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by Devasthan Department Government of Rajasthan DEVASTHAN DEPARTMENT

Rules of Business – has allotted matters relating to Devasthan properties Temples - Direct charge, Self Supporting and Supurdagi Registration under ‘Rajasthan Public Trust Act, 1959’ Public Trusts Nathdwara Temple Act and Temple Board Establishment - officers and staff under administrative control of Devasthan Department except matters allotted to DOP, GAD, FD. The Devasthan Deptt. also manages Grant of Annuity (annual payment) to average Rs by way of compensation for agricultural land income from temples acquired under 'The Jagir Resumption Act, 1952'. Deptt. spends on an average Rs per day per Govt. temple (total 390) on Puja, Bhog-Rag, Utsav, Deity dresses, electricity-water bills etc.

The Department deals with following Acts/ Rules Rajasthan Public Trust Act,1955 Rajasthan Public Trust Rules, 1962 Nathdwara Temple Act, 1959 Nathdwara Temple Rules, 1973 Sanwaliyaji Temple Act, 1992 Sanwaliyaji Temple Rules, 1991 Grant-in-aid Rules, 1958 Rajasthan Devasthan State and Sub-ordinance Service Rules, 2000 Rajasthan Devasthan Fund Service Rules,1959 Rajasthan Devasthan Fund Budget and Accounts Rules,1997

Supurdgi policy of 1997 Mining Lease policy of 2000 ‘Apna Dham, Apna Kaam, Apna Naam’ Yojna 2005 Temple Guide Yojna 2006 Rent Policy of 2000

5 Temple/ Trust Categories - 1
Direct Charge Temples / institutions under the direct control and management of Devasthan Deptt. All expenses met from State Budget. Income deposited in Government Head. Self Supporting Temples/institutions mainly dependent on the income from their own sources such as interest on deposits, rent of properties, offerings in the temple, agriculture land, Govt. aid etc. Managed by the Devasthan Department. Income deposited in temple fund and expenditure met from that fund. Supurdagi Temples built by ex-rulers, Thikanedars, Jagirdars or their family members and handed over to Mahants, Goswamis, Pujaris etc. for worship and management. Their management and liability was not taken by the State Government.

6 Temple/ Trust Management
1.   Temples/Institutions with the Govt. Category Total In State Outside State Direct Charge 390 365 25 Self Supporting 204 188 16 Supurdagi 400 362 38 994 915 79 2. Public Trusts registered with Devasthan Deptt.– 5739 (As on )

7 Temple/ Trust Category Examples
Religious trusts include – Shri Tripura Sundariji Trust, Banswara Shri Radha Govind Deo Temple Trust, Jaipur Shri Moti Dungari Ganesh Temple Trust, Jaipur Shri Kaila Devi Trust, Karauli Shri Mahaveer ji Trust, Karauli Charitable trusts include - Santokaba Durlabhji Hospital Trust, Jaipur Shri Mahaveer Cancer Hospital Trust, Jaipur Maharaja Sawai Man Singh Museum Trust, Jaipur Maharana Mewar Foundation Trust, Udaipur Mahatma Gandhi Hospital & Research Center & Medical College Trust, Jaipur

8 Administrative Setup State Level HOD Level
1. Principal Secretary Devasthan, Rajasthan, Jaipur. 2. Deputy Secretary, Devasthan, Rajasthan, Jaipur. HOD Level 1. Commissioner Devasthan (Head of the Department). 1 2. Deputy Commissioner Devasthan 3. Chief Accounts Officer 4. Deputy Legal Remembrance 1 5. Assistant Engineer 6. Assistant Accounts Officer

9 STAFF (GOVT. POSTS) S.N. Post Sanctioned Posted Vacant 1 Commissioner
- 2 Dy. Commissioner 3 Chief Accounts Officer 4 Deputy Legal Remembrance 5 Assistant Commissioner 10 6 Assistant Engineer 7 Legal Assistant 8 Junior Engineer 9 Assistant Accounts Officer Accountant 11 Junior Accountant 12 Inspector Grade I 13 Inspector Grade II 14 Manager Grade I 15 Manager Grade II 16 Office Superintendent 17 Personal Assistant 18 Steno 19 Office Assistant 20 UDC 25 21 LDC 26 22 Pujari/Sevagir 309 243 66 23 Jamadar 24 Class-IV 48 45 Work Mistri Total 505 402 103 20% of total

10 Division Level Asst. Commissioner Jurisdiction 1
Assistant Commissioner (I) Devasthan, Jaipur Jaipur and Dausa Districts 2 Assistant Commissioner (II) Devasthan, Jaipur Siker, Jhunjhunu and Alwar Districts 3 Assistant Commissioner, Devasthan, Bharatpur Bharatpur, Dholpur, Sawai Madhopur and Karauli Districts 4 Assistant Commissioner, Devasthan, Jodhapur Jodhpur, Pali, Barmer , Jalore, Sirohi and Jaisalmer Districts 5 Assistant Commissioner, Devasthan, Bikaner Bikaner, Churu, Shriganganagar, Hanumangarh Districts 6 Assistant Commissioner, Devasthan, Udaipur Udaipur( Expect Tehsil. Sulmber, kherwara, & Sarada) Chittorgarh and Rajsamand Districts 7 Assistant Commissioner, Devasthan, Kota Kota, Bundi, Jhalawar and Baran Districts 8 Assistant Commissioner, Devasthan, Rishabhdev Tehsils- Salumber, kherwara, and Sarada of Udaipur district, Dungarpur and Banswara districts, Temples and properties of Devasthan Department situated in Gujarat & Mahrarastra states. 9 Assistant Commissioner, Devasthan, Ajmer Ajmer, Nagaur,Tonk and Bhilwara Districts 10 Assistant Commissioner, Devasthan. Virandavan Temples & Properties of Devasthan Department situated in Uttar-Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Delhi States

11 District Level Inspector, Devasthan, Alwar
Inspector, Devasthan, Karauli Inspector, Devasthan, Dholpur Inspector, Devasthan, Bundi Inspector, Devasthan, Banswara

S.N Post Sanctioned Posted Vacant 1 Accountant - 2 Draftsman 3 Security Officer 4 Officer Incharge (Muntzim) 5 Fund Clerk 36 6 Manager 13 7 Driver 8 Pujari/Daroga 12 9 Mukhiya 15 10 Hawaldar / Jamadar 11 Constable 66 Class-IV Sewagir, etc. 61 58 Total 223 217

S.No Post Sanctioned Posted Vacant 1 Pujari 140 129 11 2 Tahalwa, Bhitariya 5 - 3 Chowkidar, Prahori 47 38 9 4 Hawaldar Water Man 20 19 6 Balbhogiya 7 Rasoiya 8 Bhandari Farras, Buhariya, Tapardar 37 34 10 Sweeper Kathavachak, Prachark, Keertaniya etc. 52 12 Recovery Assistant 13 Mashalchi 14 Beedwan Total 357 323 10% of total

14 BUDGET AT A GLANCE Plan Budget (Rs. lacs) Nidhi Budget (Rs. lacs) Year
Provision Expenditure - 120.00 34.12 82.65 93.91 50.00 49.56 151.00 103.47 660.95 640.85 90.00 66.80 600.00 WIP 42.00

SN Announcement Place of Announce-ment Date Status 1 Rs lacs will be given for renovation of Temple Shri Dwarkadheeshji Navneetpriyaji Jhalawar 4.5.05 Work completed 2 Rs. 50,000 will be spend on renovation of Temple Shri Laxmikantji, Dag. 3 Rs lacs will be spent on Temple Shri Rupabaiji, Jhalawar. 4 Rs lacs will be given for renovation of Gaushala of Temple Shri Dwarkadhishji, Jhalarapatan. 5 Renovation work of Temple Shri Anantramji Pyareramji will be started Baran 6.5.06 Work completed, Rs lacs spent 6 Rs lacs will be spent for renovation of temple Shri Dwarkadishji, Jhalrapatan Rs lacs sanctioned in by Tourism Deptt. Work is being executed by Devasthan Deptt. Rs lacs spent. WIP. 7 The expansion/ development plan of Nathdwara Town has been prepared to provide adequate places for stay, parking, darshan facilities etc. for pilgrims. Work will be taken up from next year. Sawalia Kheda Rajsamand 5.7.05 Work of Rs crores has been taken up. Rs crore spent.

S.N. Announcement Place of Announcement Date Status 1. Rs crore will be spent to develop for pilgrim place Gogamedi as tourist place. Rs. 50 lacs will be given during this FY and rest 50 lacs in next FY. Parleeka, Hanumangarh Works for Rs lacs sanctioned in Till now Rs spent. WIP. For Rs lacs sanctioned, tenders invited, to be received on 2. Rs lacs will be spent for development of Kyasora Mahadev Temple at Dug. Dug, Jhalawar FD sanctioned with condition that there should be some legal structure for private temples. Action being taken for compliance. 3 Rs crores will be given for development of Shri Charbhuja Garhbore. Charbhuja Garhbore, Rajsamand Devasthan Department has written vide letter dated to CEO, Nathdwara Temple Board to provide Rs crore from Board Fund.

S.N. Announcement Place of Announcement Date Status 1 Rs lacs will be arranged for renovation of temple Shri Latiyal Mataji, Phalodi. Phalodi, Jodhpur A project report for Rs lacs has been prepare by Devasthan Department, sanction is under process.

SN Budget Announce-ment Para Announcement Action taken 1 104 Looking to the prospects of spiritual tourism in the State Devasthan Department will jointly develop Durgah Sharect at Ajmer, Pushkar, Nathdwara, Shri Mahaveerji, Ranakpur, Ramdevra etc. A new scheme Adopt a Monument will be launched to protect ancient monuments of the State through Private sector on the basis of People's participation. MOU for ‘Adopt A Monument scheme’ was prepared and approved by Hon'ble CM. A PD Account has been opened in Treasury, Jaipur under Section 14 of the Act of 1961 to attract donations. Master plans and development plans of Nathdwara, Pushkar, Shri Mahaveerji, Kailadevi etc. have been prepared. 2 105 To promote spiritual tourism and economic activities the properties of 108 temples will be identified for implementation of Apna Dham - Apna Kaam - Apna Naam Scheme. Apna Dham - Apna Kaam - Apna Naam Scheme has been launched and properties related to the temples have been identified. Sanction has been started under the Scheme.

SN Budget Announce-ment Para Announcement Action taken 1 105 Religious Town Development Committees will be formed for overall development of town through people participation. In first Phase 21 town important religious towns will be taken up. The Committee under the Chairmanship of concerned Collectors was constituted on This order was withdrawn on ______ owing to ___ 2 106 Shrinathji temple of Nathdwara is a spiritual centre for pilgrims. A work plan has been prepared to provide facilties of residence, parking and darshan for pilgrims. The development and expansion of Nathdwara Town will be taken up next year. Work of Rs crore has been taken up. Rs crore spent.

SN Budget Announce-ment Para Announcement Action taken 1 103 Rs crore will be spent for development of religious and tourist places of Brij Region A committee was formed under the Chairmanship of Collector, Bharatpur for identification of works. The proposals sent by the Committee for Rs crores has been sent to FD for sanction.

SN Budget Announcement Para Announcement Action taken 1 168 Rs crores will be provided for improvement of temples. Improvement and beautification of Girirajji Parikrama Marg and improvement of Gautam Dham The proposals for total Rs. 500 lacs has been prepared and approved by FD. Sanction for Rs lacs has been issued for following works: a. Girirajji Parikrama Marg lacs b. Temple Pipanand Ji Gagron lacs (Jhalawar) c. 26 other Govt. temples lacs Total lacs Sanction for private temples for balance amount of Rs lacs is in progress.

22 SUPURDAGI POLICY 1997 Temple under the control of Devasthan Department
Given on supurdagi to registered public trusts For better up-keep Initially for 10 years, extendable two times, 5 years each. Registered trust to carry out following activities under the supervision of Devasthan Department. Worship as per traditional practice of the sect. Conservation and Preservation of temple on traditional lines without changing the original form of architecture

Temple Shri Category Name of Trust 1 Radha Vinodilal Ji, Tripolia Bazar, Jaipur Self Supporting Shri Chaitnya Prem Sansathan, Vrindavan 2 Balmukund Ji, Hotel Laxmi Vilas, Jaipur Direct Charge Rajasthan Pensioner Samaj Trust, Jaipur 3 Gulab Swaroop Bihari Ji, Udaipur Self -Supporting Maharana of Mewar Charitable Foundation, Udaipur 4 Madarashwar Mahadev, Banswara Shri Deth Madareshwar Jan Seva Sansthan, Banswara 5 Surya Mandir, Rankpur, Pali Supurdgi Shri Eakling ji Trust, Udaipur 6 Madan Mohan Ji, Mathura (UP) Shri Kalyan Rai Ji Charitable Trust, Kankroli, Rajsamand 7 Chaturbhuj Ji Khijoor, Jaipur Chandpol Bazar Religious & Charitable Trust, Jaipur 8 Bhuvneshwer Ji, Dungarpur Shri Bhuvneshwer Devalaya Sewa Sansthan, Dungarpur 9 Laxman Ji, Mathura ( UP) Shri Giriraj ji Punrudhar Samiti, Bharatpur 10 Dhaneshwer Ji, Udaipur Shrimal Samaj,Sarvajanik Trust, Udaipur 11 Satyanarayan Ji Gep Sagar ki Pal, Dungarpur Shri Bhatia Samaj Dungarpur Vikas Trust, Dungarpur 12 Laxmi Naryan Ji, Nani Gali, Udaipur Shri Rath Samiti, Jagdish Chowk, Udaipur. 13 Mangleshwer ji Mahadev, Village Magarda Tehsil Kushalgarh. Dist. Banswara Shri Sanatan Dharam Seva & Vikas Trust, Kushalgarh, Banswara 14 Arjun Surya Shiromani Ji, Rajora, Karauli Shri Kela Devi Temple Trust, Karauli 15 Kishori Shyam Ji, Radhakund, Govardhan, Mathura (UP) Shri Giriraj Adi Vishwanath Seva Samiti Trust, Bharatpur

Property of Devasthan Department can be given to a Public Trust on lease on BOT or MOT basis for maximum period of 30 years. For Commercial use, maximum lease period can be 5 years. The Public Trust would apply with a development plan. Construction of Dharamshala at Gogamedi sanctioned for Shri Joharveer Gogaji Bagar Seva Samiti, Agra on

25 Temple Guide Yojna  Objectives Provide the pilgrims/tourists visiting major temples of the state with information about the historical importance of these temples. Generate employment opportunities for the youths in addition to enhancement of knowledge of the tourists. Selected individuals would be trained and temple guide certificates would be issued to them.

26 Works 2003-04 (Nidhi Fund) Temple WORK Place/ District Amount spent
Rs. lacs Remarks 1 Gopinath ji, Ranawatji Renovation Khetri, Jhunjhunu 11.21 Work completed 2 Raghunathji, Chundawataji 10.26 3 Anantrai ji, Pyareramji Baran 17.76 4 Padmanathji (Surya Templ) Jhalrapatan, Jhalawar 11.98 5 Dwarkadheesh ji 22.66 6 Bihariji Bharatpur 10.54 7 Other 44 Temples Various Place 78.23 Total 162.64

27 Works 2004-05 (NIDHI Fund) Temple Work Place/ District Amount spent
Rs. lacs Remarks 1 Dwarkadheeshji Renovation Jhalrapatan, Jhalawar 14.75 Work completed 2 Other 30 Temples Various Places 93.85 Total 108.60

28 Works 2005-06 Plan Temple Work Place Amount spent Rs. lacs Remarks
18 Temples Renovation Various Place 49.56

29 Works 2006-07 Nidhi Temple WORK Place Amount Rs. lacs Remarks 1 Gogaji
1. Shelters for Pilgrims 2. Boundary Pillars 3. Main Gate Gogamedi, Hanumangarh 23.78 Sanction is for Rs. 50 lac. WIP 2 Baijnathji Renovation Sisarma, Udaipur 0.48 Work completed 3 Singauli Shyamji Construction of Sulabh complex Singauli, Bhilwara 4.80 WIP Total 29.06

30 Works 2006-07 Plan Temple WORK Place Amount Rs. lacs Remarks 1
Dadhdevi Mataji Renovation of Main Gate Ummedganj, Kota 10.29 Work completed 2 Babajiraj Renovation Mangrol, Baran 16.86 3 Siddhi Vinayakji Banswara 25.00 WIP, to be completed in 4 Tripura Sundari Project 1. Road Widening 2. Electrification 3. Plantation 4. Rest Home 5. Renovation of Sarovar 6. Other Works 420.95 WIP 5 Other 55 Temples Various Places 167.75 50 works completed. 5 covered in Total 640.85

31 Works 2007-08 Plan - 1 Temple Work Place, district Amt Rs. lac Remarks
Girraj ji Parikrama Marg Impro. and beauti. Bharatpur 30 2 Pipanand ji Renovation Gagron, Jhalawar 83 lacs of 06-07 3 26 Misc temples Various places 148 4 Kayavarneshwar Mahadevji Kyasara, Jhalawar private temple, trust to be registered 5 Narsinghji Garwada, Jhalawar 17 6 Naklank Mahadevji Pirawa, Jhalawar 20 7 Shivji Kelkhoira, Jhalawar 22 8 Radi ke Balaji Jhalawar 25 9 Gautam Dham Improvement Shivganj, Sirohi 125 Project for 170, private temple 10 Total 500

32 Date sanctioned/ Remarks
Works Plan - 2 Revival/ Dev. works in 7 temples and ongoing works in 6 temples taken up under plan budget of Rs lac. Temple WORK Place district Amt Rs. lac Date sanctioned/ Remarks 1 Bhairavji Renovation Jantar-Mantar, New Delhi 1.00 incomplete of 06-07 2 Dwarkadshishji Jhalawar 2.50 3 Balaji Khejdi, Jhalawar 4 Ramji Sunel, Jhalawar 2.00 5 Murli Ganeshji Banswara 6 Sidhi Vinayakji 30.90 7 Goverdhanji Anta, Baran 5.00 8 Dwarkadhishji Jhalarapatan, Jhalawar 25.00 9-13 5 Other Temples Various district 30.09

33 Shrinathji Temple Nathdwara - Development of A phased plan for development of tourist facilities prepared according to master plan, carried out by CEO, TB. Plan Est. Cost Rs. Crore Expd. Work Extension of Temple I Phase 20.00 9.02 Construction work is in progress from II Phase 12.00 2.81 1.Demolition of building (in progress) 2.Tenders are to be invited for construction works in second phase. 3.Notification has been issued for acquisition of private properties. Beautification of Lal Bag 2.50 1.80 1. Leveling work completed 2. Path way and construction work completed. 3. Sand Stone flooring and other works under progress. Govardhan Parikrama 1.00 0.83 1. Kuchha road of Parikrama completed 2. Plantation work under progress. 3. Relaing wall and other work under progress

Has taken up renovation/ development works like: Renovation of the temple. Provide Medical facilities through various charitable institutions. Drinking water facilities. Construction of Dharamshalas, Guest Houses and provide modern facilities there. New Road from Mandafiya to Ghorakhera. Restaurant at Mandafiya. Plantation work on roadsides of Bhadsoda-Mandphiya road. Development works of appx. Rs. 25 crores are in progress.

SN Temple Shri Place District Tithi Month Appx Pilgrims- lac 1 Nakodaji MewaNagar Barmer Posh K. Dashmi Jan 1.00 2 Eaklingji Kailashpuri Udaipur Shivratri Feb 3 Hari Harji Beneshwar Dungarpur Maagh Purnima 2.00 4 Rahna Devi Ji Golipura Dholpur Chaitra Navratra March 5 Khatu Shyamji Khatu Sikar Falgun S. Eakadashi Mar 4.00 6 Keshriya ji Rishbhdev Chaitra K. Ashtami Mar-Apr 7 Tripura Sundari Talwara Banswara Ashwin Navratra Mar-Oct 8 Kaila Devi Jheel Ka Bara Bharatpur 5.00 9 Karoli Chatra, Navratra Apr 10 Mahaveerji Mahaveer ji Karauli Mahaveer Jayanti 11 Balaji Mehandipur Dausa Hanuman Jayanti (Chaitra S. Poornima) Vijay Dashmi, Phalgun Poornima Oct

S.N. Temple Shri Place District Tithi Month Appx Pilgrims- lac 12 Ramdevji Ramdevra Jaisalmer Bhadrapadh Dooj Aug–Sep 15.00 13 Kalyanji Diggi Tonk Bhadrapadh Aug-Sep 1.00 14 Gogaji Gogamedi Hanumangarh Goga Navmi 10.00 15 Charbhujaji Gadhbor Rajsamand Jaljhulni Eakadashi Sep. 1.50 16 Sanvaliyaji Mandphia Chittorgarh Bhadra S. Eakadshi Sep 17 ShilaDevi Amber Jaipur Navratra Oct 18 Pushkar Dham Pushkar Ajmer Kartik Purnima Nov 19 Kapil Muniji Kolayat Bikaner 20 Keshavraiji Keshavrai Patan, Bundi 2.50

The State has vast potential for development of religious tourism. In order to promote religious tourism, attract investment and provide facilities to pilgrims/ tourist, Religious Tourism Circuits have been identified by the Department. Brochures for Mewar and Brij Bhoomi Religion Tourism Circuits have been prepared. Brochures for Shri Mahaveerji and Pushkar Temples also prepared.

Detailed route 1 Shekhawati Jaipur - Samod (Veer Hanumanji Mandir) - Khatu, Sikar (Khatu Shyamji Mandir) - Jeen, Sikar (Jeen Mataji Mandir - Harsh Parvat, Sikar) - Churu - Salasar (Balaji Mandir), Do Jantee Balaji - Ichchchapoorima Balaji, Sardar Sahar - Bikaner 2 Jaipur-Sikar/ Dundad Jaipur to Shahpura (Triveni Dham) - Khandela Char Dham, Shakambhari Mataji - Sikrai, Lohargal, Kirodi - Mansha Mata, Koha - Ganeshwar (Ganeshwar Mahadev) - Mankalwas (Tapekeshwar Mahadev) - Kharagbeespur (Baleshwara Mahadev) - Dokan (Bhageshwar Mahadev) Kotputli (Ramehswar Das baba teeba - Bassi) 3 Sawai Madhopur- Tonk Jaipur to Shivad, (Ghushmeshvar, Jyotirling) - Diggi Malpura (Shri Kalyanji) Sambhar lake, Shakambheri Mata (Via-Dudu) Jaipur 4 Karauli - Dausa Bharatpur to Karauli (Madan Mohan Ji Maharaj Virajman) Karauli (Kailadevi) Karauli (Shri Mahaveerji) Dausa (Mehandipur Balaji) 5 Ramdevra Jodhpur to Osian- Ramdevra-Bhadria-Jaisalmer-Nokla 6 Marwar Jodhpur to Pali, (Somnath Mahadev) - Somderao (Neemashwar Mahadev) - Sirohi (Saronvar Mahadev) - Parapuri Teerth Dam – Bhairu Tarale Dam Anadara – Jirawali Jain Teerth – Mount Abu (Delwara Jain Temple). 7 Pushkar Ajmer to Pushkar Teerth – Merta (Meera Temple) – Parbatsar (Tejaji Temple) - Deshnok - Bikaner (Karni Mata Temple). 8 Bikaner Bikaner to Kodamdesar (Bhaiouji Temple – Gajner Kila – Kolayat Kapilmuniji Temple) – Ramdevra – Jaisalmer. 9 Barmer Jodhpur-Nakodaji- Barmer temples of Kiradu. 10 Bundi-Sawai Madhopur Kota – Keshoraipatan – Indragarh Mataji Temple- Kamleshwar Mahadev – Ranthambhore (Ganeshji Temple) – Bharatpur – Jaipur.

SN Purpose Amount Rs. lacs To 1 Tsunami victim 46.77 CM Relief Fund 2 Flood victims 2006 41.71 3 Cancer Shivirs at 10 places benefiting 4092 patients 4 Mid-Day-Meal 5000 students being supplied meals

40 CONSTRAINTS Encroachment on temple lands
Threat to temple land near Abadi Areas of Towns Inadequate Manpower Out of 309 posts of Pujjari and Sevagir 66 are vacant. 25 posts of Pujari and Sevagir abolished. Post of Pujari and Sevagir declared as ‘Dying Cadre’. Out of 21 posts of Inspectors, 12 are vacant. Post of AEns and JEns are vacant. Technical support inadequate. Inadequate Budget for Bhograg etc. No increase since Price escalation has resulted in decrease in material for Bhograj etc.

41 PROPOSALS Old encroachments on temple lands: A committee has been constituted under the Chairmanship of Principal Secretary, Revenue to suggest amendments in the law to handle this problem. Temple lands near Abadi Areas of Towns/ Cities: May be acquired by Local Authority and compensation be deposited in temple fund, which can be used for maintenance and improvement of temples. Manpower support: Permission for recruitment of Pujari and Sevagirs. Revival of 25 posts of Pujari and Sevagirs. If post of Pujari and Sevagirs is to be kept as Dying Cadre, then special sanction to appoint persons on these post on contract basis. Filling the vacant post of Inspectors through RPSC. Filling the post of AEns and JEns on deputation from PWD. Creation of 1 post of XEn, 1 post of AEn and 3 posts of JEns in the Department. Budget provisions for ‘Bhograg’ etc.: May be doubled and 10% per annum to compensate for price escalation.

42 FUTURE ACTIVITIES Yearly calendar for fairs of Important Temples.
Religious Tourism Circuits. Motivating Trusts for Participation for Public Cause. Website development under ‘Backend Computerization’ Publication of Department ‘Gold Book’. Leasing of properties on commercial lines. Privatization of Hotel Dev Darshan. Temple Boards for important temples.


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