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Policy Council Training, October 10, 2009 Irma Guerra, Division Director

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1 Policy Council Training, October 10, 2009 Irma Guerra, Division Director

2  W. D. Powell, Jr (Bill) Executive Director Division Directors: Child Care Services – Carrie Meeks Community Services – Vacant/TBA Housing– Henry Tarango Health Services – Mary Adams SPARTAN Transportation – Brian Baker Workforce Development – Roger Cardenas Head Start/Early Head Start – Irma Guerra

3  Chief Finance Officer – Henry (Chip) Low Accounts payable, Payroll, Fiscal Brittnye LaFreniere, HS/EHS Finance Manager  Human Resources – Andy Cates o Candice Thomas, HS/EHS HR Specialist  Corporate Safety, Risk & Property Management – Larry Martin  Executive Assistant to SPCAA – Adolfo Perez  Deputy Director – Roger Cardenas o Technology Systems Analysis

4 South Plains CAA Board of Directors W. D. Powell, Jr.(Bill) Executive Director Head Start & EHS Policy Council ____ Direct Line of Authority ……… Shared Line of Authority HS and EHS Management & Employees only All SPCAA Management & Employees


6 Center Directors Team Leaders Administrative Assistants Mangers & Assistants Administrative Assistant (1) Mangers & Assistants Administrative Assistant (1)  Associate Director For Operations – Rebecca Ramirez,  Associate Director For Program Development & Quality Assurance- Sebrina Carroll,

7  Center Directors  Cooks  Classroom Staff  Family Support Workers  Operations Assistants  Others (while on-site) Maintenance Volunteers Vendors  Academy – Minerva Hernandez  Eddie Richardson – Carolyn Hart  New Beginnings – Monica Garza  Building Bridges & Future Success – Rosa Salinas  Creative Zones & Hale County Home Based – Rachelle Martinez  Levelland Building Blocks & Morton EHS – Jo Burns  Jump Start & Windham – Lori Butler  Little Steps – Enedina (Nina) Agundis

8 “a leader is someone who steps back from an entire system and tries to build a more collaborative, more innovative system that will work in the long run” Robert Reich Team Leaders-  Liz Martinez  Jackie Shivers  Claire Woodard  Supervise FSWs at Partner Locations  Coordinate program services in partner locations

9 Vince Lombardi 2 Administrative Assistants Maria Shehan Royce Watson Substitutes for all grantee sites "Individual commitment to a group effort — that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work."

10 Plans, Policies and Procedures Develop program & train to insure quality Health Services Manager –  Matilda Elizondo Patty Ravenscraft, Assistant Leona Davis, RN Brenda Ramirez, LVN Jill Chandler, Dietician Education Manager –  Suzanne Tilley Catrina Glenn, Assistant Family Services Manager –  Mark Gomez Mary Ramos, Assistant Data Entry Clerks (2) Early Head Start Asst-  Dianne Taylor Mental Health & Disabilities Services Manager –  Jennifer Quinones, Leigh Wells, Assistant Blanca Herron, Assistant Community Outreach & Volunteer Advocate –  Kenna Pruitt Transportation & Maintenance –  Robert Whitfield 3 Maintenance personnel Program Trainer –  Crystal Andrews Lori Garza, Education Advisor

11 “Checking the results of a decision against its expectations shows (management and operations staff) what their strengths are, where they need to improve, and where they lack knowledge or information.” (or skills) ~Peter Drucker Monitoring  Olivia Barbosa, Monitoring Supervisor Olga Salazar, Lead Monitor Brent Butler, Lead Monitor Technology Assistant  Joe Crawford Administrative Support Ida Davis, Administrative Assistant Receptionist

12 South Plains CAA Administrative Offices 411 Austin Street Levelland, Texas 79336 410 Houston Street Levelland, Texas 79336 806/894-2207 OR 2201 34 th Street Lubbock, Texas 806/762-8815 Agency website: Head Start & EHS Administrative Offices

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