, Disposal, and Reutilization of Hazardous Materials / Waste Compliance Support - CGIP Inspection support for validation of environmental conformance Range Sustainment - Range residue processing and sweep teams Qualified / Industrial Recycling - Residential/Commercial Recycling and solid waste processing for landfill diversion These are points I will to cover during this brief. (next slide)

17 G-4 Public Works Division
Military Civilian TOTAL

18 G-4 Public Works Division
Mission Statement The Public Works Division (PWD) provides facilities, facilities services, utilities, and geospatial information to support Combined Arms Training, Directorates and Tenants, and Families aboard MCAGCC Twentynine Palms.

19 G-4 Public Works Division
Overview Facilities (buildings) 2,872 Electrical Transmission Lines 230 miles High Temp Water Lines 60 miles Chilled water lines 12 Miles Natural Gas Transmission Lines 41 miles Sewage Collection Lines 62 miles Potable Water Distribution Lines 130 miles WWTP MGD Central Heat Plant MBTU/hr Central Chilled Water plants tons cooling Cogeneration Plant provides 7.2MW/35MBTU/hr Solar Array provides 1.2MW Potable water wells 11, deep water Non-potable water wells 2

20 Resident Office In Charge Of Construction

21 G-4 Resident Office In Charge Of Construction
Mission Statement Provide best-value facilities engineering and acquisition services for Marine Corps Installations West delivering $5.4 Billion American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, Grow-the-Force (GTF), and Bachelor Quarters (BQ) MILCON Initiatives.

22 Resident Office In Charge Of Construction
Active Contracts and Task Orders – as of 25 SEP 09 MILCON 9 Contracts FSRM & Construction 95 Contracts FSC 7 Contracts A&E 20 Contracts Total: Contracts $318.5M Active MILCON Projects FY08 P1801 Install A/C Vista Del Sol Complete NOV09 P998 Regimental HQ Facility Complete MAR10 P979 Landfill Expansion Complete JAN11 P906 BEQ & POV Parking Structure Complete DEC09 P710 GTF Interim Facility Site Prep. Complete AUG10 P183 JIEDDO Battle Course P915/P916 Multi-BN Ops Centers Complete SEP10 FY09 P971B MOUT Phase II P686/P908/P909 BEQs & POV Parking Structure Complete MAR11

23 G-4 Southwest Region Fleet Transportation
CG MCI West CoS MCI West Installation CG MCAGCC Director AC/S Logistics Camp Pendleton G-4 MCAGCC Regional Fleet Manager SWRFT

24 G-4 Southwest Region Fleet Transportation
Mission To provide commercial vehicle transportation support, management of garrison mobile equipment assignments, and maintenance support to Marine Corps installation commanders and tenant activities located in the Southwestern United States. Primary Mission is intra-base Transportation of Things (TOT) and Transportation of People (TOP) utilizing commercial GOVs. Secondary Mission is inter-base TOT and TOP as directed by SWRFT Region.

25 G-4 Southwest Region Fleet Transportation
Overview 7 Tractors 15 Trailers 15 Busses (674 pax lift capability) 254 Leased GSA vehicles(Base Controlled) 31 Leased GSA vehicles(Tenant Units) 10 3-Ton Cargo Trucks 152 FMD Maint/Construction equip 152 MHE (Forklifts,Scooters,GEMS) 2 WHE (Mobile Cranes) Alternative Fueled Vehicles 226 (E-85 – biodiesel – CNG) - 3 Hybrids Electric Powered GEM’s

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