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Schulich Research Office Overview October 2013 Research Office.

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1 Schulich Research Office Overview October 2013 Research Office

2 Topics Schulich Research Office Who are we How can we assist you Common questions

3 Research Office Team Dr. Denise Figlewicz – Vice-Dean, Research & Innovation Ms. Mady Hymowitz – Director Dr. Melanie Katsivo – Research Officer / Director Global Health Dr. Peter Kleinstiver – Research Officer/ OBI Project Manager Dr. Mary Ann Pollmann-Mudryj – Research Development Officer (Robarts) Dr. Greg Vilk – Research Officer/ Industry Liaison Dr. Kevin O’Neil – Research Officer Ms. Mariel Angus – Admin Asst (programs for student/trainees) Ms. Stacy Dinel – Research Office Asst 4/21/20153

4 Emphasis on Research at Schulich Schulich Medicine & Dentistry aims to become a national and global leader in health research. To achieve this goal, specific recommendations were provided in the new Strategic Plan, and in the White Paper from the Research Task Force, including: Implement organizational and cultural changes to instill a “culture of research” within Schulich. Increase the focus on research in CIHR pillars 2, 3 and 4, Provide support for team building, new research collaborations and new research opportunities Strengthen mentorship for faculty and trainees Establish a core of highly performing multi-disciplinary research centres or groups that will achieve international recognition

5 Research Office Activities Grant submission requirements for proposals submitted through Western Application signatures, letters of support, ROLA Information on funding opportunities Grant development Identify and target appropriate grant opportunities for researchers Assist with team formation, strategy and grantsmanship Provide critical reviews Initial focus is on large team/infrastructure grants

6 More Research Office Activities Programs for students/trainees Research opportunities for med students (SRTP/SROP) MD/PhD Clinician Investigator Program /RRCD Internal funding competitions Pilot Seed Funding program for collaborative research- underway Fostering interactions with industry Support for core research facilities Assistance with award nominations (e.g. DUP, Faculty Scholars)

7 What questions can I contact the Schulich Research Office for? Who needs to sign my proposal? How do I get a letter of support from the Dean for my grant application? I’m looking for research funding to establish my new research program. Where do I start? My CIHR proposal wasn’t approved. What can I do now? I want to get involved in research and am looking for opportunities to join a team. Who else is working in this field?

8 My funding application asks for an Institution signature. Is it ok if my department chair signs? NO!!! Grants are submitted through either Western or Lawson. They provide the institutional signature. A Department Chair does not have the authority to sign for the institution. Both Western and Lawson have standard processes for grant approval/submission – follow them!

9 The application form says the Dean’s signature is required. Do I need to make an appointment to see Dean Strong? NO!!! Authority to sign grants applications for Schulich is designated to the Vice Dean, Research and Innovation Many signatures can be handled electronically or with pdf rather than hardcopy. Contact the Schulich Research Office first.

10 How do I get my grant signed? Two sets of requirements to consider: Funding agency guidelines Institution (Western or Lawson) requirements A ROLA form for all grant applications submitted through Western. Approval routing for signatures: 1.Department Chair 2.Schulich 3.Institution Don’t assume you can get a signature while you wait! Western requests 3 business days for a signature.

11 Western vs. Lawson – which should I submit my grant applications through? Depends on the research proposal, the activities involved, and the funding agency’s guidelines Most (but not all) clinical research applications are submitted through Lawson Some agencies (PSI Foundation, NSERC) require applications be submitted through Western Often it is the applicant’s decision which institution to go through

12 I’m a new researcher – where do I start? Internal seed/pilot funding – Western Strategic Support for CIHR Success – Seed Grants, Lawson Internal Fund, some departments External seed/pilot funding and opportunities for new investigators Build linkages with other researchers Build on pilot awards to pursue external opportunities 12

13 Close collaborations Increasing level of city-wide collaboration Schulich Research Office works in close collaboration with Research Western, Research Finance, Lawson, and the departments If we can’t answer your question, we can probably find someone who can

14 Contacts Schulich Research Office Robarts Research Institute, Suite 1240 X83755 Dr. Denise Figlewicz Vice Dean, Research and Innovation Ms. Mady Hymowitz Director, Research

15 Questions?

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