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Thank you for visiting LACES! Welcome Don't forget that the Choices Application is due December 17.

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1 Thank you for visiting LACES! Welcome Don't forget that the Choices Application is due December 17

2 2 LACES Jazz Band Dr. Mark Monarch, Teacher

3 Open House Overview This presentation is available online on the LACES Website Welcome School Mission Academic Program/Electives Support Services and Other School Programs Parent’s Role Q & A Magnet Application Process Tour

4 Welcome Dr. Margaret Kim, Principal L.A.C.E.S. National Blue Ribbon School California Distinguished School Newsweek Top Public School US News and World Report Top School

5 LACES Mission- Dr. Margaret Kim, Principal One of the first magnet schools (1977) Grades 6-12 LACES provides a challenging environment where all students pursue academic excellence leading to productive lives in a changing world. Los Angeles Center for Enriched Studies reflects the diversity of Los Angeles with our students coming from many socio-economic, cultural and ethnic backgrounds.

6 LACES Curricular Program- Dr. Margaret Kim, Principal College Preparatory from the 6 th – 12 th grade – Core classes for ALL English, math, history science/health State standards –ELECTIVE CLASSES (Art, Music, Dance, Language, Yearbook, Leadership, AP classes, Journalism MS/HS, Apprentice/Peer Tutoring, Mock Trial, Academic Pentathlon/Decathlon) –ALSO…MESA, Academic Decathlon, Mock Trial, Science Bowl, MS Spelling Bee, Math Study Groups, Peer Helping)

7 Unique Elements Dr. Margaret Kim, Principal Very Diverse student population –Economic, geographic, talent and interest –(26 languages) Family Atmosphere Each student takes seven classes –Not six like at most public school –Students may have 8 different teachers –Each class meets three times per week –Rotating schedule “A” week/ “B” week Class Sessions usually last for more than an hour

8 Successful Students - Dr. Margaret Kim, Principal –Consistently high Academic Performance Index (884 API) –Our SAT mean for ALL students surpasses LAUSD, state, and national averages –100% Math & English pass rate on California High School Exit Exam on first attempt –99% go on to the college of their choice: UC’s, Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Barnard, MIT, etc.

9 9 Possible LAUSD Calendar Change LAUSD may be adopting new calendar starting 2011-2012 School year may start in mid- August

10 10 LACES Dance & Cheer Middle and High School Cheer Students Toni Harris, Teacher and LACES Alumna

11 Counseling and Support Services Marion Wong, Asst. Principal Counseling Four grade-level counselors One College Counselor Full-inclusion resource program Homeroom Leaders Peer Helpers Part-time School Psychologist Nurse 5-days a week Dean of Discipline

12 Academic Support Services Marion Wong, Assistant Principal Study Groups Writing Assistance Parent Workshops Parent Center Counselors’ Watch-list

13 Attendance- MaryJane London, Magnet Coordinator School Hours 7:56 a.m.– 3:00 p.m. One of the highest attendance rates in the district Professional Development Tuesdays (x14) dismissal @ 1:30 p.m.

14 Transportation- Carol Lockett, Assistant Principal 94% of our students are eligible for bus transportation. 3 mile radius eligibility (as the crow flies) Pick-up times may be as early as 6:25 AM and return as late as 4:30 PM. Late buses available to transport students after sports and other activities

15 Clubs - Carol Lockett, Asst. Principal LACES Cheer Peer Helping Film 101 Korean Club Diverse Scholars Bullies Beware Pop Japan Drama Club Broken Cogz Hip Hop Showdown LINK Chess Club Fair Trade Club Environmental Club Young Black Scholars Creative Writing Club Young Russian Scholars Chinese Cultural Club Los Angeles Appreciation Club PAVA LACES Fencing Club Magic:The Gathering Club Class of 2010 T.U.P.E Troopers Calculus Club Adopt a Solider (AAS) Amnesty International Gay Straight Alliance Cartoon Club The Fashion Club Basketball Club S.U.R.F Class of 2011 NJHS/NHS Glee Club Sports Club LACES Poetry Club The Sweethearts Club BulletBall Club Cancer Awareness Black Student Union Go Green Club The Community Service Club Multicultural Sports Alliance Desi Club/South Asian Scholars Drug Awareness and Prevention Filipino Culture Club Japanese American Cultural Club ClubMath Contest Club Class of 2012 Athletic Geniuses Sneakerhead JSU Scholarly Students Association Debate Club M.E.C.H.A./YLS HUGS (Help Us Give Some) The Ricebreakers National Society of Black Engineers Body Building Club LACES Junior Statesmen of America Social Action Club Astronomy Physics Club Bemani Club Photography Club Gardening Club Cheese Club KIWINS LACES Christian Fellowship Club Young Democrats We <3 Seniors Class of 2013

16 16 College Preparation Brandi Bakewell, College Counselor Many Colleges Visit LACES PSAT and EXPLORE Field Trips Advanced Placement Courses College Knowledge Night College Placement Concurrent Enrollment Classes

17 Athletics Benjamin Chanaiwa, Athletic Director Gym with indoor pool –Parks and Recreation Joint Project High School Competitive Sports: basketball, baseball, softball, golf, tennis, cross county, swimming, diving, soccer, water polo. NO FOOTBALL OR TRACK Lunch time intramural middle school sports

18 18 Athletics Benjamin Chanaiwa, Athletic Director City Championships –Girls Soccer –Girls Basketball –Girls Softball –Boys Basketball League Championships –Girls Tennis –Girls Basketball –Girls Cross Country –Boys Cross Country

19 Parent Involvement Maggie Scott & Lauren Garza, FOL Co-Presidents Very active parent group Parent center Quarterly newsletter E-group School directory Volunteer Opportunities: cafeteria, athletics, school beautification, parent center, hospitality, College Center, SDM, SSC, graduation Fundraising to support the school –I.e., enrichment programs, professional development,

20 Parent Involvement Class Clubs (i.e. Club 2017) Monthly Parent Coffee Stop Friends, SDM, CEAC, SSC Meetings Weekly Bulletins WWW.LACESMAGNETSCHOOL.ORG Support and sponsor special programs in art, diversity, and enrichment.

21 Application Process- MaryJane London LACES is a full magnet Admission is based on priority points and random selection process through LAUSD Office Of Integration –240 spots in grade 6 –We replace students who leave grade seven through ten Admission is NOT based on living near the school, test scores, being gifted or recommendations. Application is Choices Brochure –Mail with certificate of mailing by Dec. 17, 2010 –Confirmation of application sent by LAUSD in March –Acceptances/Wait List sent by LAUSD in May

22 22 L.A. voiC.E.S. LACES Choir Middle School and High School Scott Hitchings, Director

23 23 Active Student Body Kim Yamasaki, Student Body President Student Activities Dances Charity Volunteering Fundraising Student Recognition

24 24 Q & A with Student Panel Middle School and High School Leadership Students

25 25 Parking Issues Today Be careful of: 2 Hour parking on certain streets

26 Tour Reminders  Each Leadership Student will take a group of 10-12 people  Please be quiet in classrooms & hallways  If you still have questions, return to auditorium for student panel with Magnet Coordinator after tour  More information is available on our website:  Spanish and Korean speaking tours  Reminder Choices Appl. due Dec. 17

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