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2 DEPARTMENT PROFILE B. Tech. in ECE (1980) - under EED ECE Department formation in 1997- Intake : 153 M. Tech.  Electronics Design & Technology (2001): Intake 21  Microelectronics & VLSI Design (2006): Intake 21  Telecommunication (2008) : Intake 14  Signal Processing (2008) : Intake 14 Ph.D (Full Time, QIP and Part Time)(2002)


4 NameDesignationArea of Research Dr. P.S. Sathidevi Prof. & Head of the Dept. Digital Signal Processing, Speech & Audio Processing Dr. Elizabeth EliasProf. Digital Signal Processing and Speech Processing, Digital Filter Banks Dr. Lillykutty JacobProf. Communication Networks, Protocol Engineering, Performance model and Analysis Dr. P.C. SubramaniamProf. Optical Communication, Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos Dr. G. AbhilashAssociate. Prof. Signal Theory Mrs. Lyla. B. DasAssociate. Prof Digital System Design using VHDL, Embedded Systems, Microprocessors and Microcontrollers Dr. C.K. AliAssociate. ProfDigital Communication Mr. R. SureshAsst. Prof.Communication and Signal Processing Dr. A.V. BabuAsst. Prof. Communication Engineering, Wireless Networks Dr. S.M. SameerAsst. Prof. Wireless Communication Systems, Telecommunication Networks Dr. Rama SubrahmaniamAsst. Prof. Microelectronics & VLSI Mr. Jaikumar M.G.Asst. Prof. Microelectronics

5 NameDesignationArea of Research Dr. Sreelekha.GAsst. Prof. Image & Video Compression Dr. Deepthi.P.PAsst. Prof. Channel Coding, Cryptography, Multimedia Security Mr. Dhanaraj K.JAsst. Prof. Analog and Digital Circuits, Digital and Analog IC Design Mr. V. SakthivelAsst. Prof.Signal Processing Mr. Bhuvan BAsst. Prof.Microelectronics & VLSI Design Mr. Raghu C VAsst. Prof.Electronic System Design Mrs. Suja K JAsst. Prof.Microelectronics Mrs. Bindiya T SAsst. Prof.Signal Processing Mr. Ameer P MAsst. Prof.Communication Networks Mr. Jayakumar E PAsst. Prof.VLSI Signal Processing Mr.Sudhish N GeorgeAsst. Prof. Signal Processing, Multimedia Security Dr.Praveen SankaranAsst. Prof.Statistical pattern analysis, Image processing, Biometrics

6 MAJOR AREAS OF RESEARCH Image Coding – Image compression using HVS models Secure Communication – Design of Hardware efficient Secure communication systems Speech Recognition – Audio-visual speech recognition Bio-signal Analysis – Analysis of epileptic spikes in EEG signals etc. Filter banks/Multi-wavelets – Theory & Construction Wireless LAN, Mesh Networks, Sensor Networks – QoS, Security, Cross-layer design, Localization Semiconductor Device Modeling – quantum modeling of nanoscale MOSFETs

7 MAJOR AREAS OF RESEARCH High-speed /low power Digital Logic Design – Adiabatic logic, asynchronous design Mixed signal circuit design – 24 bit ADC with low OSR. Analog IC design – Opamps for large slew rate and large gain- bandwidth product with low noise RF circuit design – LNA design, MOS distributed amplifiers, integration of AF components on RF ICs. Multicarrier and MIMO communication systems Synchronization and Channel Estimation issues in wireless systems

8 TOTAL NUMBER OF PUBLICATIONS Journal : 105 Conference: 170 TOTAL NUMBER OF Ph.Ds AWARDED 16 NUMBER OF ONGOING Ph.Ds 19 + 6 (Internal PT)

9 Laboratories

10 VLSI LAB MAJOR FACILITIES IN VLSI LAB  CADENCE tool bundle - 10 licenses  Full custom/Analog/Mixed signal/RF IC design flow; Formal verification;  HDL based design flow; DFM and DFT/ATPG  SYNOPSYS complete SOC tool bundle - 5 licenses  MAGMA tool set - 5 licenses  Blast Create; Blast Fusion; Blast Plan Pro; Blast Noise; Blast Rail; Blast Power;  QuartzRC; Quartz Time; Quick Cap  COWARE tool bundle - 5 licenses  Signal Processing Designer; Architect and Model Designer; Processor Designer Generic I  Libraries  MENTOR GRAPHICS complete EDA tool set - 50 licenses  XILINX tool set - Site license  ISE; ChipScope Pro; EDK; System Generator  FPGA boards  Spartan 3E starter kit; Virtex – II Pro boards; Virtex – 4 boards  Tanner EDA tool set - 2 licenses  SYNOPSYS T CAD device, process and mixed mode simulation tool -3 licenses

11 F ACILITIES IN E MBEDDED S YSTEMS L AB  VIRTEX – 4 : Processor NO. XC4VLX25  VIRTEX – II PRO : DSP Development kit ; Processor NO. 2V4000 – 4; Release version 0102; MULTIPRO; MICROBLAZE & MULTIMEDIA Demonstration board; XC2V2000  ALTERA NIOS : STRATIX II EP2S60 FPGA; Complete EMBEDDED Development suit; DDR, SD RAM; 32 BIT PIC MEZZANINE Connector  ALTERA SLS DEVELOPMENT BOARD (UP3): Processor CYCLONE EP1C6/EP1C12 FPGA; 16 X 2 Character LCD Module; BYTE BLASTER II cable; RS 232 serial cable; SLS Software  ALTERA DSP DEVELOPMENT KIT : Processor STRATIS; STRAT II EP2S60 FPGA  XILINX ISE EMBEDDED DEVELOPMENT KIT : VIRTEX 4; VIRTEX 2PRO; VIRTEX 2; SPARTAN 3; SPARTAN 3E; MICROBLAZE; CHIP Scope pro; Modelsim; ISE Software package  PROJECT KIT : 80C186, 80C196; 89C51 Development kit; PIC Development kit; ARM Development kit Supplied by TRIOZTECH

12 F ACILITIES IN E MBEDDED S YSTEMS L AB  ROBOTIC KIT  FIREBIRD III – MOBILE ROBOT PLATFORM: ATMEGA 16 L 128 MICROCONTROLLER (With full accessories)  SPARK III ROBOTIC RESEARCH PLATFORM: 8952 ROBOTICS (With full accessories) Supplied by NEX Robotics IIT BOMBAY  VX WORK STATION ( with full accessories )  TORNADO  MATHEMATICA 5  UNIVERSAL PROGRAMMER : SUPERPROIII (parallel) Supporting 3000 ICs; SUPERPRO 280U(USB) Supporting 30000 ICs  ADDON CARD : 89C51 CPU; 8 Bit ADC; 8 Bit DAC; Stepper Motor Driver; Stepper Motor Controller; 8255 Interface card; HEX Keyboard; 12V Stepper Motor; Torque 3 Kg  SUPPORTING ACCESSORIES : Digital CRO (Yokogawa) - Model No.1620 - 200MHZ; Digital Storage Oscilloscope - 200MHZ - TDS 2022B 2 Channel


14 MAJOR FACILITIES IN TTL RESEARCH LAB MATLAB Software, Simulink and Tool Boxes MICA (Crossbow) Hardware Platforms for Wireless Sensor Network Testbed 802.11g APs, PDAs, Cisco Routers, etc for Network Testbed High End Desktop Computers

15 MAJOR FACILITIES IN SPCOM LAB Hardware Desktop PCs/ workstations – 14 Nos Texas Instruments DSP Kits – 7 Nos 100 MHz Oscilloscopes - 7 Nos Function Generators- 7 Nos Power Supplies - 7 Nos Software Matlab Latex for document preparation Code Composer Studio for programming with TI DSPs TI DSP tools

16 PS O C L AB

17 Jointly developed by Cypress Semiconductors and ECED, NITC Facilities PSoCEVAL1 Evaluation board PsoC3 First Touch Kit Project-specific kits PC workstations Software packages : PSoC Designer 5.0 PSoC Creator

18 DST-FIST LAB Sponsored by Department of Science and Technology Facilities HP make DL385G5 Rack Servers: 2 Nos TelosB mote – 10 Nos Easy Sen Wireless Sensor Nodes -10 NI IF Transceiver kit- 1 HP make XW 4550 Professional Work- stations: 19 Nos RF Circuit Simulation Software Sonnet EM module Network Simulation Software (NS2) OPNET MATLAB Computing environment


20 SIMULATION LAB 40 node simulation with multiple OS environments MEMS Design Facility (under NPMASS Programme) - COMSOL (multi-physics) simulation 40 number (networked, available on entire campus) - COVENTORWARE (MEMS design) - Intellisuite (MEMS Process simulation)

21 MAJOR FACILITIES IN SIGNAL PROCESSING LAB Software Tools: MATLAB LAB VIEW Multisim (Circuit simulation software) CCS (code Composer Studio for programming with TI DSPs) VisualDSP++ for programming with ADSPs Hardware: Analog Device’s DSP Starter Kit for BF533 Texas Instrument’s DSK6713 Kit. Audio Evaluation Module - TI DSP based High End Workstations Arbitrary Waveform Generators 80 MHz Oscilloscopes


23 L AB M AJOR F ACILITIES – C OMMUNICATION L AB Arbitrary waveform generators-80MHz Synthesised AM/FM signal generators-1GHz AM/FM generators-2 channel-25 MHz Digital osciloscopes-500MHz Function generators-10 MHz Desk top computer-printer Microwave bench with Klystron and Gunn oscillator Microwave communication system with all types of antennas Optical communication kits Logical analysers Oscilloscopes Matlab software, Simulink and tool boxes DSP kits


25 Facilities: Trainer Kits/Discrete Components Oscilloscope Function Generator Power supply Multimeter Soldering station etc. Major Activities Conducting labs as part of B.Tech curriculum


27 PATENTS FILED Sameer S. M. and Thafasal Ijyas V. P., “A Method for Determining Jointly the Carrier Frequency Offset (CFO), Timing Offset, and Channel Co- efficients in an Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access (OFDMA) Uplink Wireless Communication System”. Indian Patent Application No. 2819/CHE/2011 dated 18-08-2011. Sameer S. M. and R. V. Raja Kumar, "A low complexity bandwidth efficient carrier frequency offset estimation technique for OFDMA uplink transmissions," US Patent Application No. 12/550087 dated 28 August 2009 and Indian Patent Application No.1503/KOL/2008 dated 29 August 2008. S. M. Sameer and R. V. Raja Kumar, "An efficient system and method for carrier frequency offset estimation and correction for MIMO-OFDM system," PCT Application No. : PCT Application No. PCT/IN2009/000246 dated 22 April 2009 and Indian Patent Application No. 762/KOL/2008 dated 23 April 2008.

28 PATENTS FILED By Rama Subramaniam Komaragiri Floating body 4F2 memory cell Breakdown voltage improvement of the array access thyristor in PCRAM Local SOI isolation by lateral oxidation Novel Isolation scheme for array isolation in well by ion implantation Retention time improvements and write performance improvement in capacitor less DRAM technologies Improvement of off state leakage current and sub-VT characteristics in surface channel MOSFET by reducing parasitic BJT leakages Introduction of recombination centres to improve the leakage current performance in the array access device in PCRAM cell


30 BOOKS ADAPTED By Smt Lyla B Das 1. Muhammed Ali Mazidi, Janice Gillispice Mazidi, Rolin D McKinlay, THE 8051 MICROCONTROLLER AND EMBEDDED SYSTEMS Using Assembly and C, Pearson Education, August 2008 2. Barry B.Bray, THE INTEL MICROPROCESSORS Architecture, Programming and Interfacing (8th Edition), Pearson Education 3. A.V. Babu and Lillykutty Jacob, Maximizing Aggregate Saturation Throughput in IEEE 802.11 Wireless LAN with Service Differentiation, Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS) on Distributed Computing and Networking, Vol. 4904, Springer Berlin / Heidelberg, pp 503-514, 2008.

31 BOOK PUBLISHED Ms. Lyla B.Das “The x86 Microprocessors- Architecture,Programming and Interfacing (8086 to Pentium)” Publishers: Pearson Education, India, 2010 ISBN : 978-81-317-3246-5


33 CONFERENCE CONDUCTED 2011 International Conference on Communication and Signal Processing (ICCSP 2011), NIT Calicut, India, 10-12 February 2011

34 RECENT SHORT-TERM COURSES/WORKSHOPS CONDUCTED Faculty Development Program on “VLSI and Embedded System ”, 15-28 June 2008, Ramkumar & Raghu C.V AICTE Staff Development Program on “ Cryptography and Embedded System ”, 11-23 June 2007, Deepthi P.P & Sathidevi P.S STTP on “ Nanoelectronics - Physics & technology ”, 8 -13 May 2006, P C Subramaniam. AICTE Sponsored Faculty Development Programme on Analog IC Design during June 2009, P.C. Subramaniam & Bhuvan.B. AICTE Sponsored Faculty Development Programme on Advances in Wireless Communication and Networking during June 2009, Sameer.S. M & A.V. Babu Faculty Development Programme on Advanced Microprocessors and Microcontrollers, 12 th – 17 th July 2010 - Ms. Lyla B. Das

35 RECENT SHORT-TERM COURSES/WORKSHOPS CONDUCTED MHRD sponsored Faculty Development Program on "Advances in Wireless Communications and Networking Technologies" during 13 to 24 June 2011 - Dr. A.V. Babu, Dr. Sameer S.M., 1-week FDP on Advances in VLSI Technology : May 2011 - Dr. Rama Komaragiri AICTE Sponsored FDP on Advanced Digital Signal Processing, June 28- July 9 2010: - Dr. Sreelekha G., Dr. Deepthi P.P. AICTE sponsored SDP on ‘ Nanoelectronics’. 10 th to 21 st May 2010 - Dr. Rama Komaragiri & B. Bhuvan Technical workshop on VLSI Design July 16 th & 17 th 2010, - Dr.Elizabeth Elias & B.Bhuvan 2 day workshop on Programmable System On Chip (PSOC) training : June 2010. :Dr. Rama Komaragiri National Workshop on CMOS Analog Circuit Design during 12-13 November 2011 under SMDP-II project and IEEE Malabar.: Dr.Sameer S.M., B.Bhuvan 2 days Workshop on LABVIEW by National Instruments Ltd. At NIT Calicut, during 12-13 November 2011 : Dr. Lillykutty Jacob

36 MHRD - SPONSORED PROJECTS 1.Design and Implementation of a Wavelet Analyzer using FPGAs 2.Application of Wavelet Analysis in Speech and Audio Compression 3.Implementation of Multirate Systems and Filter Banks using FPGAs 4.Wavelet based Speech Enhancement Techniques for listeners with Hearing Loss 5.Design and Development of low bit rate real time applications of Multi rate systems 6.Design and Implementation of Algorithms for Quality of service provisioning over IEEE 802.11 Wireless LAN 7. QoS and Fairness Issues of Wireless LANs, Ministry of Human Resource (MHRD) India

37 INTERNALLY FUNDED RESEARCH PROJECTS 1.Performance Evaluation of Wireless Information Accessing and Networking Techniques 2.Authentication in Computer Networks 3.Speech coding for low bit rate communication systems 4.Real Time Voice encryptor on a digital signal processor 5.Fingerprint matching 6.FPGA Implementation of Elliptic Curve Cryptosystems 7.Echo Cancellation Using Adapted Filterbank 8.Wavelet based image compression schemes using human vision system modelling 9.Power semiconductor device optimization

38 RESEARCH PROJECTS DST-FIST - Strengthening Post Graduate Teaching and Research in the Department, Department of Science & Technology (DST), Rs. 43.70 Lakh, 2008-2013 SMDPII for VLSI (Dept of Info Tech) : Rs. 100 lakhs MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems) and MOEMS (Micro Opto Electro Mechanical Systems) through NPMASS


40 40 S OME N OTABLE A LUMNI 1.Poornima Mohanachandran, Former Director ( TI, B'lore), Present Director, i to i solutions, B'lore 2.Dr. Chandra Sekhar - Former Faculty, Princeton Unty, USA. Presently Freelance Technical Writer, USA 3.Siby Abraham – Vice President Operations, Telecom & Product Engineering, WIPRO Technologies, Bangalore, INDIA. 4.Karun Menon, Staff Engineer, Microelectronics group, Sun Microsystems, Santa Clara, California, USA. 5.Dr. Mathews Jacob, Asst Professor, Biomedical Engg, Univ of Rochester, USA 6.Dr. Prabhakar Kudva, IBM T. J. Watson Research Center, USA 7.BISWAJIT BANERJEE, Co-founder and Director, Tetra Information service Limited, India 8.JAMES THOMAS, Director, Alliances Asia Pacific, Oracle India Private Ltd., India 9.AMIT SURI, Sr Vice President, Olam International Limited, UK 10. DR. AJAY KUMAR PODDAR, Chief Scientist, Research & Development, Synergy Microwave Corp., USA

41 41 S OME N OTABLE A LUMNI (C ONTD..) 11.DEBASHIS GHOSH, Senior Director, Product Development, Alcatel-Lucent. USA 12.SUMEET DHAM, Director, Boston Scientific Corporation, USA 13.Sudeep Palat, Distinguished Member of Technical Staff (DMTS), Alcatel-Lucent, UK 14.Dr. Arvind Swaminathan (Clemson, SC), TI, Dallas 15.Dr. Jayakrishnan C.M (Wisconsin-Madison) Freescale, Austin 16.Dr. Giby Samson (ASU, Phoenix), AMD, Austin 17.Dr. Nandakishore S Postdoc Associate 18. Dr. Ashish Bhargave Research Scientist at Broadata Communications 19. Sunil Thamaran - Senior Director of the Asynchronous Memory Business Unit at Cypress 20. Gokul - IAS 21. Mr.Raghuraj M. R- IAS

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