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1.  Organizational Structure  Implementation  Monitoring & Evaluation  Progress 2013-14  Action Plan 2014-15  Best Practices  Issues 2.

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1 1

2  Organizational Structure  Implementation  Monitoring & Evaluation  Progress 2013-14  Action Plan 2014-15  Best Practices  Issues 2

3  Independent Mid-Day Meal Authority under a Director with Chief Secretary being the Chairman of State level Governing Body  Director assisted by Additional Director, Joint Director, Deputy Directors, Asst. Directors & Finance Controller.  Authority co-ordinates with Food & Civil Supplies, FCI, Panchayati Raj, Health, Urban Dev. & other related Deptts.  Monitors implementation of the scheme  Co-ordinates with GOI & Govt. of UP. 3

4 S.N.Post No. of Post S.N.Post No. of Post 1 Director 113Administrative Officer1 2 Additional Director 114Personal Assistant1 3 Finance Controller 115Senior Assistant1 4 Joint Director 116Accountant1 5 Deputy Director 217Senior Account Clerk2 6 Finance and Account Officer 118Senior Clerk1 7 Assistant Director 419Steno3 8 Nutrition Expert 120Store Keeper-cum-Cashier1 9 Statistical Officer 121Computer Operator8 10 System Analyst 122Daftari1 11 Co-ordinator [Information, Education, Broadcasting] 123Peon13 12 Co-ordinator [Training] 1 4

5 5  MDM Cell Headed by District Basic Education Officer  MDM Cell has 02 Personnels in 18 Divisions and 75 Districts MDM Co-ordinator Computer Operator

6  Primarily Gram Panchayat/SMC in Rural Areas  Ward Members/NGOs in Urban Areas  Mahila Samakhya in selected schools of rural areas in 15 Districts.  SHG/DUDA  For Conversion Cost separate bank Account at School Level (Madhyanh Bhojan Nidhi)  Provision of MDM Register in every school for keeping account of food grain, Conversion cost & number of students availing MDM  Required prescribed amount of nutrients is being provided through varied weekly menu. 6

7  Info. Of fund transfer and food grain allocation from district to schools through Daily Monitoring System generated SMS to teachers.  Fund transfer from State to Districts and Districts to Schools through online budget allocation and E-Payment method.  At FY beginning State releases advance fund to districts even without receiving CA from GOI.  All accounts of “Madhyanh Bhojan Nidhi” in CBS Branch.  Payment to cook-cum-helper through cheques only.  Out of 400578 cooks working in 2013-14, 93% are women.  Ward of cook-cum-helper studying in that school is a mandatory condition for cook’s appointment.  Block Education Officers monitoring the scheme through exception reports generated out of DMS.  Training Program with co-ordination of UNICEF for BEOs & BSAs  Toll free number 1800-419-0102  A web based system developed on to co-ordinate payment to FCI and Lifting Agencies. 7

8  Quality of foodgrains is inspected at FCI godown at district level by a joint team comprising of nominee of Collector, Representative of FCI & State Lifting Agency. FCI NGOs/Mahila Samakhya where engaged Fair Price Shops Gram Pradhan School Urban Local Body State Lifting Agency 8

9 State Government- Basic Education Department District Magistrate Madhyanh Bhojan Nidhi Urban Local Body/NGO 9  Fund flow through E-Payment mode from State to Districts and Districts to Schools/FCI/Lifting Agencies.

10  Executive Committee of MDM Authority – Quarterly  Regular visits by Task Force  District level Task Force: 12 officers – 5 school visits per month by each officer  Block level Task Force: 8 officers – 5 school visits per month by each officer  Each school visited every Quarter  Monthly review at district level by DM 10

11  External evaluation of impact of the mid-day meal programme was commissioned by IIM Lucknow, Udyamita Vikas Sansthaan, Lucknow and G.B. Pant Institute of Social Science, Allahabad.  Suggestions given by External Evaluation Agencies are under consideration of MDM Authority.  Daily monitoring of regularity of meals provided being successfully done through IVRS based real-time monitoring.  Spot inspection based on exception reports generated out of DMS.  Spot inspection done for cross checking the IVRS data as part of concurrent monitoring. 11

12 Upto 3 rd Qtr. 12

13 13

14 14

15 15

16 16 Working Days234 Primary Schools1,14,373 Enrollment in Primary Schools (as on 30-09-2013) 1.38 Crore Upper Primary Schools54,019 Enrollment in Upper Primary Schools (as on 30-09-2013) 60.00 Lac

17 17 Working Days for NCLP287 NCLP Schools1078 Enrollment in NCLP Schools51,682

18  Requirement of Kitchen Shed: 445 (Money Available with State)  Kitchen Shed for Govt. Aided Scools: 4349  Requirement of Kitchen Utencils: 1,04,630  Requirement of Cook-cum-helper:4,34,032 18

19 19

20 20 Detailed MME Plan

21 21 Detailed MME Plan Budgeted Amount

22 22 Detailed MME Plan Budgeted Amount

23 23 Detailed MME Plan Budgeted Amount

24 S.No.Component Central Share State Share Total 12345 1Cost of Food Grain ( 100% CA) 179.620.00179.62 2Cooking Cost (75% CA) 882.55291.881174.43 3 Honorarium to Cook-cum- Helper (75% CA) 358.08119.36477.44 4 Transportation Assistance (100% CA) 24.560.0024.56 5MME (100% CA) 54.900.0054.90 6Kitchen-cum-Store (75% CA) 2.840.953.79 7Kitchen Devices (100% CA) 52.320.0052.32 Total 1554.86412.181967.04 Rs. In Cr. 24 Fund is available for construction of Kitchen-cum-store with State.

25 Physical S.N.Head 2013-14 Approval 2014-15 Proposal 1 No. Of Schools 1,68,3371,68,392 NCLP Schools 1,2841,078 Total Schools 1,69,6211,69,470 2Total Enrollment 2,00,97,2011,98,24,273 3Average Availing 1,23,22,9101,22,18,594 4Requirement of foodgrain (In MTs) 3,41,186.283,27,483.80 5Working Days 243234 6Requirement of Cook-cum-helper 4,34,032 7 Rquirement of kitchen-cum-store 5,8334794 8Requirement of Kitchen Utensils 45,5391,04,630 25

26 S.No.Component 2013-14 Approval 2014-15 Proposal Increase in % 12345 1Cost of Food Grain ( 100% CA) 182.87179.62 2Cooking Cost (75% CA) 1123.131174.434.37 3 Honorarium to Cook-cum- Helper (75% CA) 434.03477.449.09 4 Transportation Assistance (100% CA) 25.5924.56 5MME (100% CA) 24.7954.9054.85 6Kitchen-cum-Store (75% CA) 0.0030.56100.00 7Kitchen Devices (100% CA) 22.7752.32129.77 Total 1813.181993.839.96 Rs. In Cr. Financial 26

27  Software based performance management for ranking of each entity.  Move to implement the scheme through SMCs in all schools.  Move to involve SMC in appointment of cooks and monitoring of their performance.  Move to verify the DMS data through IVR Calls to SMC members.  Inspections of Randomly generated schools in exception reports from Daily Monitoring System.  Move to make daily monitoring system a tool of planning also by identifying the primary reasons of interruptions in cooking meals. 27

28 28  Food Security Act – 2013  Applicable on enrolled or attending children?  Allowance sharing between centre and state?  Allowance to be recovered from defaulting official(s) or not?  Timeline for release of funds and food grains from GOI?  If money is given by GOI instead of food grain u/s-23 of Food Security Act, then the Rate of Cost of food grain?  Fund will be required for setting up/strengthening of management structure.  To maintain one month buffer stock of food grain at school level, GOI should inject that much quantity at least once in the food grain chain.  Central Assistance of Rs 19830.28 Lac released for additional fuel cost in 2012-13 & 2013-14 to be diverted to other recurring heads e.g. CC & CCH in FY 2014-15.

29 29 Internal Grievance Redressal Cell (State Level) Staffing Pattern Rate (Rs. Per Month) Annual Budget Rs. (In Lac) Dy. Director170,0008.40 Asstt. Dyrectors255,00013.20 Steno335,00012.60 Senior Assistants535,00021.00 Computer Operators513,0007.80 Class-IV56,0003.60 10 Seater Call Centre12,50,00030.00 Grievance Redressal Computerised Platform 114,00,000168.00 Total2318,64,000264.60

30 30 Strengthening of Mid Day Meal Cell (District level) Rate (Rs. Per Month) Annual Budget Rs. (In Lac) BEO Headquarter as MDM Incharge 145,0005.40 Accountant cum Clerk135,0004.20 Additional Computer Operator113,0001.56 Class-IV16,0000.72 Total499,00011.88

31 31 Strengthening of Management (Block level) Rate (Rs. Per Month) Annual Budget Rs. (In Lac) Block Co-ordinators 820 Blocks 48 (12x4)Mahanagar 58 Nagar kshetra) 92611,0001,222.32 Strengthening of Management (School level) MDM Supervisor1,70,0005,0001,02,000.00 Office Contingency @ 3.8%3,931.65 Grand Total1,07,430.45

32  As a Grievance Redressal Mechanism, A toll free number has been developed by the Basic Education Officer Badaun at MDM cell in his office, where the complaints are registered on a Toll free complaint register and are accordingly sorted out, which are regularly monitored by the District Magistrate Badaun.  In Barabanki, under School Health Programme, along whith students, the health checkup of cooks is also being done and a medical fitness certificate is provided to them.  In Primary School Gularia in Barabanki, one teacher himself has arranged plates, belts and sweaters for students. This school is a Model School in the district.  In Faizabad, Food inspectors have picked 37 samples of Mid day Meal for tasting them in laboratories. This is being done regularly. In Jhansi, they are also checking water samples along with food samples. 32

33  Sarees and aprons have been distributed to all the cooks in Shikohabad block of district Firozabad.  Cooks are being educated under Literacy Mission in Etawah, so that they can perform their duties more efficiently.  In Hathras, the whole cooking process of all NGO's involved in Mid Day Meal scheme is being recorded. This has led to an improvement in quality of food.  Kitchen Garden has been developed in 87 schools of Sitapur. Similarly, in Unnao, along with maintenance of kitchen garden in school campus, facility of dining tables is also being provided through "Vidyalay Anudan Nidhi" and with the help of teachers. Multi taps have also being installed in some schools for easy availability drinking water for all children.  Water filters and R.O. have been provided to 30-40 schools of Unnao and some schools of district Sonbhadra and G.B. Nagar. 33

34  Utensils for serving food to children and containers have been provided through various sources in some districts. The description of which is as follows:-  Arrangement of plates in 195 schools in district Allahabad.  Arrangement of plates, glasses in more than 100 schools in Kaushambi. The primary teacher association in the district has decided to provide plates, glasses and spoons in another 40 schools.  In Unnao, plates and glasses are available for all children in all schools. schools through Vidyalaya Vikas Abhidaan.  In Jhansi, the District Magistrate has provided 2 big containers and 4 plastic containers (for masalas) in all schools with the help of State Finance Commission.  In Lakhimpur Kheri, plates, spoons and glasses have been purchased in 72 schools through Vidyalaya Vikas Abhidaan. 34

35  To Provide Mid day Meal to children with dignity, dining sheds have been constructed in some districts, the discription of which is as follows:-  In Kaushambi, dining shed has been constructed in 10 schools with the help of 13th finance commision.  In Sonbhadra, dining shed has been constructed in 20 schools with the help of Panchayati Raj Department.  In Unnao, dining shed has been constructed in 1070 schools with the help of 12th finance commision.  In Allahabad, dining shed has been constructed in 130 schools with the help of Panchayati Raj Department. 35

36  In Rampur, attendance office students has improved which is the impact of regular monitoring of schools by the officers of different departments under the leadership of District Magistrate. A 36 points format has been developed at district level in which all people related to the scheme viz. Kotedar, Pradhan, Teacher, Rasoiya are supposed to note down the responsibilities they have performed.  In Kushinagar, students of standard 2-5 are supposed to sign in Hindi in the attendance register. while those of standard 6-8 sign in English. With the effort of District Magistrate, 80 % of all the kitchens have been tiled through State Finance Commission.  In Lakhimpur Kheri, Health Checkup of cooks is also being done under School Health Programme and medical certificate is provided to them. Gas cylinders have been provided to schools situated in Samagra Grams through 5000/- of Vidyalaya Vikas Nidhi. 36

37  In Varanasi, various organizations such as Akanksha Samiti and Rotary Club are doing appreciable efforts such as distributions of aprons to cook and study chowkis to students, motivation to develop kitchen gardens, adoption of some schools and distribution of Sankalp Patrika in Schools. 37

38 38 District: Shrawasti

39 39 Kitchen Garden District: Sitapur Primary School MAU Primary School FARIHA

40 40 Dining Shed District: Sonbhadra Primary School Butt, Block Robertsganj

41 District: Gorakhpur, Primary School Barauwa, Block Piprauli



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