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Supported by Commissioning Support Unit

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1 Supported by Commissioning Support Unit
Chief Officer Helen Hirst PA to Officer & Clinical Chairs Kristina Juryta Chief Finance Officer/Deputy Chief Officer Director of Quality Directors of CCG Development Associate Director of Corporate Affairs Director of Collaboration Finance Patient Safety Business Planning Corporate communications, engagement and equalities Collaboration Business support Contracting & Performance Patient Experience & Outcomes Service Improvement Continuing Healthcare Managing CSS relationship on corporate support function Primary care development – Practices, partnerships and patients Safeguarding Governance arrangements IFR panel Supported by Commissioning Support Unit Underpinned by an effective system of collaboration

2 Underpinned by an effective system of collaboration
Chief Finance Officer/Deputy Chief Officer Jane Hazelgrave PA to Chief Finance Officer & Clinical Board Members Sharon Wood PA/Team Administrator Andrew Creighton Deputy CFO Robert Maden Deputy Director of Partnership Contracting Kerry Weir Deputy Director of Acute Contracting Cathy Beck Senior Finance Manager (Partnerships & City CCG Lead) Diane Lawlor Senior Finance Manager (Acute Contracting & Districts CCG Lead) Jacqui Griffin Contracts Manager Gaile Ayres Contracts Manager Chris Balson Contracts Manager Kathryn Tate Financial Accountant Martine Bourdeau Finance Manager Mohammed Hussain Finance Manager Ghafoor Ahmed Contract Support Officer Tabia Afsar Tizza Manda Finance Analyst Mohammed Waseem Health Improvement Partnership Manager Hawarun Hussain Assistant Finance Manager Victoria Hardcastle Financial Analyst Richard Normington Financial Services SBS Market management and procurement support CSU Contracting monitoring support CSU Finance Officer x 3 Arshad Khan Gareth Knox Underpinned by an effective system of collaboration

3 Assistant Director of Corporate Affairs
Fiona Stephens Corporate functions PA to Asst Director of Corporate Affairs & Clinical Board Members Claire Hickey Head of Communications Sue Jones Head of Engagement Sasha Bhatt Patient Support Manager Lorraine Kennedy Corporate Secreatry Lucy Atkin Corporate services – Legal, HR, complaints, CCG IT, PALS, Communications and engagement, Equality & Diversity CSU Information governance, FOIs CSU Communications Manager Sarah Smith CSU

4 Underpinned by an effective system of collaboration
PA to Director of Quality & Clinical Board Members Susan Bajwa Director of Quality Michele Turner PA/Team Administrator Dee Catt Head of Patient Outcomes John Hartley Head of Patient Quality & Safety Liz Moore Head of Analytics & Assurance Sue Trail CCG Pharmacist Tracey Gaston Prescribing & Meds Management Technician Susan Brown Lesley Tasker Complaints Patient insight Performance information Transformation CSU Safety and governance Patient insight Performance information CSU Business Intelligence CSU Prescribing & Meds Management Data Analyst Nawras Aldibbat Medicines management CSU Underpinned by an effective system of collaboration

5 Underpinned by an effective system of collaboration
Director of Strategy (BC) Liz Allen Director of Strategy(BD) Ali Jan Haider Assistant Director of Strategy Lisa Pope PA to Assistant Director of Strategy (BC) Roz Wilkinson PA to ADoS & Director of Strategy(BD) Catherine Smith PA to Assistant Director of Strategy (BD) Sarah Pickles Locality Development Manager Collette Connolly Head of Service Improvement Vicki Wallace Head of Information Technology Simon Wilson Locality Development Manager Louise Keighley Head of Service Improvement Mick James Head of Service Improvement Clare Smart Locality Development Manager Debbie Oxley Head of Service Improvement Mark Vaughan Head of Service Improvement Kath Helliwell Practice Quality Development Manager Gill Towers Head of Service Improvement Karen Stothers Head of Service Improvement Ruth Hayward Team Project Facilitator Chrissy Crabtree Portfolio Manager Recruitment in progress Team Administrator Kajol Chand Underpinned by an effective system of collaboration

6 Programme** Director – Integrated Care IFR panel Co-ordinator
Chief Officer (BC & BD) Helen Hirst Chief Clinical Officer (AWC) Phil Pue PA to Collaborative Team & Clinical Board Members Anna Diani Director of Collaboration* Nancy O’Neill Head of Safeguarding (adults) Matt O’Connor Designated Nurse Children's Safeguarding Sue Thompson Programme** Director – Integrated Care Cath Doman Head of Integrated and Continuing Healthcare Rob O’Connell Business support Local Authority collaboration NHSE collaboration CCG collaboration ( local & sub regional) Safeguarding Manager (adults) Helen Hart Deputy Designated Nurse Jude Macdonald IFR panel Co-ordinator Julie Richardson CHC Team Safeguarding Team Administrator Vicky Senior Collaboration *Shared post accountable to Strategic Director – Adult & community Services, BMDC ** Bradford post only

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