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Wide Area Workflow (WAWF) Overview Army Classroom Training June 2009 Presented By: Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA)

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1 Wide Area Workflow (WAWF) Overview Army Classroom Training June 2009 Presented By: Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA)

2 Session Agenda  WAWF Overview  What is WAWF?  Why WAWF?  WAWF Procurement  WAWF User Roles  Benefits, So Far  What Next; WAWF Supply Chain Integration

3 WAWF ~ What is it? WAWF stands for Wide Area WorkFlow WAWF is a system for performing electronic acceptance and invoicing on DoD contracts. ► Direct electronic feed to any system that needs the data ► Web, EDI or FTP input ► PKI-enabled (+ User ID & Password) ► Provides complete transaction visibility

4 Why Electronic Invoicing? It’s the Law The 2001 Defense Authorization act requires DoD to receive and process invoices electronically. DFARS electronic submission of payment requests requires electronic invoicing. It makes good sense Electronic invoices are paid sooner and more reliably then paper invoices.

5 DoD Benefits from WAWF  Reduced interest penalties  Decreased document error rate  Eliminates costs associated with manual  data entry, reduces need for re-keying data  Increased vendor discounts offered  Improves accuracy, timeliness and integrity of  data exchanged  Secure transactions and added audit capability  Reduces unmatched disbursements in receipt, acceptance, entitlement and payment process  Creates standard data that can be shared by a wider range of communities BIG BENEFIT Cut cost of processing Department’s invoices from $22 - $30 each for manually processed to $6 - $12 for processing electronically

6 DCMA – WAWF Statistics Cumulative FY 08 e-Invoicing ►e-Invoicing Total Invoices: 1,089,124 WAWF Invoices: 1,042,162 Percent WAWF Invoices: 95.7% Total WAWF Dollars Invoiced: $213.4 Billion e-Acceptance ►e-Acceptance Total Source Acceptances: 739,355 WAWF Source Acceptances: 696,684 Percent WAWF Source Acceptances: 94.2% Over $210 million in savings!

7 WAWF Results Since WAWF has been initiated W e W e have experienced:  80% reduction in Prompt Payment Act interest penalties  Elimination of 70,000 lost documents per year  60% reduction in progress payment rejects  50-80% reduction in invoice cycle time  Elimination of the manual entry of over 1.5 million documents per year  70% reduction in cost to process invoices  Reduced shipment notification cycle time by 90%

8  Over 152,000 registered Government users: Army Navy Air Force Marine Corps Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS) Defense Contract Management Activity (DCMA) Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) Other Defense Agencies  Over 124,000 active vendors New WAWF Users Added Daily In FY08, processed over 120 Million transactions totaling over $1Trillion dollars of invoices Who’s Using WAWF

9 Air ForceRichard P. GustafsonAudrey Y. DavisRicky C. StaleyRandy Huffman Deputy Asst SecretaryAssociate DeputyDirector, AF FinancialAF WAWF Program Mgr Financial OperationsAsst SecretarySystems OperationsAF Financial Systems Financial OperationsOperations DFASMr. Jerry HintonMs. Dawn Coulter Ms. Louise Sylvain Director, Information & Director, eSolutions Director, eAccounting Technology (CIO) DLAMr. Mike Scott, Ms. Scottie KnottCAPT Robert Therriault, Ms. Beth Altman J-33 Acting for Dave Falvey DCAAMs. Karen K. CashMr. Thomas TrefryMr. Mark Shanosky Asst Director – Chief, Technical Audit Program Manager, Operations & CIOPrograms Division Electronic Business DISAMs Kathleen MillerCol Robert Mitchell, USAF Mr. Jim Sweitzer, Jr.Ms. Susan D’Adamo Director of ProcurementDeputy Director of Chief, Business Acting Branch Chief, (Selected)Procurement Operations DivisionBusiness Modernization Key Stakeholders

10 OSDDr. James I. FindleyMrs. LeAntha Sumpter Lisa Romney Mr. Bruce Propert Deputy Under SecDef Deputy Director, Program Senior Procurement Analyst for Acq & TechnologyDevelopment and Implementation, DPAP DCMAMr. Michael WilliamsMr. David Guinasso Executive Director ofDirector of eBusiness Information Technology NavyRADM Sean CreanCDR James Melone Dep Asst SECNAVe-Business Director for ACQ & Log MgmtDASN A&LM (DASN A&LM) ArmyMr. Thomas Castleman USMCMs. Sonia KitdhenMr. Jarett Kuhfahl PM, Total ForceMCSC, PG-10, TFITS IT SystemsPaperless Acquisitions

11 GEX WAWF Vendor Government Workflow Users Inspectors Acceptors Certifiers Government Workflow Users Inspectors Acceptors Certifiers View Only Users Contracting Officers Payment Clerks View Only Users Contracting Officers Payment Clerks Invoice & Receiving Report SUBMIT CORRECT Invoice & Receiving Report SIGN REJECT Invoice & Receiving Report VIEW EDI FTP WEB EDI notices sent to next workflow user System Distribution – Operational View

12 WAWF Interfaces  EDA - Checks For Latest Contract Info Pre-populates Issued by/Admin by/Pay Office/Issue Date Reads Thru Latest Mod Posted To Find Data  CCR - Validates CAGE Data and active status  DAAS - Validates DODAACs data Active status required TAC 2 (Freight Address ) default

13 Current WAWF System Architecture GEX Vendors WAWF View Only Users -Contracting Officer -Payment Clerks Government Workflow User -Inspectors -Acceptors -Certifiers notices sent to next workflow user Vendor EDI GEX Vendor FTP Vendor Web Vendor EDI Invoice & Receiving Report INPUT Invoice & Receiving Report SIGN REJECT PROCESS EDA CCR DAASC IUID Registry Logistics Systems DSS – DLA Navy ERP ILSMIS - Navy LMP Entitlement Systems MOCAS - DCMA SAMMS - DLA BSM - DLA One Pay - Navy CAPS - Army/ODAs IAPS – AF Navy ERP ACMS - JS EBIZ - DFAS SABRS – USMC Navy ERP STARS Invoice & Receiving Report VIEW Property Mgmt Systems AFEMS - AF WAWF Roles Accounting Systems SPS Contract Data DoDAACs (Govt Address Codes) Contract Data CAGEs (Vendor Address Codes) Unique Identifier V4.0 released 18 Aug 08

14 Applicable WAWF Roles Inspector ► Source QAR Inspects and/or Accepts on Receiving Reports ► CA Reviews Invoices Acceptor ► Destination Inspects and/or Accepts on Receiving Reports ►ACO Approves Invoices View Only Roles ► Can not sign ► Views same documents as action role Admin By View Only ► Admin By View Only – Views Documents Administered by DCMA

15 Home Page URL Action

16 Logon Logon with User ID and PW or CAC To Self Reset PW If CAC, do not select

17 Once Logged On User role(s) Maintenance Acceptor Folders, Inspector’s are same but labeled Inspector

18 Typical Folder Search Screen Unless Action Folders, defaults to last 30 days

19 Vendor Inspector Acceptor Pay Office RR Inv $$ Scenario: Acceptance Transaction Types: Commercial Invoices Receiving Reports Combo RR S-S S-D D-D When Gov’t creates RR, vendors still needs to create invoice

20 Vendor Inspector Acceptor Pay Office (CA) (ACO) PP $$ Scenario: Approval Transaction Types: Invoice 2-in-1 Progress Payments Cost Vouchers Performance Based Payments Commercial Item Financing

21 Supply Chain Integration UII RFID Paperless GFP Property Transfer Updating Property Systems

22 WAWF and Supply Chain Integration ANSI X12 EFT DFAS Pay Systems DFAS Accounting Systems notices sent to next workflow user DCMA Office Source Inspection & Acceptance Destination Acceptance Local Processing Document Certification Pay Official Payment Processing Contractor Document Creation Wide Area Workflow EDACCR/ DAASC DCAA Voucher Approval Contracting Officer Financing Acceptance Logistics Systems Transportation Systems Property Systems UID Registry Other Systems Logisticians Depot/Destination Receiving Property Mgmt. View Only Web, EDI, and FTP “Intake” Transporters View Only Program Mgmt. View Only Receiving Activity

23  System Related Issues, User Issues such as Registration, and General Issues  WAWF Help Desk at DISA DECC Ogden Electronic Business (EB) Operational Support Team (OST): -CONUS ONLY: COMMERCIAL: DSN: FAX COMMERCIAL: FAX DSN:  Army Functionality Issues  Army WAWF Help Desk (Commercial: ; DSN: )   Navy Functionality Issues  Navy WAWF Hotline WAWF (9293)  NAVFAC: Cathy Capozziello  Marine Corps Issues  Help Desk numbers: Cathy Capozziello ; office:  Air Force Functionality Issues   DCMA Issues  Click on eBusiness and then Click on eInvoicing (WAWF)   For Invoice Status and Payment Status (after being processed in WAWF)  DFAS Customer Service  For all Other Issues  Contact the DFAS WAWF Help Desk at Columbus WAWF Support Points-of-Contact

24 About WAWF/What’s New/System Messages: WAWF Training Links Web Based: Hands-on Experimentation: Related Links Defense Federal Acquisition Regulations Supplement (DFARS) RFID Policy: IUID Data Capture through WAWF: UID Policy Website: About BTA WAWF PMO Helpful Information Sources

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