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1. Postal Assistants/Sorting Assistant Vacancy calculation. – 50% of Posts filled by direct recruitment – 50% of Posts filled through Departmental Promotion.

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1 1

2 Postal Assistants/Sorting Assistant Vacancy calculation. – 50% of Posts filled by direct recruitment – 50% of Posts filled through Departmental Promotion – Revised only when posts are abolished or created 2

3 Postal Assistants/Sorting Assistant Vacancy calculation…. Vacancies are worked out for each year – While working out vacancies, recruitment roster is referred – Direct recruitment and Promotion quota get 50 % of the vacancy each 3

4 Postal Assistants/Sorting Assistant Vacancy calculation…. Vacancies include the following a.Retirement (Superannuation/voluntary/invalid) b.Promotion c.Creation of new posts d.Outward Rule – 38 transfers e.Caused due to death/resignation f.Repatriation to other Divisions/removal/dismissal etc. g.25% of total of (a to f) above 4

5 New procedure for recruitment of PA/SA 5

6 The procedure, scheme and syllabus for the examination to fill up the posts of PA/SA by direct recruitment is applicable for the following posts: – PA in Post Offices – PA in SBCO – PA in CO/RO – PA in RLO – PA in MMS – PA in Foreign Post Organization – SA in Railway Mail Services 6 Postal Assistants/Sorting Assistant

7 The cost of Application Form Kit is Rs.25 and available through selected identified Post Offices. The examination fee is Rs.100. For candidates belonging to SC/ST, Physically handicapped and women category are exempted from examination fee. 7 Postal Assistants/Sorting Assistant

8 At the time of sending application form documents in support of educational qualification, age etc need not be enclosed. If any information is found to be false/incorrect at any stage of recruitment procedure, the candidature will stand rejected. 8 Postal Assistants/Sorting Assistant

9 After declaration of results and before issue of appointment letter the Circles will be required to call for the documents for verification and thereafter issue offer of appointment. In order to ensure transparency in selection process, at each stage the following is hosted in India post website by CMC Ltd. – Marks obtained in 10+2 or 12 th examination – Marks obtained in Aptitude test – The list of candidates selected for appointment 9 Postal Assistants/Sorting Assistant

10 A waiting list will be prepared to the extent of vacancies announced – Candidates in the waiting list is considered in case of selected candidates do not respond or refuse the offer of appointment – The names of candidates in the waiting list will not be announced. – The list is valid for 6 months and extendable by another 6 months or till next examination which ever is earlier 10 Postal Assistants/Sorting Assistant

11 The examination of GDS to fill up the vacancies, which remained unfilled after conduct of Departmental Examination, will also be held on the same date and time. Eligibility of GDS will be decided as per the provision made in this regard for them. The records received from M/S CMC shall be preserved by CO. 11 Postal Assistants/Sorting Assistant

12 Eligibility. – Age:OC 18 to 27 years( Relaxation of 5 and 3 years for SC/ST and OBC respectively) – Education: or 12 th Std(excluding vocational streams) Min marks required 60% to OC, 45 % to SC/ST and 55% to OBC. Other:Studied local language of the Postal Circle or Hindi as a subject at least In Matriculation or equivalent. 12 Postal Assistants/Sorting Assistant

13 Pattern of examination 13

14 Examination will be conducted by M/S CMC Ltd, in various centers through out the country Candidates shall be subjected to an objective type Aptitude Test (Paper I) covering the topics detailed in the next slide. Those candidates who pass the Paper I are called for Paper II (Computer /Typing test) 14 Postal Assistants/Sorting Assistant

15 Topics for Paper I 15 Part A25 marksGeneral Knowledge Current events, Sports, History, geography, Basic economics, General polity, Indian, Constitution, Science environment etc. Part B25 marksMathematics of matriculation standard Number system, simplification, decimals, fractions, simple and compound interest, percentage, average, profit and loss, discount, mensuration, time and work, time and distance etc Part C25 marksEnglish Grammer (Propositions, adverbs, conjunction, direct/indirect, Singular/plural, tense, anonyms/Synonyms etc Part D25 marksReasoning and Analytical Ability

16 Topics for Paper I…. Duration of the Aptitude test is two hours The candidates are required to obtain marks as under for being considered for further selection process: 16 CategoryMinimum in each part Parts A/B/C/DMinimum aggregate marks OC10 marks each40 % ST/ST8 marks each33 % OBC9 marks each37 %

17 Paper II 17 Duration 30 minutes ( 15 minutes each for Typing and Data Entry) – One passage of 450 words in English or 375 words in Hindi to be typed with a minimum speed of 30/25 words per minute – Data entry of some figures and letters each carrying equal marks Test is qualifying nature with minimum of 40 % marks for OC, 33% for SC/ST and 37% for OBC

18 Selection Process 18

19 1.All candidates belonging to various categories who have obtained following minimum marks in or 12 th class shall be called for the Aptitude test: OC60 % OBC55 % SC/ST45 % 2.No weightage of marks secured by the candidates in or 12 th class will be given while preparing the merit list 19 Postal Assistants/Sorting Assistant

20 3.Candidates numbering five times the number of vacancies in each category (OC, OBC, SC, ST) for each Circle shall be declared qualified for Computer Test based on the marks secured by them in the Aptitude test. 4.The merit list shall be prepared on the basis of the marks obtained by the candidates in the Aptitude Test subject to the condition that they have qualified the Computer Test. 20 Postal Assistants/Sorting Assistant

21 Allocation of successful candidates 21

22 A common merit list for the whole circle is prepared. Therefore the Circles while notifying the vacancies will indicate the Division wise vacancies and the candidates to indicate their preference for allocation to one or more than one Division in OMR application form. 22 Postal Assistants/Sorting Assistant

23 As per the merit list and availability of vacancy candidates will be allocated to Divisions. Those candidates who are not able to get the allocation as per their choice is allocated to the Divisions where the vacancies exist. 23 Postal Assistants/Sorting Assistant

24 Therefore the candidates will have to give an undertaking that in the event of not getting the post as per their choice are willing to accept appointment in any Division. Those who have not given any preference, it will be presumed that they have equal preference for all the Divisions. Appointment order issued by the Divisions Deputed for Training 24 Postal Assistants/Sorting Assistant

25 PA – Deptl Promotion Examination is conducted for 50% of vacancies Before notifying vacancies, roster for PA-Deptl Promotion will be referred Circle office issue notification for conducting examination Application called for from eligible officials 25

26 PA – Deptl Promotion… Eligibility – Age- No limit – No. of attempts- OC -8, SC/ST

27 PA – Deptl Promotion… Circle nodal officer has to cause supply of application form kit to the candidates through Divisional Office according their requirements Forms to departmental employees made available free of cost (only one) Circle Nodal Officer collects application forms from Divisions and forward it to out sourced agency after verification 27

28 PA – Deptl Promotion… Copy of list of application forwarded to out sourced agency is sent to Directorate Out sourced agency to conduct exam and supply merit list Selection list will be announced Deputed for training Unfilled vacancies will be notified to be filled from GDS 28

29 PA Recruitment from GDS Same procedure of Direct recruitment will be followed here also except the following: – AgeOC 30y, SC/ST 35y, OBC 33y – Edn Qulfn50% in 10+2 or 12 th Standard – ServiceMin. 5 years as GDS If the posts are not filled through GDS also, vacancies will be transferred for direct recruitment for the same year 29

30 Direct recruitment through SSC (33 1/3 rd %) Promotion from PA/SA cadre through Departmental Competitive Exam ( 66 2/3 rd %) Recruitment to Inspector Posts 30

31 Directorate intimate the vacancy to SSC SSC conducts examination and intimates the Merit list to Directorate Directorate issues circle-wise allotment Circle office issues allotment order region-wise Regions will issue appointment order & depute them for training. Direct Recruitment of IP through SSC 31

32 Exercise

33 33

34 Departmental Examination Limited departmental competitive examination for: PS Group ‘B’ Inspector Posts Senior Postmaster Examination Postmaster Grade I Examination Limited Deptl Competitive Examination for PA/SA(LGO) – All the above examinations are conducted through the Outsourced agency M/s CMC Ltd 34

35 Departmental Examination… Examinations conducted by Circles in decentralized manner in respect of following: Limited Departmental Competitive Examination(LGO) for promotion to MMS Assistants, Foreign Post Assistants, RLO Assistants, Stores Depot Assistants and PA CO/RO as per old syllabus & as per previous practice Promotion of LDCs to Junior Accountants in PAOs Postman examination PO & RMS Accountant’s Examination Confirmation Examination of PAs/SAs and other clerical cadres Multi Tasking Staff Examination 35

36 36

37 Vacancies assessed considering the cases of Retirement, Promotion, Resignation, Death etc., Roster maintained for Promotion to be referred Calling for CR’s and Special Report Process for conducting DPC 37

38 Constituting DPC: Chairman MemberDepends on the cadre to which promotion is being made Member » ( one member should be SC/ST) Issue region-wise allotment Issue order of promotion Process for conducting DPC 38

39 DPC will be conducted for the following cadre IP to ASP PM Grade II & III LSG,HSG II & HSG I SBCO Staff All Circle office staff All MACP – Departmental screening committee Process for conducting DPC… 39

40 Rotational transfers of officials Postal Assistants, Postmasters, Inspectors, Assistant Superintendent of POs and Superintendent of POs are liable for rotational transfer once in four years Postmen and MTS will not, except for very special reasons be transferred from one place to another.

41 Rotational transfers of officials Postal Assistants and Postmasters are transferred by Divisional Superintendents. Rotational transfer orders of Inspector of Post Offices, Assistant Superintendents, Superintendents of Post Offices are issued by RO/CO.

42 Rotational transfers of officials General principles for rotational transfer – Placing the officials in the choice stations may be considered in the overall context of administrative requirements and austerity measures – Inter – station transfers should be restricted to minimum in view of the austerity measures – Extension of tenure by one year except in the case of single handed SPMs will be considered by CO – Employees retiring within one year will be considered for retention. – In respect of Group A officers proposal of extension will be referred to Directorate by CO

43 Exercise

44 44

45 Reservations & Concessions Introduction: The words you should familiar with. WordDenotes PostAs per establish register the sanctioned strength of a cadre VacancyDifference between the sanctioned strength and working strength Post based rosterA register maintained for watching the appointment of prescribed number of persons of a particular community. 45

46 Effective from Reservation to the extent of percentage prescribed Number of points shall be equal to number of posts At the end of roster ‘squeezing’ is done Separate roster for each mode of recruitment Points in roster are expanded or contracted Post-based roster -principles 46

47 Reservation in a year not to exceed 50% except for SC/ST/OBC backlog Backlog will lapse if combined representation by DR/DP achieved Roster to run on the principle of replacement (in an ideal situation) Excess/short adjusted in subsequent appointments Post-based roster -principles 47

48 Persons belonging to reserved category recruited on merit adjusted against UR points De-reservation allowed only in promotion Exchange between SC/ST not allowed Officials transferred under R 37 or 38 to be adjusted against roster points No roster for ad-hoc appointment Roster is not confidential Post-based roster -principles 48

49 Percentage in reservation Direct Recruitment – All India basis By open competitionSC - 15% ST – 7.5% OBC – 27% Otherwise than open competition SC – 16.66% ST – 7.5% OBC – 25.84% 49

50 Regional Recruitment SCSTOBC Andra Pradesh Karnataka16727 Kerala10127 Tamilnadu19127 Pondichery16NIL27 50

51 Reservation in Promotion SC15% ST7.5% 51

52 Reservation to Ex-servicemen −Group ‘C’ category – 10% −MTS category -20% −Reservation in Direct recruitment only −Reservation to vacancy & not to the post −Ex-servicemen selected under reservation Should be adjusted against respective communities in the roster − Unfilled vacancies are carried over Percentage in reservation.. 52

53 Meritorious Sports persons  Appointment can be made for Gr’C’ & MTS  Age relaxation 5 years & 10 years(SC/ST)  5% of the vacancies in a year  Persons selected under reservation should be adjusted against respective communities in the roster  Unfilled vacancies are not carried over Percentage in reservation.. 53

54 Compassionate Appointment −5% of vacancies in a year −Persons selected under reservation should be adjusted against respective communities in the roster −Appointment to Gr’C’ & MTS −Relative merit points & procedure for selection −Selected persons to give undertaking that he will take care of the family −Check list to be referred Percentage in reservation.. 54

55 Persons with Disabilities −Reservation to the extent of 1% of each of blindness, hearing impairment and locomotors disability −Persons selected under reservation Should be adjusted against respective communities in the roster −Their services can be utilized for the jobs suitable to their disability −Inter se exchange of vacancies permitted − Separate 100 point register to be maintained − I Block – point 1 – 33 − II Block – point − III Block – point Percentage in reservation.. 55

56 Exercise

57 57

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